How does the trial period work ?

When you purchase any of our vaporizers you are automatically enrolled in our trial period. If during the trial period you complete your therapy, have a lifestyle change, or decide the vaporizer is not for you: Simply return it for your partial refund. The rate can be found under the price on the unit of your interest.

For example.) Purchase a PAX 2 for $199, if sent back within 30 days of receipt you will receive a refund of $129 

How do exchanges work?

To the Cloud has set out to leverage any vaporizers our valued customers may have in exchange for one of our new or refurbished products. Simply go to the Trade in  tab and provide the information regarding your desired exchange. A customer care representative will follow up with you shortly.

What warranties do you offer on your vaporizers ?

We offer the original manufacturer’s warranty on all sales of new vaporizers. Our used devices have been professionally tested, inspected and disinfected by our experts and have met the standards and quality performance of what one would expect in a new unit. We offer a 6 month warranty on all used vaporizers.  The warranty on both new & used  covers any malfunctions due to general operation.

Is Packaging Discreet?

Yes we ship in either USPS boxes and envelopes or plain brown packages containing no logos or reference to vaporizers or their brand names. Our return address includes no reference to the above as well.


How many times can I exchange my vaporizer for a different one?

You can exchange your vaporizer for a different make or model as many times as you wish. Send your old unit back, we will process the difference and get your new unit out to you in no time.

I am interested in a vaporizer or part that is not in your inventory

We are always getting new and used inventory, if you have been wanting something and do not currently see it drop us a line. You will be the first to know when it comes available. Also we offer many custom requests on parts or accessories not commonly sold.

Are parts and accessories available for rent?

No, parts and accessories are not eligible for rent , however we will give you store credit for selected parts & accessories.

What is the difference between convection and conduction ?

Convection works by  having the hot air pass through or over your herb releasing the active ingredients which you then inhale. This means the heat source is not in direct contact with your plants or herbs, but is shifted whether via fan assist or your draw or both

FAQ - conduction vs. Convection

With conduction your plants and herbs are in direct contact with the heated material. This means that even when you are not drawing from your vaporizer, if it is on, your material is still being heated.

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