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AirVape X Vaporizer

4.3 out of 5
4 Reviews


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AirVape | To the Cloud Vapor Store


The AirVape X is the standard for portable vaporizers. Boasting a longer battery life from the original , 25% larger chamber and a sleeker more pocket friendly design , the AirVape X is one to check out if you are in the market for a truly portable dry herb vaporizer

  • Build

    A sleek and thin design to match the high grade alloy body make the Airvape X both a durable and discreet portable vaporizer

  • Function

    Heating with hybrid conduction and convection in 20 seconds or less the Airvape X is one of the top portables for those looking for a quality vape session for their dry herb

  • Session

    The Airvape X provides a great mix of both taste and bounty. Ideal for the single user who likes good herb on the go but can also be used at home or for a night cap with ease

What's in the box

Comes with

  • AirVape X Vaporizer
  • Concentrate Pad Insert
  • Mouthpiece Rubber Tip Cover
  • Replacement Screen Set
  • Dab Pick
  • User Manual
  • Micro USB Chord
  • Cleaning Tools


  • Fast, Elegant, Thin and Mighty

    The AirVape X is the new and improved portable dry herb vaporizer from Apollo Vaporizers. The AirVape X improves greatly on the already small and discreet design of it’s predecessor the Airvape XS.

    As the packaging on the Airvape X says ” Fast, Elegant, Thin , Mighty”

    The Airvape X has the same metal body as the Airvape XS but offers an improved ceramic chamber and mouthpiece, with the chamber size 25% larger to hold more of your favorite herbs.

  • Great Value

    The AirVape X is one of the best vaporizers on the market for it’s low price point. You will not find a portable with this quality and this many features for under $200. The AirVape really does deliver.

  • Small Package, Many Features

    The AirVape X contains a 3 minute auto shuttoff and heats between 199 – 428 degrees Fahrenheit . A full chamber will give you about 12 good hits depending on temperature. Even better the Airvape X offers haptic feedback. You can pack about .2 grams comfortably in the Airvape X

  • Using the Airvape X

    The AirVape X is a breeze to use. The intuition coupled with the size and build will greatly enhance your vapor experience. Especially since you are dealing with an ultra portable unit. Upon receipt of your Airvape X you are going to want to turn it on and set it to the highest temperature to do a quick sterilization of the unit. You perform this by hitting the power button three times and hitting the temperature up button 428 degrees F and allowing it to run a complete cycle at it’s highest temperature setting.


    From there you are ready to vape.

    • Remove the ceramic mouthpiece. You will find your chamber underneath.
    • Fill the chamber with your choice of ground herb , give a light pack and put the mouthpiece back on. Hit the power button three times quickly and voila, you have power.
    • Hitting the temperature buttons choose what temperature works best for you.
    • Your unit will heat up in about twenty seconds, and the Airvape propeller will stop spinning on the readout when your vape is ready.
  • AirVape X Dimensions & Specs

    • 4″ x 1.85″ x .5″
    • 3.25 ounces
    • 1300 mAh Battery
    • Aluminum body
    • Ceramic Chamber
    • LIfetime Warranty
    • Compatible with Herb & Concentrates







4.3 out of 5
4 Reviews
  • Jeanne Laurel

    I really like it, but have to say I do not have anything to compare it to. Have been an e-cig vaper for a while; started CBD bud for arthritis. Some things to note: (1) It gets very hot. I can hold the unit carefully... in my hand, but mouthpiece gets too hot for comfort; suggest some kind of silicone sleeve, may try to DIY a fix. (I believe AirVape offers a wood mouthpiece–this should be standard, not extra purchase, if it’s a useful fix.) (2) Pack herb loosely, and draw on the mouthpiece steadily; it requires more “pull” than an e-cig. Packing too tight makes it harder to draw on. (c) Battery life is indeed very poor, although I knew about that in advance. I’m happy it has pass-through functionality (you can hook up an external battery and keep going, if it poops out before you’re finished). (d) Kudos and thanks to “To the Cloud” for including a grinder; I didn’t have one, and it’s an important accessory. (e) The AirVape box itself functions as a good stash box, although the grinder doesn’t *quite* fit (my OCD is showing!) (f) The Airvape video “Explaining How to Clean AirVape X” is essential viewing. That said, cleaning is fairly painless. (g) If you want the warranty, you’ll have to text “To the Cloud” to get their authorized vendor number to plug in to the Airvape site. That was painless, thank you. You also have to send a screenshot of the receipt of the receipt, so don’t toss it. (This will make it a little more difficult for me to give one as a gift to a friend, but will cross that bridge later.)

  • jd6498815

    Proud owner of this unit, really happy with its performance, slim and not that heavy. I noticed the same issues with the battery, but can use it while it’s charging, which helped give me more sessions. And for times when I can’t charge it while... I’m out, I use the power bank that can stay attached to the unit, and can be out with it without having to worry about it dying on me.

  • Fx

    Fantastic vape easy to use easy to clean great taste,vape
    great clouds when I am not using the mighty the airvape x is my go to vape now only one thing that needs work the battery I can get 2 session. But vape quality... is superb A1

  • Richard

    Great looking & functional product BUT absolutely Terrible battery life. Won’t last more than 2 sessions without continuous power charging. It’s form over function unfortunately.

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