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Concentrate Vaporizers

Concentrate Vaporizers

Concentrate Vaporizers | E-Rigs, Honey Straws, Vape Pens & More

To the Cloud Vapor Store carries an assortment of concentrate vaporizers. From entry level DIY dab straws from Dip Devices, to the high end dab rig vaporizers from the likes of Dr. Dabber and Puffco.

Concentrate Vaporizers have been growing in popularity relative to their dry herb vaporizer counterparts for the constant innovation making heat up times next to instant and enjoying your choice of shatters, wax or rosin easy and hassle free compared to traditional messy torch & rig dabs.

The concentrate vaporizers we carry at To the Cloud Vapor Store range in price, quality and function.

Vape Pens & Honey Straws 

Are going to be in the lower priced tier and offer a singular and portable function of being able to load your atomizer, a cartridge or draw direct from your wax wallet. They offer convenience and are effective but do not provide the highest quality vapor. Some examples of these concentrate vaporizers would be the Dr. Dabber Ghost , Flytlab Stik & Dipper by Dip Devices.

E-Rigs Dab Vaporizers

On the other side of the cost spectrum is going to be the E-Rig Dab Vaporizers, a conceptual design made popular by the original Puffco Peak. Here you have multiple components. You place your wax, shatter or rosin in a atomizer/ chamber and inhale through a vapor path which generally cools your hits through water. Some examples of these are the Carta V2, Dr. Dabber Switch and the Puffco Peak Pro. These Concentrate Vaporizers are intended to provide a more powerful and higher quality hit, but come at the expense of one step use and portability.

To the Cloud Vapor Store carries an assortment of the best concentrate vaporizers  from trusted brands we ourselves use and love. Each one of our vaporizers comes with a 60 day trial period, lifetime trade ins and free shipping.

Concentrate Vaporizers