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Peak Pro Travel Glass

5 out of 5
1 Reviews
  • OEM Puffco Glass
  • Compatible with Peak and Peak Pro
  • Easy Twist Open / Close Top
  • Features Locking Mechanism
  • Composed of Borosilicate Glass


 Peak Pro Travel Glass | Puffco Parts & Accessories

The Puffco Peak Pro Travel Glass , lets you prefill your Puffco Peak with water and take it on the go so it is ready if you are out and about and not near a water source. It does this with a patented closure system to ensure water stays in when closed and let’s you fill, inhale and empty water when opened.

Easy to use the Puffco Peak Travel Glass functions as a replacement Puffo Peak glass as well. It is made from the same OEM borosilicate glass that comes with the Puffco Peak.


*It is important to not fill the travel glass while attached to the base. Do ensure that your travel glass is not leaking by flipping it upside down before locking and transport. Water damage to the Puffco Peak base is not covered under Puffco’s warranty 




5 out of 5
1 Reviews
  • Tom

    Okay I have the pros and cons for the puffco travel glass. The pros , the thick glass that you have come to expect from puffco, a snug fitting water tight cap on top that draws fine and it allows for a bit more water.... Cons you will have to clean it a bit more often. The weep holes in the inner stem get clogged up under heavy duty circumstances . Other than that five stars they should all come with this glass I love it have no problem cleaning it more often it’s worth it. Yes I would buy it again and will buy it again for my other eggs. Don’t be sitting on that fence just go get it.

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