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Refurbished Hydrology 9 NX

5 out of 5
2 Reviews


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Akin to a water pipe the Hydrology 9 NX brings the added benefit of water filtration to your vapor experience. Besides the excellent quality the Hydrology 9 NX  also produces larger than normal clouds , whether using dabs or flower, and adds a social fun aspect with the RGB lighting to display temperatures. This lightly used Hydrology 9 NX Vaporizer works like it is brand new and will make a believer out of you for a fraction of the price.

  • Build

    Boasting both thick borosilicate glass and aluminum alloy on the body with a food grade porcelain chamber, the Hydrology 9 NX is heavy duty quality you can feel in the hand. The chambers for the herb and concentrates are durable alloy on the exterior and food grade silicone and ceramic on the interior.

  • Function

    Water purified conduction vapor for your concentrates and extracts and hybrid conduction / convection for your herb are offered by the two corresponding vaporizer cartridges which comes with the refurbished Hydrology 9 NX. We normally say get an herb vape for herb and an e-rig for dabs but the Hydrology 9 NX is one that does both so well.

  • Session

    Great for a few thick , smooth and quality pulls for those looking for a plentiful amount of vapor which replicates smoking with a water pipe. Ideal for the social and at home user who doesn’t need to pocket anything for on the road.

What's in the box

Comes with

  • Refurbished Hydrology 9 NX
  • Concentrate Chamber
  • Herb Chamber
  • Magnetic Lid
  • Magnetic Lid with Carb Cap
  • Magnetic Charger
  • Cleaning Kit
  • Dab Tool
  • User Manual


  • Refurbished for the win

    The Hydrolgy9 NX is a sturdy and fantastic dual use vaporizer  for those seeking a 2 in 1 herb vape and dab rig.

    If you are looking for the best price Hydrology 9 NX Vaporizer the refurbished unit is right up your alley. Inspected, tested and cleaned with the same 60 day trial period and lifetime trade ins we offer on all vaporizers

  • Heavy Hitter just add water

    The Hydrology9 NX by Cloudious9 is a new semi portable vaporizer with a built in water filtration system which provides large vapor clouds with a great smooth vapor. Using the Cloudious9 device might be a little confusing at first, but a quick spin up on the directions and you will be a professional in no time.

  • great for smokers making the switch

    The Hydrology 9 NX is one of the most fun and exciting new vaporizers to use, not only for it’s vapor capabilities, but also for it’s aesthetics and similarities with a common water pipe.

    Now to the part which is obvious what sets the Hydrology 9 =NX apart. The water filtration component built in to the unit itself. The water really makes the vapor experience amazing. The water allows for a greater pull with less force meaning you can use lesser lung capacity to get more vapor and also smoothens out the vapor’s texture.

    The 9NX has been improved from it’s predecessor the Hydrology 9, by removing the oven and turning it into a cartridge which offers both convection and conduction heating to you herb.

    All in all the Hydrology 9NX is a super fun vaporizer to use and is a must try for any vapor enthusiast or someone looking for large clouds similar to what you would obtain with a water pipe. It is even more fun to pass around with some friends whether around the fire or the couch.

  • Using the Hydrology 9NX Vaporizer

    Upon receipt of the Hydrology 9NX , we recommend reading the instructions and getting accustomed with the unit. there are alot of intuitive vaporizers out there and this is not one of them.

    Step 1.) Fill the 9NX with no more than 25% Water

    Step 2.) Load your Concentrate or Herb Chamber

    Step 3.) Insert into unit and press the Power button 3 times

    Step 4.) Select your temperature with the twist dial on the bottom

    Step 5.) Inhale when the light goes green

    Each session will last 120 seconds (45 seconds for concentrates) and slow and long pulls are recommended for optimal vapor production.

  • Temperature Settings

    The Hydrology 9NX Vaporizer has custom heat settings for the herb and concentrate inserts.

    Hydrology 9NX Insert Concentrate Atomizer  Flower Chamber 
    Blue  554 °F 356°F
    Green  590°F 383°F
    Yellow  626°F 401°F
    Purple  662°F 419°F
    Red 716°F 437°F
    White  770 °F 455°F


  • Hydrology 9 internals

    The Hydrology 9 NX has a 2000mAh lithium polymer battery. This is a very strong battery that will last you anywhere from 10-15 sessions on a full charge, depending on heat setting. Concentrates wear the battery down faster.


  • insane build

    Don’t let the glass component of the Hydrology9 NX scare you. It is built tough with a space grade anodized aluminum alloy body and borosilicate glass mouthpiece the entire unit feels beyond sturdy. Weighing it a total of one pound,  it’s not exactly pocket portable, but is easily moved around the pad to the back yard.

  • warranty & trial period

    The refurbished Hydrology 9 NX Vaporizer is guaranteed to go the distance with the likes of the new. To the Cloud Vapor Store offers a 60 day trial period and 6 month warranty on your purchase.



5 out of 5
2 Reviews

    Every order comes on time or before and just as described.

  • Nathan

    One of the best battery vaporizers I have ever had Vs (MFLB PAX1 CFX firefly micro) has pass through charging best part. The vaper it makes is smooth, cool, & visible even on Red. Cleaning is easy so easy I might try... a mix of dry herb and wax based concentrate because if it makes a mess no problem, it all twists apart. I use RO water and you would think that would cool the whole deal off but the bottom gets hot on red after about 7 mins, in winter it’s the best hand warmer. No leaks yet and that’s surprising me as there’s what appears to be a little BB rolling around in a hole on the top, but it works. Get a funnel that fits, the one I have for my CFX worked. Prob should not spin the knob job on the bottom while drawl/inhaling it might jam it up. Treat it with respect and it going to last.

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