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Mighty Sidecar Bubbler

4.5 out of 5
2 Reviews
  • 3rd Party Storz & Bickel Accessory
  • Compatible with Mighty & Mighty+
  • Borosilicate Glass and Silicone Rubber
  • Enhance Purification of Vapor


Mighty Sidecar Bubbler | Storz & Bickel 3rd Party Accessories

Enhance vapor production and soothe texture with the Mighty Sidecar bubbler for sale at To the Cloud Vapor Store. The Mighty Sidecar Bubbler is a 3rd Party Storz & Bickel accessory specifically designed for the Mighty and Mighty+. Can it function well with the Crafty+ ? Yes and no. While it will work with the Crafty+ adapter. The top heavy nature will make it a bit harder to handle on the smaller Crafty device.

The Mighty Sidecar bubbler will give you enhanced purity over even the mini bubbler with the longer directional airflow and greater water purification. Add it to your Mighty+ today and never look back.



4.5 out of 5
2 Reviews
  • Papa Indica

    Very nice addition to the Mighty/Mighty+. Makes for an incredibly smooth hit. Far superior to the bubbler attachments that have a plastic connector piece.
    The one thing that I don’t really like is the glass screen that’s built-in on the part that sits in the... rubber connector. (Looks like it was made to work in an Arizer Solo.) Without it, I’d be able to work a piece of paper towel in there to dry it out after cleaning/adding fresh water. Since you can’t get the water out of there some inevitably runs down into the herb, essentially ruining that packing.
    Overall though, a very nice piece, well worth the price.

  • Josh

    Such a great adapter for my Mighty+ absolutely love the cooling effect and how smoothest makes everything.

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