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Boro VapeXNail Tubes

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  • OEM VapeXhale Glass
  • Compatible with the Cloud Evo
  • Required for Concentrates
  • Pack of 5 BorosilicateVapeXNails


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 Cloud Evo Boro VapeXNail™ Tubes | VapeXhale Parts & Accessories

The Boro VapeXNail Tubes are a 5 pack of Borosilicate quartz glass designed for using your Cloud Evo Vaporizer with concentrates and oils. Placing a small amount on into the slot of the boro nail and then placing inside the Cloud Evo when it is ready gives hardy concentrate draws that deliver extra heady when delivered via water filtration.

If you are looking to add an additional element to your Cloud Evo game with more than just herb, the Boro nails are a must have and come with free shipping from To the Cloud Vapor Store



No ratings yet

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