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Storz & Bickel price drop

Storz & Bickel Drop Prices Again in April 2017

Storz & Bickel Price Drop 

Do the makers of the Volcano Vaporizer have a new product in the mix ? 

Storz & Bickel price drop

Storz & Bickel, manufacturer’s of the The World’s Best Vaporizers just significantly dropped prices on three of the five vaporizers in their product line. The Mighty Vaporizer, Crafty Vaporizer and the Plenty Vaporizer all saw $50 plus price drops with the Mighty going from $399 to $349 , the Crafty moving from $339 to $279 and the Plenty making way from $299 to $249.


This is not the first time Storz & Bickel have dropped prices on their vaporizers. The first Storz & Bickel price drop came two years ago in April of 2015  and was across the board. It should  be noted that this Storz & price drop drop did not affect the Digital or Classic Volcano. Possible to make the Crafty and the Mighty more competitive with the current portable vaporizer landscape ?


Why the price drop ?

Besides going out of business (not the case here) there are a few reasons why manufacturers will drop prices on high end vaporizers like these. A new product release in the mix, increased competition from other vaporizers on the market, or distributors discounting too steep and selling below the agreed manufacturer price.


Vaporizer companies such as PAX have a history of dropping prices on the current model before the release of the new model.  Obviously when you have a new model come to market the older model is not the hot new thing  and getting the old inventory  off the shelf makes sense. However typically there is some sort of marketing or announcement to let everyone know a new model is on it’s way, which we are yet to get from Storz & Bickel in regards to this price drop. This is not uncommon for the German vaporizer manufacturer who focuses more on building quality vaporizers than their marketing.  We don’t know what if anything is on the horizon from them, but you can rest assured given their record, if one is coming  it is going to be an amazing vaporizer.


Increased competition is another factor which  may have led Storz & Bickel to this price drop. Especially when looking that Storz & Bickel price drop only affected the three (personal) non-desktop vaporizers where the bulk of the competition on the high end is at the moment. The Firefly 2, DaVinci IQ and the PAX 3 have been the best sellers for customers wanting a high end portable. With the Mighty priced at $399 and the Crafty at $339 it was not seen as a possible substitute to the three aforementioned models. With the new price it makes it more feasible to consider for the someone who is undecided between an IQ or PAX 3. Now the Crafty Vaporizer is in the mix at $279. 


Scoring a good deal on a Storz & Bickel vaporizer is hard to come by. You will notice across the board reputable sellers who are authorized all have the same advertised price. As in anything else though, wholesale distributors from other markets are able to get inventory and will push it out the door for a quick profit well below what the authorized sellers must market at. Granted your purchase will not come with warranty (despite their claims) and customer service may also lack, the promise of a good price is often all one needs to pull the trigger instead of buying from a reputable site like To the Cloud Vapor Store. Lowering the authorized price squeezes out alof of the bad actors who are already paying a premium sourcing wholesale from elsewhere. The lowering of prices also helps authorized sellers compete who in turn can provide better customer support, assistance and quality control making the Storz & Bickel brand all the more desirable.


These are just a few reasons Storz & Bickel may have dropped prices. These are common in the vaporizer space and other markets as well. If you are looking to pick up any Storz & Bickel vaporizer , especially the Mighty , Crafty or Plenty, now is certainly the time. To the Cloud Vapor Store is also happy to back your purchase with a 90 day trial period and lifetime trade ins for store credit. 



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