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Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer

4.48 out of 5
4.7 out of 5
26 Reviews


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Arizer | To the Cloud Vapor Store


An upgrade of the well received original Arizer Solo vaporizer, the Solo 2 Vaporizer features a new LED screen, precision temperature controls, almost three hours of battery life, and put out high-quality vapor that you’ve come to expect from Arizer. Much like the original Arizer, the Arizer Solo 2 was designed to be an easy around the house portable vaporizer for dry herb vaping, and while it may not be the flashiest or sleekest looking device out there, it is a mainstay being one of the most popular portable vaporizers on the market.

  • Build

    Arizer designed the Solo 2 with a slimmer profile that feels much nicer in your hand than the original Solo did. it’s sturdy in your hand, while the Solo 2’s durable feel definitely makes this a workhouse vaporizer. The Arizer Solo 2 is only made better by the glass draw, which is paired alongside a stainless-steel herb chamber which work together to provide amazing vapor.

  • Function

    The Solo 2 features an upgraded battery pack that can heat the unit significantly faster than the original Arizer Solo. reaching the maximum temperature of 428F in roughly 30 seconds. While the Solo 2 does have some elements of convection, it primarily uses conduction when heating the herb in the chamber resulting in great pulls in both an easy and intuitive manner.

  • Session

    The Solo II features a newly designed digital display that uses easy to use button controls that allow you to both customize your vaporizer and personalize your session. Without a doubt, this is a session vape for sure. The Solo 2 can be filled to the brim for 10 plus pulls, or you can pack in a little bit if you just want to micro-dose a hit or two. Either way, it’s a purely personalized experience that you can change up incredibly easily.

What's in the box

Comes with

  • Arizer SOLO 2 Vaporizer
  • 2 x Borosilicate Glass Aroma Tubes
  • Glass Ground Connection
  • Stirring Tool
  • Wall Charger
  • Carrying Pouch
  • Sample Lavender
  • Instructions


  • Don't Reinvent the Wheel

    The Arizer Solo 2 presents itself much like its predecessor, the original Arizer Solo, did. Like its previous incarnation, the Arizer Solo 2 was designed to be an extremely portable household vaporizer and it is intended to be used for savoring your dry materials through high-quality, thick smoke. Arizer sought to add to the savory experience, as the Arizer Solo 2 comes with a potpourri dish that adds an aromatic touch when enjoying your session.

    To get going:
    1. Load your ground herb into the filling compartment of one of the three included glass wands.
    2. Input that into the heating element and turn your Solo 2 on by holding the main power button and top button.
    3. The LED on the unit will begin to count down and begin its heat up once completed.

  • Slight Refinements Improve a Classic

    This model is the second edition of the Arizer Solo. The Arizer Solo 2 design features some impressive improvements. It has improved airflow and battery life, a bright LED screen, and enhanced user customization. This vaporizer was engineered using a borosilicate glass vapor chamber, meaning that it is guaranteed to offer bold, tasteful hits. All and all, these improvements allow for voluminous thick hits, longer battery life, and increased vaping satisfaction. This customization allows you to adjust the temperature of your vape to accommodate any type of flower.

  • Amazing Battery

    The Arizer Solo 2 is designed with a feature that allows you to manually adjust the temperature; As it gets up to 390°F in just 23 seconds with a max temperature of 428°F in roughly 30 seconds. This has to do with the improved battery, which allows the unit to heat up three times faster than the original model. Another convenient feature this device offers is the ability to adjust your temperature settings in increments of one or ten degrees. This is very beneficial because you can find the perfect temperature for any plant material & truly optimize your vaping experience.

  • Simplicity in Design

    There are a few aspects of the Arizer Solo 2 that will remind you of the original Solo. Although the Arizer Solo 2 is carefully crafted with innovative technology and high quality, medical-grade components. This model is also designed to require less maintenance and cleaning than the original. While its slimmer profile & ovular body shape have helped increase the portability and boost the ergonomic design. Without a doubt, the Solo 2 is lightweight, compact, and durable.

    Users can get approximately twenty sessions from each full battery charge, meaning that this unit can easily last you all day. This model ensures that quality is never put second to any other aspect it can offer. It promises to produce full-bodied, aroma filled vapor clouds with every hit and is a great choice for when you are at home or out-and-about.

  • Amazing Texture and Flavor

    One of the best benefits that a glass vapor path can offer is that it keeps your hits cool and pleasant without interfering with the quality of the smoke. The Arizer Solo 2 offers is the capacity for larger, harder hits due to this less restrictive airflow – this device can deliver high-quality, smooth vapor that retains its herbal flavors. The Solo 2 is also compatible with the water filtration attachment, which allows for the dry herb to be moisturized. Resulting in an even more improved quality and taste.

  • Warranty

    The Arizer SOLO 2 comes with Arizer’s two (2) manufacturer warranty. To The Cloud Vapor Store stands behind Arizer’s vaporizers with our own 60 day trial period and lifetime trade-ins for store credit. Please contact us if you have any additional questions concerning the warranty.

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4.48 out of 5
4.7 out of 5
26 Reviews
  • Elizabeth

    While the device itself seems great, To The Cloud sent me the UK version which has an entirety unusable charging cable for the U.S. As soon as I received the order on May 24th, I contacted customer service and they claimed they would send the correct charger. I didn’t receive any follow up email, tracking number, nothing. Two weeks later, still no charging cable. Very bad experience with this company for such an expensive device!

    • Tyler

      Hey Elizabeth ,

      Do apologize for this. The warehouse had a few of these issues and all the correct chargers were sent out. If you can please reach out to and ask for Tyler, I will personally see to you are taken care of and some more for our oversight on this.

  • John Trice

    The Solo II is the real deal. Well made and definitely works as advertised. It is my go to as soon as I get home. Simple and easy to use is why I like it so much. No bells or whistles needed. Just turn it on and rip!!!

    • Tyler

      Just replied to your inquiry, let’s get you taken care of.

  • KBoo

    I like this much better than my Ghost MV1. The easy to control thermostat is allowing me to get much more out of a bowl (vs. the Ghost). Love the smooth taste at 390 temp. Have not had a chance to test the battery life

  • jerry franklin

    That was a very easy transaction, super fast delivery and product performs beyond my expectations

  • Anthony

    My first ever unit like this and I love it! It’s easy and fun to use. Plus it does the job! Can’t forget to mention the great service and quick shipping from the Cloud.

  • JAH

    I’ve had the Arizer Solo 2 for a few weeks. I’m not a heavy user, just a relax-at-night level user. Furthermore, I haven’t been consuming my whole life, just the last few years and I’ve almost never used a combustion method to consume – no joints, bongs, bubblers or glass pipes. I’m an amateur.

    I previously used a G-Pen older model (like the G-Pen Pro) that’s no longer available. It was my first and was pretty happy with it but the cleanup and the charge time were disappointing. After very little use, the in-cap screen would get pretty nasty and was a pain to clean. The oven itself cleaned up ok.

    I then used a Greenhouse Fuse. It’s very similar to the G-pen but had more settings features, but I felt like I wasn’t getting the most from each bowl. It seemed like maybe it wasn’t heating the product fully or evenly whether I used the included dosing canister or put the product directly into the chamber. Maybe I got a bad unit, but it just wasn’t doing the job.

    So I did my hours of research and decided on the Arizer Solo 2.

    The Solo 2 delivers with good flavor, but that’s honestly not important to me.

    It heats up very fast. It produces a reassuring amount of vapor so you can tell it’s working, though not nearly as much as oil pen cartridges do.

    This is NOT a small vaping unit, especially with the glass tube inserted. But I don’t mind because I only use it at home. When I travel, I use vape carts and a small battery.

    I really like the glass tubes with built-in glass “screen.” You don’t have to use a metal screen, even though they include some in the kit. Occasionally this means I’ll get some flower in my mouth when I’m vaping, but it’s not a big deal to me.

    I think the “bowl” is a cool concept… I pack the end of the glass tube (2 included) by just pushing it down on top of the product in my grinder then put the included rubber cap over it until I’m ready to vape. So I can pack both tubes upstairs, put them and the unit into the ridiculous but handy “holster” and take it down to the home theatre and set it aside until I’m ready to consume. When the bowl is spent, I just put the rubber cap back on and stick the tube back into the holster. When i’m ready for cleanup, I just take off the rubber caps, tap out the spent product, brush a little in the end of the tube and put it away. I examine the oven but haven’t seen any sign of accumulation or discoloration. It’s nice how the glass mostly protects the oven from touching the product.

    The best part is knowing that the tube is made of something you can be confident will fully come clean and not somehow chemically react to a solvent. Eventually, the tubes start getting discolored from use and accumulate some stickiness. I soak them in isopropyl alcohol overnight and they come out looking brand new!

    The battery lasts a very very VERY long time. Not just a few sessions in one night, but several nights of a few sessions each. I’m a pretty distracted user, so it’s nice to be able to change to a long shutoff time. Even then, I’ll forget and have to re-heat and it works great without feeling like I wasted any product. I just turn it back on by holding the middle and up buttons for a few seconds until the countdown ends, then hit the up button to start the heating again.

    Unlike other reviewers, I didn’t find the temperature changing function to be super annoying. After all, once you set it at your favorite temp, it remembers, so it’s a few clicks to raise and lower. I generally start somewhere around 400º and tinker up and down from there to experiment.

    Highly recommend!

  • atu

    In the past couple of years, I have tried quite a few of the top selling vaporizers, including the Ghost MV1 (now bankrupt, and good riddance), the Firefly 2+ and the Pax 3. The last two are decent vapes, but the Solo II is the easiest, most efficient and most personalizable of them all.

    I can sip or take long draws; I can set the temperature to the exact degree I want; the only thing I have to clean is the mouthpiece; the battery charge lasts incredibly long; the vapor tasts fantastic; this is the best vape I’ve ever used, and since around 2006, I’ve tried a lot of vaporizers!!!

    Arizer will not go bankrupt, does not overcharge or offer lots of bells and whistles which, in a vaporizer, usually mean much more hassle to take care of, is affordable and I personally love the built-in battery. It’s a brilliantly simple vape–not for “beginners”–but rather, for anyone who wants simplicity and excellent, outstanding, top notch vapor.

  • Joshua Conklin

    Great vaporizer at an amazing price. Durable product with loads of battery life. Awesome vapor and produces tasty herb. Easy cleaning and maintenance.

  • Scott