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Plenty Vaporizer review

Plenty Vaporizer Review | Storz & Bickel’s Best Value

We have to admit here at To the Cloud Vapor Store  we are a tad bias towards the Storz & Bickel Vaporizer line up.  S&B has created the greatest herb vaporizers on the market. World renowned for the Volcano Vaporizer and receiving praise for the  introduction of the portable vaporizers in 2014, Crafty, now Crafty+, and bigger brother Mighty. Yet there is one Storz & Bickel Vaporizer which is often forgotten and is far less popular than other models. To this query we wondered why ?

The Plenty Vaporizer may not be on par in popularity with the rest but as we’ll attest in our Plenty Vaporizer review, provides exemplary vapor with superior craftsmanship, on par with the Storz & Bickel name. We feel the Plenty Vaporizer provides the best value for your money being the cheapest Storz & Bickel Vaporizer.

A Conceptual Milestone

The Plenty Vaporizer is classified as a desktop vaporizer despite the fact it can be easily be picked up and  used with one hand. It’s rather large frame. multiple pieces and inability to be transported freely (due to it’s power chord) are the reasons for the desktop classification. Even if  the Plenty had batteries, it is not one I would leave the house with given it’s size. The Plenty Vaporizer came to be upon the initial speak of a quality handheld which produces Volcano quality vapor. So in a way it is what paved the way for the portables. 

Plenty Vaporizer review

Build & Function

The Plenty Vaporizer is made out of medical grade plastics with a stainless steel chamber and cooling whip. The heating  on the Plenty functions exactly like the Volcano with a steel ceramic heating element  giving you a hybrid heating combination of conduction and convection heat as you draw. The stainless steel whip is coiled to give greater travel distance cooling your vapor before it hits your lips.

We think the looks might distract those away from the internals of the vaporizer. While this thing looks like a glue gun it can deliver like a shot gun.

Inside the Plenty Vaporizer

Plenty Vaporizer Specifications

Weight 1 lb. 11 oz.
Dimensions 12" x 7" 1.75"
Temperature Range 100 °F - 420 °F
Heat Up Time 3:00 - 3:30
Warranty 2 Years
plenty vaporizer black Friday

Using the Plenty Vaporizer

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Despite it’s odd look , the Plenty Vaporizer is rather intuitive, and for those who complain about the Volcano Bags, here is your shot to free yourself from the crinkling sounds and mess they become.

Your herb chamber screws on to the heating element and your whip attaches to that. From there you turn the device on and use the side wheel to adjust the temperature. The unit will display a light that goes off (like an oven) when the unit is ready for action. You will be able to see your temperature on the readout  as well. From there inhale, enjoy.

While you are not able to run around the house with the Plenty while you do chores, it’s 9 foot power chord make it more than ideal for hanging out after work and even sessions with some friends.


One gripe we often receive is when a customer wishes they had gone with a portable vaporizer over a desktop like the Volcano. They say the Volcano is amazing and fun , but they just don’t like the involvement and process for a single use session. Oddly enough we hear the opposite of that complaint as well, when they love their Mighty, but something is telling them they wished they would have got a Volcano.

Plenty & Volcano

The Plenty Vaporizer is a great compromise for both. It is easy to take out and use when you get back home from work for a quickie before the gym or at a party in the kitchen.  With it’s large capacity bowl , long chord and huge cloud ability it’s social.  With the chamber reducer, ability to use with one hand and straightforward design, it’s solo.

Vapor Quality

This is a thing Storz & Bickel are good at, and this one hits the mark. It does hit a bit different from other Storz & Bickel Vaporizers which are known for the crispy taste and feel of the vapor. The Plenty offers more voluminous hits with it’s large surface area herb chamber and double helix heating.

The taste is definitely present and you can tell this is Storz & Bickel vapor. The hits are more full bodied while remaining smooth, but not insanely crisp.  We have the Plenty listed as one which smokers making the shift to vape or vapor coinsurers of large clouds would enjoy.

The downside to the aspects which give it great vapor quality and production also make it an herb hog. It will go through your herb a tad faster than the rest of the line up.


While the Plenty may be the least popular  of Storz & Bickel’s Vaporizers it provides the best value. If you assess it’s performance as a unit with it’s price at only $249, it is the most bang for your buck of the S&B crew. If you are looking for an at home vaporizer and only want the best vapor quality without the frills, the Plenty will provide that.

Putting it All Together

When first released the Plenty Vaporizer was priced $100 higher. Through  price drops in 2016 and 2017 , the Plenty now sits at only $249. While that is still alot, the relative cost to get Storz & Bickel quality is much higher when thinking of something like the Volcano Hybrid at $699.

It’s perfect combination of ease of use,  vapor quality, price and  durable build make it one you should try out if you want a high end desktop vaporizer without the sticker shock. The Plenty is by far the most underrated Storz & Bickel Vaporizer , but every one of their vaporizers is a winner.

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