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Desktop Vaporizers

Desktop Vaporizers | To the Cloud Vapor Store

Desktop Vaporizers were the herbal vaporizers that started it all. During the pioneer days of vaping herbs and flower there was only the Desktop. Many may remember the old wooden boxes of the early 2000’s which don’t hold a candle to any desktop vaporizers produced today.

Today portable vaporizers outnumber the desktops greatly, but there is still something to be said about the tried and true cannabis vaporizers of the tabletop desktop variation and even though you cannot be portable with them they are still seen as superior in design and quality.

Perhaps the most iconic vaporizer, the Volcano Vaporizer would speak to the magnitude of desktops. It has been around for twenty years with a new model just being released in 2019 , the Volcano Hybrid.

Desktop Vaporizers will last longer, are more dependable and consistent and plug direct into a power outlet so there is no worry about battery life or charging. Furthermore desktop vaporizers give your session a community feel for vaping with family & friends.

Desktop Vaporizers are available for more than herb as well. The Dr. Dabber Switch is the best desktop concentrate vaporizers around.

If you are looking to buy a desktop vaporizer, you have come to the right place. To the Cloud Vapor Store offers the best prices on the world’s best desktop vaporizers to include the Volcano, Cloud Evo, Silver Surfer and many more.

Desktop Vaporizers