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14mm Hydratube Water Tool

4.4 out of 5
8 Reviews

  • Connects to any 14mm Male Part
  • Add Water Purification to Any Vaporizer
  • Assists in  Smooth and Strong Hits
  • Cools Vapor Exponentially Faster



14mm Hydratube Water Tool | Vaporizer Water Pipe

Give an added level of smoothness to your vaporizer with this 14mm Hydrotube Water Adapter. The Water tool fits snug on any 14mm adapter you have allowing you to get longer pulls of vapor from your choice of vaporizer purified through water.


Which Vaporizers Does it Work With ? 

The 14mm Hydrotube Water Tool will work with any vaporizer you have a 14mm adapter for. The adapter is not included, but you can see the 14mm water pipe adapter here  for the Mighty and Crafty+  to get a general idea. Another popular adapter option for the 14mm Hydratube is the Davinci IQ which already comes with a raised mouthpiece equipped with a 10mm adapter. From here you can add a modifier to make it 14mm and voila you are golden for some Hydratube action


I Thought Vapor Was Smooth Enough ? 

That is true and when you buy a high end vaporizer you by no means require any additional add ons. The vapor from any of the quality vaporizers we sell is fantastic and stands on it’s own. The Hydrotube water tool adds an extra  level of purification and will drop the temperature of vapor down a notch for those who enjoy to vape at higher temperatures –  Say around 400 (F) plus.  Given the leverage you get in pulling from the Hydratrube water tool you can also get greater clouds from your vaporizer, akin to smoking from a water bubble or bong.


With the Water filtration some flavor can be lost , but this is only slightly noticeable and the benefit of being able to pull longer without any extra harshness on the lungs is a great added benefit especially for those making the transition to vaporizers from glass for health reasons.







4.4 out of 5
8 Reviews
  • wendi

    Never got to use it because the pipe fell out of the bubble wrap in the box and broke.
    It looks like it would have been nice, so maybe I just had bad... luck

    • Tyler

      Hey Wendy ,

      Sending you an email now and will get you out a replacement.

      Thank you

  • throwaway

    almost exactly the same as the f-bomb, but much cheaper. a little shorter/stubbier. perfect replacement. tysm!!

  • throwaway

    Love this piece, very high quality. Got it to replace the much more expensive and hard to find F-Bomb, it’s a perfect replacement (a little shorter & stubbier than the F-bomb but fits the 14mm other piece fine). Amazing price, if it breaks... I’ll def this one again instead of shelling out 2-3x as much for an F-Bomb.

  • Renifer

    I love this water cooler. It loads and empties water quickly and cools smoke fabulously. It requires an adapter, and it slides on and off effortlessly. It it’s all glass and cleans easily. The best part is that I am not... coughing anymore, and that’s everything to me. It’s thick glass, so I am not worried about dropping it as much as my smaller, thinner mini water pipe. This is the right size and shape. I love it. I highly recommend this device for cooling smoke and saving your throat and lungs from high heat.

  • George

    This is exactly like “F” Bomb and Pinnacle, only one inch longer and a little larger opening inside at the top that I think is more comfortable on the lips. Seems to be thick glass and works as well as either of the other two.... Best part is that it is available here and now at a fair price. Also the whole purchasing experience was top notch 10 out of 10.
    I got two of these on my order and might order another one soon just in case I go on a drop and break spree. I already broke one of each other brands mentioned above in the last three years. They are GLASS after all…

  • kevinstmarys

    A great product that bridges the gap from traditional bubblers to modern vaporizers. Easy to clean and use, no problems with filling to the perfect level. Delivers a smooth and flavorful vapor, less harsh and hot than a direct vape. Enjoy being... able to pull and clear the vapor chamber for long puffs or short pops. Quick shipping and great protective packaging.

  • Thinktank420

    Cools vapor for a smoother experience! Load the 14mm adapter to the screen with a S&B capsule or ground herb for a larger chamber

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