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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the trial period work ?

When you purchase any of our vaporizers you are automatically enrolled in our trial period. If during the trial period you complete your therapy, have a lifestyle change, or decide the vaporizer is not for you: Simply return it for your partial refund. The rate can be found under the price on the unit of your interest.

A common misconception about the trial period is that you only pay the trial period amount at checkout and are billed monthly. This is incorrect, You must pay the full amount to purchase your vaporizer at checkout. You own the vaporizer and do not need to pay any additional money past this. The trial period gives you the option to send it back for a partial refund.  You are under no obligation whatsoever to return your vaporizer, but if you do the trial period makes sure you are covered.

For example.) Purchase a PAX 3 for $199.99, if sent back within 30 days of receipt you will receive a refund of $125 

I don't know which Vaporizer is Best for me

It is recommended to do as much research as possible before purchasing a vaporizer. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are also happy to answer any questions you may have. We understand that nothing can beat actually using the vaporizer first hand, that is why we are happy to offer the trial period on all the vaporizers we sell.

What warranties do you offer on your vaporizers ?

All new vaporizers are covered under the original manufacturer’s warranty, if your vaporizer develops a malfunction while under warranty please contact the manufacturer of your device for repair. Our Refurbished Vaporizers  have been professionally tested, inspected and disinfected by our experts and have met the standards and quality performance of what one would expect in a new unit. To the Cloud Vapor Store offers a 6 month warranty on all used vaporizers.  The warranty on both new & used covers any malfunctions due to general operation.

What Will Show up on My Credit Card Statement

To the Cloud Vapor Store will be what shows up your credit card or bank statement if you use a debit card to pay for your vaporizer.

Is Packaging Discreet?

Yes we ship in either USPS boxes and envelopes or plain brown packages containing no logos or reference to vaporizers or their brand names. Our return address includes no reference to the above as well and is marked as either Shipping Dept. or To the Cloud.

Where are you Located ?

To the Cloud Vapor Store is located in Carlsbad, CA

Where Will My Item Ship from ?

We ship from a small 3rd party warehouse in Vista, CA. If your item is not in stock in Vista we do utilize other fulfillment centers in order to get your order to you in a timely manner.

How do exchanges work?

To the Cloud has set out to leverage any vaporizers our valued customers may have in exchange for one of our new or refurbished products. Simply go to the Trade in  tab and provide the information regarding your desired exchange. A customer care representative will follow up with you shortly.

Do I need to pay shipping on trade ins ?

Yes, when you trade or sell us your used vaporizer you are responsible for the shipping to our location, to include any assurances you feel necessary.

How many times can I exchange my vaporizer for a different one?

You can exchange your vaporizer for a different make or model as many times as you wish. Send your old unit back, we will process the difference and get your new unit out to you in no time.

Do You Buy Used Vaporizers ?

Yes , we offer money and store credit for used vaporizers even if they were not purchased from us. If you wish to sell or trade in your used vaporizer please submit the  trade in form here 

You will need to send an actual photo of the unit which you wish to sell or trade in. Once reviewed an offer will be sent within 24-28 hours.

I am interested in a vaporizer or part that is not in your inventory

We are always getting new and used inventory, if you have been wanting something and do not currently see it drop us a line. You will be the first to know when it comes available. Also we offer many custom requests on parts or accessories not commonly sold.

Are parts and accessories available for rent?

No, parts and accessories are not eligible for rent , however we will give you store credit for selected parts & accessories.

I See Used Vaporizers , How do I make sure I am Buying New ?

We sell both new and used vaporizers. New Vaporizers are sold at MSRP and will have a stock image of the vaporizer. Used Vaporizers Say Used in the description and are photographed by us out of the box. You can as well navigate via the home section by selecting vaporizers and then new or used depending on which vaporizer you wish to purchase.

Will my Vaporizer give off a smell

Yes, your vaporizer will emit odors when you use. This odor will not be as strong as combustion. Typically expect about 1/4 to 1/3 of the smell you would experience if combusting

What is the difference between convection ,conduction and hybrid heating ?

Convection works by  having the hot air pass through or over your herb releasing the active ingredients which you then inhale. This means the heat source is not in direct contact with your plants or herbs, but is shifted whether via fan assist or your draw or both

FAQ - conduction vs. Convection

With conduction your plants and herbs are in direct contact with the heated material. This means that even when you are not drawing from your vaporizer, if it is on, your material is still being heated.

Hybrid – which is commonly used is a combination of the two heating methods – convection & conduction

Are your prices in USD ?

All prices for vaporizers at To the Cloud Vapor Store are in US Dollars. Please check with your software which may adjust prices and languages automatically.

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3 years ago

Do you have a referral coupon code I can use to share and receive discounts?

Greg meyer
1 year ago

Do the crafty+ accessories for the mighty +

1 year ago

Will i have to show id or sign upon dilivery.

1 year ago

I have a Medical Marijuana card, but do not meet the 21+ requirement. How will that affect the identification process?

jayden wicks
1 year ago
Reply to  Santi

i’m wondering the same thing did it end up affecting your order?

Brandon stockstill
1 year ago

Do I get a tracking no on my order ? I haven’t heard anything from you since I placed my order ??

1 year ago

So if I ordered some PAX batteries they will have to be signed for? I thought shipping was discreet.

Michael Scott
1 year ago

Im confused as your site says “free and discreet shipping” but I’m being charged $49 for shipping?

Dennis Nicholson
1 year ago

What, exactly, do you mean by refurbish. What actions and/or procedures do you employ to do this. Thanks.

Joseph Mitchell
8 months ago

I placed order and says on hold. When can I expect processed and ship?!

Joseph Mitchell
8 months ago

Problem was resolved timely. Received a phone call and this person was helpful and order upgraded to processing. Said will ship shortly and I will def be a returning customer!

J b
7 months ago

What’s the address I mail to trade in?

Nathan Cortez
2 months ago

Hello! I am a first time customer- placed an order May 14th for a refurbished vaporizer but am worried as haven’t received updates or heard anything, it is still showing on Hold. When will this ship? Thank you

2 months ago
Reply to  Tyler

Wow!!! I’d just like to post a follow up for anyone reading and still on the fence. As a first time vape user I had my worries about buying from the internet in general, however rest assured To The Cloud went above and beyond/ exceeded all expectations. A short time after my message I received a follow up about my order being mailed soon and my order was promptly shipped- it arrived in record time .Although I had chosen a refurbished unit and not sure what to expect, the Arizer Solo 2 came in its flawless original box, all original items, booklet, and even the filters! 9.5/10 condition, Beautiful vape that is intuitive for a new user like me and built like a tank. They even threw in a new grinder as a bonus. This company has my heart and, I will be a loyal customer for years to come. -Nathan

12 days ago

Do you ship overseas, e.g: Australia?

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