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510 Batteries

510 Batteries & Cartridge Vape Pen Batteries

A “510 battery” refers to a type of battery commonly used with vape pens and some smaller e-cigarettes. The term “510” originally described the threading used for the connection between the battery and the atomizer or cartridge. This threading became a standard in the vaping industry, hence its widespread recognition.510 & Other Vape Pen.

The  510 and overall cartridge vape market has expanded considerably making the way for magnetic attachments for 510 cartridges and even proprietary cartridges for batteries such as the PAX Era Pro.

To the Cloud Vapor Store carries an assortment of vape pen batteries, from 510 to Era Pods & More , so if you need a cheap battery replacement or want something high end from Puffco or Dr. Dabber , we have you covered.