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From the makers of the Volcano comes the Storz & Bickel Plenty. The Plenty boasts quality vapor into an easy and maneuverable desktop vaporizer  allowing for quick and easy delivery without alot of moving parts. The heat exchanger is equipped with a double helix to ensure efficient air heating and mellow to dense vapor – your choice. This lightly used Plenty vaporizer comes with a 60 day trial period and lifetime trade ins

  • Build

    Medical grade and heat resistant plastics meet stainless steel, Storz & Bickel epitomize German made goods with the Plenty Vaporizer

  • Function

    Provides enhanced vapor through a combination of conduction and convection heating. The heating mechanics in the Plenty are in a league of their own

  • Session

    Powered through an outlet for unlimited power, the Plenty is an amazing session vaporizer which gives off voluminous and textured vapor of both dry herbs and concentrates

What's in the box

Comes with

  • Plenty Vaporizer
  • Extra Tubing
  • Extra Screens
  • Liquid / Concentrate Pad
  • Instructions


  • Your Best Storz & Bickel Value

    The Plenty Vaporizer often referred to as the handheld Volcano , is  another excellent product in the Storz & Bickel arsenal. This lightly used  Plenty Vaporizer is a direct draw plugin handheld vaporizer which is suitable for personal vapor therapy or smaller group sessions and is hands down the best priced Plenty on the internet

  • The Plenty Vaporizer Engineering

    The heat exchanger is equipped with a double helix to ensure efficient air heating and delivering mellow to dense vapor. The cooling coil allows you to maximize your draws without having to worry about hot vapor hitting your lips. Made from high grade medical material it is what one would expect from Storz & Bickel

  • Using the Plenty Vaporizer

    The Plenty Vaporizer is a moderately easy to use vaporizer. Simply fill up the chamber with your herb or concentrates. Place the herb chamber and whip on to the heating element and await until the unit reaches your desired temp. You can go from low to high with a temp gauge on the side of the Plenty. From there just inhale and enjoy. After two minutes the unit will engage in an auto shut off, to keep going press the orange handle

    Since the Plenty will not stand on it’s own putting it away and taking it out can be kind of a pain, but it can find it’s own space pretty easy if it needs to be left out


  • Practicality Comes with Ease

    The Plenty Vaporizer contains a large chamber for your herb which can hold up to .5 grams if you pack tight. The temperature setting is easily adjusted and reached. The Plenty Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel heats up in about 120 seconds  and can be put down without the need to worry about shutting it off. The vapor quality from this machine is second to none and you will see for yourself why it remains one of the best handheld home unit desktop vaporizers in production today

  • Our Plenty Review

    We feel the Storz & Bickel Plenty is one of the most underrated vaporizers out there. Check out why we think you should Try the Plenty Vaporizer 


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