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4.90 out of 5
4.9 out of 5
40 Reviews

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The Mighty Vaporizer gives you Volcano quality vapor in a portable handheld model. It’s design and durability make The Mighty Vaporizer  a top choice for connoisseurs on the go or relaxing at home. If you are looking for absolutely the best quality vapor , the Mighty Vaporizer is for you. It’s at the top of every list and we have it rated as the best vaporizer for herbs out there.  Don’t take our word for it, every Mighty Vaporizer we sell comes with a 60 day trial period and lifetime exchanges.

  • Build

    Medical grade materials and heat resistant plastics, Storz & Bickel epitomize German made goods with the Mighty Vaporizer

  • Function

    Provides enhanced vapor through a combination of conduction and convection heating. The heating mechanics in the Mighty are in a league of their own.

  • Session

    The truest session vaporizer, the Mighty will provide silky rips for 2 minutes before auto shut off kicks in. Primarily a dry herb vaporizer it can be used with both concentrates and herbs alike. Great for microdosing with the dosing capsules

What's in the box

Comes with

  • Mighty Vaporizer
  • Power Chord
  • Spare O-Rings
  • Extra Screens
  • Concentrate / Liquid pad
  • Filling Aid
  • Storz & Bickel Grinder
  • Dosing Capsule
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Instructions

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  • The Best Vaporizer on the Market 5 Years in a Row

    Manufactured by Storz & Bickel, the German engineering geniuses behind the Volcano, the Mighty Vaporizer delivers what one would expect from such a reputable company. The Mighty Vaporizer’s ergonomic design fits comfortably in your hand while the outside structure ensures the heat will never be too hot to handle. The Mighty is a tad larger than it’s counterpart, the Crafty Vaporizer, and boasts twice the battery power as the Crafty Vaporizer. Made with the highest grade materials, the Mighty Vaporizer leads the way in function and durability offering pure and dense vapor output.

  • How to Use

    To use the Mighty simply twist off the cooling chamber and fill the unit with your herbal blend of choice. The Mighty operates best with a coarse to fine grind. Next hit the power button on the side and wait for the unit to reach your desired temperature. When the Mighty is ready it will let you know with a minor vibration. From there all you need to do is pull from the mouthpiece which comes attached to the Mighty’s cooling unit.

  • Mighty Thermal Technology

    The Mighty Vaporizer uses new wave thermal technology to channel vapor from your aromatic blends through the unit’s cooling chamber leaving you with dense, clean and cool flavor. The easy to use Mighty boasts dual button temperature settings and comes with double the battery power of the Crafty Vaporizer  for longer lasting sessions. The results will make a believer out of you. For Volcano like quality vapor on the go there is no substitute for the Mighty Vaporizer

  • Packing a Punch

    The Mighty Vaporizer features dual lithium ion batteries which make it last a bit longer without needing to be recharged compared to it’s smaller counterpart , the Crafty Vaporizer. But not only will the Mighty hold a charge longer, it can also be used while charging. Some have argued the extra power allows the Mighty to produce slightly better vapor over the Crafty.

  • German Engineering 

    Did we mention it’s German made ? We can’t stress the importance of a well engineered vaporizer in discussing the high end vaporizers. Storz & Bickel Vaporizers are manufactured in Germany with the best precision and engineering in vaporizer manufacturing by the two pioneers – Markus Storz and Jürgen Bickel who have designed all Storz & Bickel products to date.

  • Latest Model 2019 Mighty Vaporizer with 20% More Battery 

    Being released in 2014 and still holding the top spot as the preferred vaporizer of choice from beginners to vapor connoisseurs, the Mighty Vaporizer delivers on every aspect of vapor perfection. While any version of the Mighty Vaporizer is a true champ, small updates have been made to enhance your vapor experience. When you buy at To the Cloud Vapor Store you will always receive the most current and updated models of any vaporizer , To include the latest version 2019 Mighty Vaporizer with 20% more battery.  Check out the newest version of the Mighty Vaporizer here 

Mighty vaporizer the best Storz & Bickel vaporizer


4.90 out of 5
4.9 out of 5
40 Reviews
  • Gianni

    Couldn’t have been happier with the purchase, and will be buying all of my needed supplies/vapes from tothecloudvapestore!!!! Super easy to deal with, and all around great experience, thanks again bro!!!!

  • Matt C

    I love my mighty so much and I couldn’t have been more pleased with to the clouds shipping time and customer service. Everyone else was sold out of the mighty and I had a horrible experience ordering on another website and then getting my order cancelled 3 days later saying it was out of stock. To the cloud had my mighty out the same day and I got it in 2 business days and it’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever purchased. To the cloud is my new go to for dry herb vape products

  • Tony

    Fantastic product. Tried two vaporizers before this one and this one is by far the best working and well thought out. This vape has everything you’ll need.

    The team at To The Cloud provided excellent support when my Ghost vape broke and helped me to find one best suited to my needs.

    Thanks guys!

  • amy russell

    great product & customer service! this shipped very quickly too!!

  • kris

    First time flower vape user and glad I stepped up and got the mighty. The only thing I didn’t like is I had to buy a stand so it will stay vertical. Very easy to clean and maintain. Good temp for me is 355 using CBD flower. Pulls real smooth and natural.

  • Bobby

    Don’t let my rating fool you – this is the best portable vaporizer on the market. It will last for years, but it’s not perfect, and after YEARS of this design – Storz and Bickel owe us better.

    I bought my mighty in 2016 – it served valiantly until it was stolen in 2020. Aside from some damage to it’s plastic housing from extensive use (and using a water pipe adapter), it held up amazingly – well, I used a zip tie to hold it together actually, but it worked well.

    After hundreds of charges the batteries were much worse – more than 8 sessions was typical when the device was new, but it was closer to 6 after about 2 years, and you were lucky to get 4 after 3. Unfortunately there is no way to upgrade, or replace the batteries on your own – so this made it seem like worse investment as time goes on. No big deal, but a device of this cost should not have integrated components that will naturally die before the rest of the device…

    Overall I enjoyed my Mighty, and my Crafty (which died much sooner) – but I replaced them with an Arizer Air, and while the exhaled vapor is less – it’s flavor is so much better, and it’s more efficient in my opinion with the material you use inside of it (which has potential to save a lot of money for some folks).

    I’d say if you want a vape to last for years this one will do it, but I’d get one with a removable battery if I could start over. Consider other options like Arizer Air 2, or Argo – or even a non-portable vape from Storz and Bickel, which doesn’t have components that will naturally degrade after hundreds of uses.

  • Doug

    I had already tried the Crafty. Battery too small, always charging it. Never took all the content out of the material fully. Tried this one and WoW. You can see battery strength and can increase the heat right on the device. More flavor, more utilized, this one is the ticket and battery lasts through many uses. Very solid, breathes better than Crafty, too. This is the one to buy. Forget Crafty and buy this, Barely more money, way better performance. Nice product Storz and Bickel!

  • Calum

    I very much enjoy my herb but was becoming increasingly concerned with the detrimental impact smoking could have on my health so decided to explore the world of vapes. This was my first vaporizer and I had never vaped before so was unsure what to expect. This device is an absolute beast! The flavours experienced from different strains is amazing to the extent I have become quite a connoisseur. The high is much cleaner compared to traditional combustion and my cardio performance has improved noticeably. This vape is a blessing!

    Tyler also went the extra mile and packed my shipment discretely. Exceptional service!

  • Steve

    Nice well made tool that works wonderfully. I would recommend a base and funnel from 3D. The free shredder, I would avoid. The threads are poor and the midsection binds to the point where it can’t be separated.

  • Hurley

    I have tried plenty of vaporizers including the Plenty.

    Overall, I consider this to be the best vaporizer on the market.

  • N Word

    Very happy with the Mighty. Hands down the best portable vape I’ve used. I previously owned other portables like the PAX2, Firefly, Magic Flight Launch Box and have used the Arizer Air and this blows them all out of the water. The Mighty requires less cleaning, has a better charge/charges faster, and pulls better then every other vape I mentioned above. I wish the chamber were a little bigger, but I can just get more dosing capsules to make up for it. To the Cloud is also a great storefront. The shipping was super fast (got my Mighty within a few days in the US), well packed, and it came with a free C Vault storage container which is a nice bonus. Totally worth the cost, get it!

  • Brett Kirk

    So I’ve bought a few vaporizers from this site and frankly this is the only site I’ll buy from. I always rest easy knowing all products are authentic and latest versions in addition to that the shipping comes fast and well packaged. I’m super happy with tothecloud!! Recommend 110%

  • Joan

    I’m a repeat customer, and very satisfied. The shipment is prompt, the packaging is discreet, and the items are in perfect condition.

  • Mtnviews4miles

    Stop reading reviews and start vaping. Don’t hesitate, buy this vape today.
    I’ve had a few different vapes and Mighty is a cut above the rest. There are lots of Mighty vs IQ reviews. Mighty wins for performance hands down. IQ is a slick unit, but weak battery life and unreliable electronics make it run well behind the Mighty in the one area that really matters. Vapor production.
    This is a portable vaporizer built like a table topper. It’s no pocket rocket but fine for tossing in a backpack or purse as a carry. Too big for a discreet EDC.
    Produces consistent vapor through the load life.
    Better vapor at lower temperatures than others I’ve tried.
    Very good flavor retention.
    New improved battery gets me through an adequate number of sessions without recharging. In this aspect it outperforms my Davinci IQ by leagues.
    Although I initially thought that it was a little gimmicky, the loading aid is an elegant piece of engineering. Easy to fill for clean and neat reloads on the go.
    Chamber and heating system rocks. Easy to clean and efficient. Very little waste if loaded properly. Overfill or loose material inhibits performance.
    Clunky clunky clunky. Like a 50’s Buick. Could cut the chassis by 25% and still get the same
    Anything that size should stand up on its own without a $35 optional base. C’mon S&B.
    Could be more customizable. At a $350 MSRP why no app?

    All in all it’s a great piece of equipment, but there is room for improvement. It performs very well which compensates for it being a bit gangly and awkward in the hand.

  • Malmono

    Mighty All the Way

    I own and use a Firefly2 actively, and enjoy the product. The Mighty delivers much easier, heavier doses. Using the dosing capsules keeps the mighty immaculate clean. To the Coud was great and easy to deal with. This product is now my #1 vaporizer. Highly recommended!!!

  • d. michael otis

    The Best!

    The best there is!!! Also, great service.

  • Susan

    I will be back!

    Should have named it Mighty Might
    Best portable vaporizer you can find
    And the customer service can’t be beat!
    Thank you Tyler

  • Delaney Bascom

    A true portable power hitter!

    I love my Mighty from To the Cloud!!! I already had a Pax 3 and a Volcano Classic (That I bought from To the Cloud also, and they did a great job at the best price!) but I wanted a second portable vaporizer, just in case because yes, it is that important. Anyway, I ended up going with the Mighty because it fits so well right between my Pax 3 and Volcano in terms of meeting each characteristic of being both a heavy hitter and portable. I was not disappointing! If you’re used to the Pax 3 the 90 second heat up time seems like a bit long compared to 20 seconds, but it hits like a beast once it gets going! A good, slow, long continuous draw can leave you choking every bit as awesomely as a good bong hit, but with total portability and convenience! If you want a real heavy hitter with a simple and reliable design, go with the Mighty, and if you want the best value and price, buy it from To the Cloud!

  • D. Shultie

    I have bought a volcano and a mighty from Tothecloudvaporstore and I have nothing to say but good things about these people. Not only was it the best price on the net with the use of a savings code but my order got to my house In Maryland in less than 3 days. Also the customer service is impeccable and over all I completely recommend this site to anyone looking to find high quality authentic vaporizer for less, Personal Thanks to Tyler!

  • cynthiacoons

    This is an excellent product.Well made and efficient. Dont hesitate to purchase if u want to try a vaporizer.

  • kevinstmarys

    Mighty to the Max

    Mighty Indeed! A top shelf device device that delivers the goods. Excellent vape quality and taste. Pro’s – solid device and build quality, on device controls, long battery life, easy cleaning, excellent vapor quality & taste. Con’s – a bit bulky if looking for a travel device, does not stand upright, after market cases are available, but seems like this should have been included with the product and independent charger, not standard micro USB so just an added piece of gear.

    Really nothing to say but a great product that delivers high quality vapor. Own both the Crafty & Mighty, the Mighty is the go to device for it’s ease of use and quality. Crafty is best suited for travel and discretion. If there could be only one, Mighty would be the chosen one. As always great service from To The Cloud Vapor Store, quick shipping, excellent protective packaging and the added bonus of the C-Vault container.

  • Colin

    I LOVE the mighty. Hands down best vape I’ve used to date. Can’t wait for more S & B products!!

  • Lani


    Love my mighty best vape I’ve ever used

  • andre

    100 percent satisfied.

    I was familiar with both the digital and analog Volcanos. I prefer the way the mighty hits . Not having a capture bag prevents your hit from getting a semi staleness to it. Very impressed with it all the way around. Nothing bad to say about it at all . I wish I had more great things to say about it, it deserves all the praise. and since there happened to be a 15% coupon included in the packaging I think I know what is happening this Christmas!

  • Rob P

    It’s as good as they say!

    I bought the PAX 3 about 2 months ago at a local shop. Pretty new to vaping so a little learning curve, NBD. I’m pleased with it over all, but still second guessing my purchase, I continued to read reviews, and you rarely read anything bad about the Mighty. When I happened upon To the Cloud and saw the trial period offer, that tipped the scale. I was still guilting over the purchase until the Mighty arrived and I used it. That guilt is long gone! The PAX is sexy, discreet, well built, great battery, quick heat up, and good vapor. The Mighty, not so sexy, not so discreet, but it just works! Well built, great vapor and very cool. Also, stays cool in your hand during a session. The Mighty is as advertised!

    Let’s put it this way, “The PAX 3 is the beautiful girl you love to take out on Friday night. The Mighty is the girl you go home to.”

  • Stan

    Trade in and Purchase

    Great place to trade and purchase from. Traded in 2 vaporizers and used the money to purchase Mighty. Taylor handled the whole thing from trade in to purchase and delivery of the Mighty. The Mighty is by far the best vaporizer IMO. Big clouds, great taste and cool vapor, never hot. Easy to use. The whole transaction from start to finish was handled perfectly. Great place to deal with. The experience was so good, I purchased another vape from Tyler.

  • Randy Howe

    A Must Have

    If you want to do this right then you must get this. This is just wonderful.
    Loved it so much that I bought a Crafty for my wife so I don’t have to share!
    These things are very well engineered and manufactured.
    I Love My MIGHTY!

  • Charlie

    Forgot to mention…..

    Forgot to mention in my review below of the Mighty- I love the C-Vault and Boveda humidty pack too! I didn’t think I’d care about that, just nice that they throw that in along with the Mighty. But after getting it, seems like a cool storage unit, and I like the idea of the humidty control also. I think I am convinced to get more of the humidty packs, for any containers I might use. Thanks for the useful add-on!
    ps- get yourselves a stand to go with your MIghty also. I did already. S&B should include one, or have made the bottom flat- what were those German engineers thinking/smoking??

  • Charlie

    To The Cloud + Mighty = 🙂

    My first portable vaporizer- Great choice. Loving the Mighty so far. Love to recommend To The Cloud also! Quick responses, good service- good people. I was looking for the best vapor, ease of use, reliability, easy maintenance- the Mighty is a good choice. I have a desktop vape- don’t know if it will get much use anymore. As a previous smoker, I am enjoying vaping. This is a great unit for my purposes- around the house, in the yard- throw it in a backpack or bring to a friends- excellent not to have to combust, or be tied down to a cord! Not a stealth unit, but that’s not the goal.

  • Timothy Kern

    From Olyone

    Simply the best… Cool vapor at 400 degree. Small, with long lasting batteries, easy to load, clean and using is a pleasure.
    Why spend almost as much for hot vapors, small batteries and hard to clean smaller vaporizer, it’s not as good, yes you do get what you pay for…so get yours, and enjoy.

  • katie.wolud22

    I’m going to the cloud

    Got my Mighty from To the Cloud now I am the one going to the cloud. I enjoy lounging by the pool with my Mighty vaporizer. I wish it were a bit smaller but did read the Crafty battery life is not that good. I’m a lazy stoner chica and charging vaporizers is just not for me. I love the long battery life of the Mighty and the vapor is just the bees knees

  • footforce87

    Great vape and service

    Good guys here, rapid responses and amazing vapes. Bought a Volcano from these guys too and it’s also the bomb!

  • simon.bolivar987

    My Review

    The Mighty is just great , out of the box this thing is working wonders. My wife likes it a bit too much as well. It works great for us both. I was on the fence about vapor and spending this much money , but I found a coupon code online and researched the return policy of this shop.

  • John

    outstanding portable vaporizer

    wow, is this thing impressive. It’s a handful, not a miniature portable vaporizer. It heats up quickly; the digital guide lets you select temperatures. Draw is smooth, even, & full, almost as full as the Volcano Digital vape machine by the same company, the gold standard for vaporizers. The Mighty doesn’t hold as much medicine as the Volcano does, of course, but the quality & smoothness are close to identical.

    I want to say a word too about service. The order was shipped & received quickly. This is my second significant purchase from TOTHECLOUD, and I’m impressed by the extraordinary customer service the store provides. If you’re older and getting into medical cannabis after decades away, they’re an extraordinary source of advice. They’re great, and they have really earned the confidence that you can place in them.

  • Paul.stanley22

    Mighty Fine Vape

    Well I’m sure someone has used my corny line before but this thing is just that. I called in and spoke with a fine young gentleman and said I’ve been smoking for 35 years and I only want the best. He recommended the Mighty and here I sit happy as can be. Thank you

  • Geoff

    To the Cloud Rocks

    Got my Mighty fast, So far it is the best vaporizer I have ever tried

  • Landry

    List of words

    WOW, AMAZING, LOVE. My friends are all getting the Mighty vaporizer now after me showing off mine.

  • Megan

    I am sold

    The trial period sold me , until the vaporizer arrived, then I was sold all over again. The Mighty is awesome.

  • Chad

    Mighty was the right choice

    Came across the blog on the one vaporizer to pick if I could only have one. They weren’t lying this was it. Fast ship, great customer service and a free storage vault !!! Buying all my vapes here.

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