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Venty, Crafty & Mighty Mini Bubbler

5 out of 5
1 Reviews
  • 3rd Party Bubbler
  • Compatible with any Crafty or Mighty Vaporizer
  • Small and Lightweight
  • Enhances Vapor Purity


Venty, Mighty & Crafty Mini Bubbler

The mini bubbler makes it so you don’t need to have your own water pipe and adapter to enjoy added water purification with your Mighty or Crafty+ Vaporizer. The mini bubbler is compatible with both the Mighty and Crafty+ and at only 4 inches in height and 1.4 ounces will make added purification to your Storz & Bickel portable vaporizers a breeze. The Crafty/Mighty mini bubbler is comprised of durable rubber and glass.

To use the mini bubbler , fill 1/4 of the way with water and twist it on top of your Mighty or Crafty as you would the 14mm water pipe adapter or Cooling unit.








5 out of 5
1 Reviews
  • Robert

    I was sceptical at first but since I was offered this as a replacement to an out of stock piece valued at 50% less than this I quickly said yes! I’m very happy I did! Who would have guessed such a miniscule amount of water... could provide such vapor cooling power! I benefit greatly from this bubbler as I like to sometimes vaporize cbd which can at times be more harsh at higher temps, this mini bubbler can practically eliminate the harshness on most strains. Utilizing the mini bubbler with top quality American grown herb takes you to another level! The Mighty+ vaporizer paired with this piece is my go to set up when I need a quick, cool vape session, much easier that using a water pipe adapter for me! I highly recommend this accessory to anyone looking to add water cooling to their vape sessions, cheers!

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