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420 vaporizer sales 2023

420 Vaporizer Sales (2023) – Shop 420 Deals on the Best Vaporizers

420 VAPORIZER SALES | USE CODE 420 (April 14th, 2023 - April 23rd, 2023)

Welcome to “To The Cloud Vapor Store”. Here, we celebrate 420 a little more than other people with our annual 420 Vaporizer Sales. While most are enjoying the festivities, we are pumping out the goods to make your day all the danker.  The number first started as a secret code between high schoolers in the 70s, and it’s since caught on, shifted and evolved to a broader day of celebrating stoner culture. But likely what you brought you to our website is 4/20 is also one of the best times to get major deals on all the best vaporizers & accessories.

Vaporizer Sales are common place around the 420 Holiday Season, as is likely the same with your local dispensary, head shop or any other cannabis adjacent businesses – producing sales across the nation for stoners everywhere which will not be seen again until Black Friday. So if you have had your eye on a new Volcano, Carta 2, Puffco Proxy or any other high end vaporizer, 420 is a time to take pride in your love for the sweet sweet cheebah and snag an incredible deal.

To sweeten the deal we will be offering freebies on select items and giveaways, so make sure you are subscribed and following to keep up with all the reefer madness and don’t forget To the Cloud Vapor Store is the premiere BTC retailer. Pay with Bitcoin to save an additional 3% on top of the already great 420 savings.

Puffco 420 Deals

puffco 420 sale

Let’s start off with a bang. Puffco is the most popular choices for e-rig vaporizers, coming out on top time and time again. Puffco has set the standard with superior design, imitated by almost every big player in the industry.

It isn’t often that Puffco has steep discounting on their vaporizers, which makes our Puffco 420 sale the best time to buy. To The Cloud Vapor Store is an authorized vendor, so it’s a rare moment when you get this great of a deal and the legitimate Puffco warranty you won’t find with unauthorized sellers. Also with the release of the Desert Proxy you can save on a vaporizer which was not around last 420. 

Better yet, most Puffco Vaporizers come with a free 510 Pen and we will be randomly giving away free Puffco gear to customers who purchase a Puffco Vaporizer.

Puffco Peak Pro Vaporizer + Free 510 Battery 20% Off $399.99 Now $319.99 (Save $80) 

Puffco Proxy Vaporizer + Free 510 Battery 20% Off $299.99 Now $239.99 (Save $60)

Puffco Peak Vaporizer + Free 510 Battery  20% Off $199.99  Now $159.99 (Save $40) 

Refurbished Puffco Peak Vaporizer 20% Off $174.99 Now $139.99 (Save $35)

Puffco Plus Vaporizer 20% Off $89.99 Now $71.99 (Save $18)

Storz & Bickel 420 Deals

Storz & Bickel 420 sales

Storz & Bickel Vaporizers are the best place to start if simply wanting the best herb vaporizer money can buy. We offer them new and refurbished for whatever price point you need.

Our 420 sale is the best time to purchase one for the lowest possible price, even better than Black Friday. We are sending our customers to our trusted friends over at Planet of the Vapes for their 420 Storz & Bickel needs and if looking for even greater savings you can get 20% off refurbished Storz & Bickel products, like the Mighty+, at The Cloud Vapor Store.

Mighty Vaporizer  25% Off $349.00 Now $261.75 (Save $87.25)

Mighty+ Vaporizer 25% Off $399.00 Now $299.25 (Save $119.75)

Classic Volcano Vaporizer 25% Off $479.00 Now $359.25 (Save $95.80)

Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer 25% Off $699.00 Now $524.25 (Save $174.75)

Plenty Vaporizer 25% Off $249.00 Now $186.75 (Save $62.25)

Crafty+ Vaporizer 25% Off $279.00 Now $209.25 (Save $69.75) 


Refurbished Plenty Vaporizer  20% Off $199.99 Now $160 (Save $39.99) 

Refurbished Classic Volcano Vaporizer 20% Off $389.99 Now $311.99 (Save $78) 

Refurbished Digital Volcano Vaporizer 20% Off $499.99 Now $399.99 (Save $100) 

Refurbished Hybrid Volcano Vaporizer 20% Off $599.99 Now $479.99 (Save $120)

Refurbished Mighty Vaporizer 20% Off $289.99 Now $231.99 (Save $58) 

Refurbished Crafty+ Vaporizer 20% Off $199.99 Now $159.99 (Save $40)

PAX 420 Deals

Pax 420 sale

Pax has been the front-runner since 2013 for potable herb vaporizers, making it easier than ever to put it in your pocket and go. In recent years, they’ve pivoted into vape pens like the PAX Era and PAX Era Pro. They just released the PAX Mini and PAX Plus last year as upgrades to the legacy PAX 2 and PAX 3 Vaporizers which have been phased out to make way for the newer Mini and Plus.

While there has not been much innovation over at PAX Labs there really is not much need to reinvent the wheel. Our 420 sale is the best time to get a discount on PAX products. You can find some of their winners for up to 20% off.

PAX Era Life 20% Off $29.49 Now $23.60 (Save $5.89)

PAX Era Pro 20% Off $44.59 Now $35.68 (Save $8.91)

PAX Mini 20% Off $149.99 Now $120 (Save $29.99)

PAX Plus 20% Off $249.99 Now $200 (Save $49.99)

Focus V 420 Deals

Focus Carta 420 sales

Focus V is another popular brand, nipping at the heels of Puffco. Focus V has had two blockbuster releases with the Carta OG and Carta 2. A recent release of new accessories including their Saber Dab Tool, makes them a brand to check out for all your dab needs,  especially if you are looking for a heavy hitting E-Rig.

For those looking for those couch lock hits, the vaporizers from Focus are some of the best on the market. The most affordable time of the year to buy is 420, so make sure you don’t miss the sale.

Classic Carta Vaporizer 20% Off $199.99 Now $159.99 (Save $40)

Carta 2 Vaporizer  20% Off $349.99 Now $279.99 (Save $70)

AirVape 420 Deals

AirVape is a small LA based startup. They offer a unique experience through fast heating, simple controls, and a lifetime warranty. They’re a sleek and modern addition to the market.

The AirVape X is about as sleek and easy as it gets for a portable herb vaporizer. For those wanting something with a bit more umph, the AirVape Legacy Pro improved tremendously on the original Legacy. After producing some quality but less-than-ideal vapes, the AirVape X and the Legacy Pro put them on the map. Their products utilize sustainable and quality materials like black ceramic, glass, hemp textile, vegan leather, and gold.

AirVape Vaporizers are relatively affordable for a smooth experience. You will find them for even less during our 420 sale.

AirVape X 20% Off $139.99 Now $119.99  (Save $28)

AirVape Legacy Pro 30% Off with Code LP420 $269  Now $188.30 (Save $80.70)

Arizer 420 Deals

Arizer is a pioneer vape brand based in Waterloo, Canada. They are well-known for their marriage of quality, ease of use and economical prices. They make solid around the house portable vapes as well as tabletop options like the Extreme-Q and the new XQ2.

The newest vaporizers from Arizer include the Air MAX and Arizer XQ2. Buying on 420 is an excellent time to get your hands on an Arizer. They aren’t priced very high to start, and the deals going on at To the Cloud Vapor Store and over at our partner’s 420 sale makes them even more affordable.

Arizer SOLO 2 20% Off $164.99 Now $131.99 (Save $33)

Arizer Air MAX 51% Off $319.99 Now $155.95 (Save $163)

Arizer Extreme Q 45% Off $199.99 Now $109.95 (Save $90)

Arizer XQ2 20% Off $239.00 Now $191.20 (Save $47.80)

Dr. Dabber 420 Deals

Dr. Dabber 420 sale

Dr. Dabber makes the best E-Rig around in the Dr. Dabber Switch. While it may not be the most portable; Well okay it is not portable in the least but the durability, fast heat up time and quality inputs give you the cleanest dabs which go down smooth as can be. This behemoth of a dab rig has held it’s price tag at $400 since it’s release years ago. 420 gives a rare opportunity to pick it up at a significant discount.

Adding to the Dr. Dabber 420 savings are the Boost Evo and the new Dr. Dabber XS which is a Nano rig that can pack a punch despite it’s small stature.

Dr. Dabber Switch 20% Off $374.95 Now $299.96 (Save $74.99)

Dr. Dabber Boost Evo 20% Off $294.16 Now $235.33 (Save $58.83)

Dr. Dabber XS 20% Off $159.95 Now $127.96 (Save $31.99)

Dr. Dabber Stella 20% Off $99.95 Now $79.96 (Save $19.99)

Davinci 420 Deals

the Davinci 420 deals are ideal for smokers looking to make the switch. Davinci is a premium brand of vapes. They make high-quality products using Zirconia inputs, made to produce clean vapor but doing so with greater vapor production than most others giving you about as close to the sensation of smoking as you can get.

This brand stuck with the same recipe for success over the years, even as its models evolved. They are technologically driven with the smoking experience in mind.

Davinci IQC 20% Off $199.00 Now $159.99 (Save $40)

Davinci IQ2 20% Off $249.99 Now $199.99 (Save $50)

Grenco Science (G Pen) 420 Deals

G pen 420 sales

Our last offering are products from Grenco Science. These are the makers of the iconic G Pen, a fantastic addition of cheap wax pens and beginner-level portable herb vaporizers. In recent years, they added some mid-priced options to their list to include the G Pen Roam for dabs on the go and the G Pen Elite 2, a mid-tier portable herb vaporizer.

It’s critical to do your research before investing in Grenco because not all their products are of the same quality. That being said the 420 sales are the best time to pick up a G Pen Vaporizer for whatever occasion you may be looking.

G Pen Dash 20% Off $69.49 Now $55.59 (Save $13.90)

G Pen Connect 20% Off $164.59 Now $131.67 (Save $32.92)

G Pen Roam 20% Off $169.99 Now $135.99 (Save $34)

G Pen Elite 20% Off $119.95 Now $95.96 (Save $23.99)

G Pen Elite II 20% Off $229.95 Now $183.96 (Save $45.99)

420 Vaporizer Sales Round Up

420 Sales provide one of the best times of the year to buy a vaporizer.  It’s almost time to hit the beaches and lakes and a new vape companion will only add to this enjoyment.

Whether you are new to vaping or already own multiple vaporizers, it never hurts to add another vape to your collection. Visit The Cloud Vapor Store to get the best deals on the top products from highly rated brands.

Friends of To the Cloud Vapor Store

Getting you the best vaporizer at the best price is our #1 goal, even if it is not from us there are plenty of other good vaporizers & accessories which we do not carry. Hey we can’t do it all. That is why we have included a list of other 420 vaporizer and accessory sales from around the web. These are trusted partners who come just as highly rated as us, who we have worked with over the years.

Planet of the Vapes

POTV ONE Vaporizer 38% Off $129 Now $79 (SAVE $50)

POTV XMAX V3 Pro Vaporizer 20% Off $109 Now $88 (SAVE $21)

Planet of the Vapes One X-MAX Starry Version 3.0 $10 Off $79 Now $69 (SAVE $10)

Ditanium Vaporizer 15% Off $299 Now $254 (SAVE $45)

Hitoki (4/17/2023 - 4/30/2023)

Trident Laser 40% Off  $374.99 with code GRN40 Now $224.99 (Save $150)

Saber Combo FREE Saber Portable Attachment ($60 savings) with code SBRP

Vapor Dot

Stundenglass Kompact Gravity Infuser 20% off $559.95 Now $447.96 (Save $11.99)

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10 months ago

Going to be using the carta to dab on 420. Thinking about a proxy.

10 months ago

I’ll be using my Mini nail to dab some live cold cure hash rosin.

10 months ago

Carta 2 love the way this thing rips , a second one would be perfect

Connor Pat
10 months ago

I’m rocking the Carta OG v2, and I use is multiple times a day — it’s an absolute tank! 4/20 will be no different Would love the Carta 2 for it’s added features, but if it ain’t broke don’t replace it is my motto. If I win, I will gift my OG to someone in need

10 months ago

I will be rockin my trusty Mighty from to the cloud vapor

Last edited 10 months ago by Robz
10 months ago

I will be rockin my trusty mighty by storz n bickel

Dan S
10 months ago

Going to be hitting my davinci iq I bought from you guys for 420

10 months ago

Definitely would love to win that Carta!! ❤️

10 months ago

Mighty+ has been a great transition from combustion. This 420 will be an all vapor holiday

10 months ago

For 420, I’ll be I sing a mighty plus vaporizer filtered through a water pipe for extra smoothness 😉 tempted to pick up another device with these deals here

Kronik 352
10 months ago

I’ll be using my Arizer XQ2 this 420……but ID LOVE to win the Carta 2!!!!
Pretty please pick me!

10 months ago

I’m gonna use the g-pen connect for the ease of use for a medical patient such as myself and limited hand function due to My medical condition and it will benefit me tremendously in taking dabs with no hassle of cords and stands and other parts just a simple use .

10 months ago

We’ll be using our cracked glass Carta for our big 420 dabs, smoke us up!

Chris bolton
10 months ago

I would totally go with the carta over the puffco, good luck everyone in the give away!

10 months ago

Celebrating 4/20 with some hash rosin using the handy Utilian 722!!

10 months ago

Melting dabs away on 420 with my carta 2 that i purchased from…funny story i believe the 1 in giveaway was once mine…long story but would be sweet to match the two back up!!!

10 months ago

It’s the MIGHTY for me on 420

Heather Bhatt
10 months ago

I’m looking forward to smoking some killer Goat Gas in my SSV on 420! Thanks for the great products that you offer to enhance our smoking pleasures!

10 months ago

I am going to hit my Pax2 and like it!

Debbie Laity
10 months ago

I love my Mighty X Vape, and that is my go to for any smoking session.

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