Every one of our Vaporizers we sell is eligible for a 60 or 90 day trial period in which you can return for a partial refund.

partial refund

Partial refund

Works by allowing you to return your vaporizer after use (for up to 60 or 90 days) and receive a partial refund.

only pay for time


Under the trial period you will only pay for the time you use your vaporizer.



There is no need to sign up or enroll, the trial period is automatic when you purchase any of our top of the line vaporizers.

Ideal for customers who:

tickAren’t certain which vaporizer is going to be best for them.

tickOnly need it for a month or for a short period of time for treatment.

tickWant to try all the best vaporizers, but don’t want to have to buy all of them.

Lifetime Trade Ins

Lifetime Trade Ins

To the Cloud also offers lifetime trade ins for store credit. So when you want to try out
something else you can trade in your old vaporizer towards a different model.

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