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Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer

5.00 out of 5
5 out of 5
14 Reviews




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Arizer | To the Cloud Vapor Store


The Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer boasts a refined LED display and faster heat up times that the original Air with a removable 18650 battery. Better by Design the Air 2 Vaporizer delivers excellent vapor in a well built lightweight portable vaporizer that avoids complication

  • Build

    The Arizer Air is well made of an outer alloy , with a stainless steel chamber, and ceramic heating element which delivers vapor through a glass pathway. All the materials of the Arizer Air 2 ensure clean and healthy vapor delivery

  • Function

    The Arizer Air 2 is mainly a conduction vaporizer with the herb touching the stainless steel heating element. There is a slight element of convection as the herb will also heat via the heat transfer of the glass touching the heating element

  • Session

    Ideal for personal sessions for those who want a 5- 7 hits clean hits in a single session but don’t want to be held down with a bulky unit or stuck on the couch. The Arizer Air 2 delivers bountiful hits and is very user friendly, but not the best for throwing in your pocket and heading on a hike.

What's in the box

Comes with

  • Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer
  • 18650 Battery
  • USB Charger
  • 2 x Glass Mouthpieces
  • Potpourri Dish
  • Carrying Case
  • 4 x Screens
  • Potpourri Blend
  • Instructions


  • Intuition & Quality

    One of the things we loved about the Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer was the set up of the vaporizer in the packaging and  ease of use out of the box. Opening up the Air 2 Vaporizer everything is laid out perfectly with an instruction manual that gives you easy to follow step by step instructions on getting to go with your Air 2 vape. The Arizer Air 2 unit itself is very intuitive


  • Using the Arizer Air 2

    To turn on the Air 2 press the “m” and “-”  consecutively. You will see a countdown from the display. Once this counts down, your unit is on and will start heating up. For a higher or lower heat just hit the up or down button.

    You can go back later and adjust the rest of the setting on your unit such as the LED brightness and noise notifications.



    The glass draw stems are equally intuitive and easy to begin usage. Scoop in your ground herb to the end of your glass draw and place that in the heating element. Do make sure to ground your herb sufficiently and not to pack to tight.



    Once your unit hits your desired temperature begin pulling for some tasty and robust vapor. Since all Arizer vaporizers double as potpourri warmers the temperature range varies from the low 200s all the way to 430 degrees (F)

  • Upgrading from the Original Air

    Why improve on the Classic Arizer Air vaporizer ? The Arizer Air 2 delivers the same quality vapor but with refinements in an LED display to hone in on exact temperature, a higher powered 18650 removable battery and better fitting glass draw stems. In essence the build is a bit more sturdy with upgrades that make the user experience more enjoyable.

  • The Best Bang For Your Buck

    Arizer leads the way with well priced vaporizers. With the Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer for sale at only $179.99 it is one of the best priced portable herbal vaporizers on the market given it’s quality.

    Another aspect which adds to the value of the Arizer Air 2 vaporizer is going to be it’s herb conservation qualities. On a fully loaded glass stem at 390 degrees (F) you can get 12 + quality draws. Even better the herb bakes evenly in the glass stems on both the Arizer Air 2 and Arizer SOLO 2 Vaporizers. This means no mid session stirs and no need to fill your chamber totally full for optimal results.

Arizer air 2 portable herb vaporizer




5.00 out of 5
5 out of 5
14 Reviews
  • Stephen

    What can I say! I love it!

  • Wooddoggie Dog

    Excellent product and the service is always top knotch! Tyler is very knowledgeable and helpful. Best online store on the Internet. Great prices as well!

  • Blake

    Took a day to figure it out but using the straw method to pack has given me a new outlook on this vape. Flavor is absolutely amazing. I use mine at least 5 times a day and it’s held up very well over the past... month or so. I love the fact I can make a gram of high quality dispensary flower last a whole day with this, compared to smoking all of it up in one blunt like my friends. Overall I’d say this vape is now saving me money, purely because of the fact that you only need to pack a point at a time. I sandwich in a booger of live resin to top off the headspace, being a veteran toker. I also pair mine with the stealthy black stem when out and about, which I highly recommend to stave off the dirty looks clear glass can bring . I look forward to many more purchases from both this site, as customer service is very caring and top notch, willing to do anything to help. Thanks for reading, stay safe

  • Arsenio King

    Great product great service from this company

  • Brock Reid

    Quickly shipped, as described and i like the vape a lot. Arizer is a solid brand.

  • H

    I would do business with To the Cloud again; they were always fast answering email, they offered a great price on a new Air II, and it shipped quickly.

  • PghPoet

    Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer Review
    To The Cloud Vapor Store has the best new/resale options. I went re-sale and was not disappointed with the service or the Arizer Air 2.
    After a look at all the herb vapes, the Air was my choice. ... Excellent. Clean flavored hits. Go up and down the temps with each bowel. You will find that sweet spot . . . and then search again.
    The only way to enjoy a good smoke.

  • Sam Brussow

    Yet another rave review for the air 2 is not necessary i don’t think. I’d rather focus on the fact i was able to save $50 by purchasing a refurbished unit. Refurbished it comes with everything Of course the box was opened before, but aside... from visible but very minimal honey residue on the bottom of the mouthpiece stem, everything appeared brand new. There was no odor of course at all. Customer supoort for the cloud was great, they couldn’t get my request to change the shipping address done in time but were very prompt to addressing both my questions and sending the vaporizor. I absolutely love it, i had the air 1 2-3 years ago but only a somewhat short time. This new version makes multiple improvements mostly boiling down to the addition of a screen, better battery life, specific temp control, and overall build quality. How sturdy and well constructed the air 1 was pushed me to spend about twice what my other option was, i do not regret it.

  • D W

    I own two dry herb vaporizers and I’m a seller of liquid-type advanced personal vaporizers since 2012. Based on my prior experiences and two weeks with my new Arizer Air 2 vaporizer, I can say this is a top of the line unit. Well designed... and well executed with excellent fit and finish. It’s light weight, well balanced, very comfortable to use and remains comfortable to the touch when in use. It’s dirt simple to operate and has many useful features but without a load of fancy malarkey that is fundamentally useless to me. One nice feature is it sounds a soft beep when the timed heating cycle ends notifying me it’s time to restart it or put it away. It’s compact and heats quickly but portability and instant heating aren’t a priority for me since I only use it at home while relaxing. For daytime and out of the house use, I stick with my much more docile ho’made canna-liquids in temperature controlled vaporizers for liquid.

    One of my favorite things about the Air 2 is the power supply. It does not have a proprietary, integral battery that will eventually die, requiring a major pain of a repair job or reassignment to paperweight duty. Instead, it requires an easily replaceable 18650 battery you can pop in and our by removing a finely designed end cap.

    The Air 2 comes with a very good Panasonic battery of around 3400 mAh but I’ve been using one of my previously charged 2500 mAh Samsung INR18650 batteries. It’s generally gets 10-15 minutes of daily usage and I connect it to one of the computers with an unused cable. This recharges the battery fairly quickly but for instant turnaround you’ll want to have another battery ready to go. Even though I’ve only plugged it in three times since it arrived, the lowest recharge meter reading I’ve seen was 49%.

    A nice thing about the 18650-based system is if you go where there is no power at all, all you need to bring is enough extra batteries. Another nice thing is it has the potential to live forever since it will never die from failure of the weak link, a proprietary non-replaceable battery. The package also includes a very good 110v to USB charger.

    The glass stem that plugs directly into the chamber is great. Simply load your medicine into the end of the draw tube and plug it into the oven chamber. Quick and clean and easy. Fully crampacked, the stem will hold around  150 mg but it functions perfectly well with 50 mg. I generally load 100-125 mg into it. The first puffs from a load taste absolutely amazing. You can continue puffing until you extract every bit of goodness and it never tastes bad. Vaporization ends quickly when the power is turned off and even quicker when the stem is pulled so you really need not waste a thing with this system.

    My Air 2 also came with a nice bonus gift. An Aerospaced grinder. It has some minor shortcomings but I do enjoy using it. It works rather nicely.

    To The Cloud is a great and safe store to patronize. When I received an email from the store with a request for a review of my purchase, I noticed the price had been reduced from the price I paid at the first of the month. I sent email and asked Tyler if he would match his own better price for me. Indeed he did and I used some of the proceeds to buy the one inch longer glass draw stem for the Solo 2 to have it available for my Air 2. Very much appreciated.

    Bottom line is I highly recommend the store and this simple, effective and economical Arizer Air 2 vaporizer. If you value your medicine, the Air 2 will help you extract maximum value from your investment. I fully expect it to provide excellent service for a very long time.

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