Firefly 2+ Plus Vaporizer

4.44 out of 5
4.7 out of 5
18 Reviews

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Ladies and Gentlemen, we have liftoff. The new Firefly 2+ Plus  has arrived at To the Cloud Vapor Store – The only retailer with trial periods and lifetime exchanges for store credit. The Firefly 2 Plus boasts improved airflow and performance and improved firmware. The Firefly 2+ also has a borosilicate glass vapor path and a removable mouthpiece with a particulate filter giving some of the tastiest vapor in the game today.

  • Build

    the Firefly 2+ Plus  is constructed of a Magnesium Alloy body and a Borosilicate Glass Vapor Path & Bowl. The Firefly 2+  is built with excellent quality and craftsmanship –  Designed by Mark Williams , a former Apple design and product engineer

  • Function

    Dynamic convection provides the tastiest vapor on the planet in a matter of three seconds flat and ensures you get just the right amount of effect

  • Session

    The Firefly 2+ Plus provides on demand vapor with the push of a button. A suave experience to be enjoyed like a fine wine. Pick it up and put it down as you see fit

What's in the box

Comes with

  • Firefly 2+ Plus
  • Charging Dock
  • USB Cable
  • 770 MaH Battery
  • Liquid/ Concentrate Pad


  • On Demand, No One Does it Better

    The Firefly 2+ Plus Vaporizer is ready to use upon arrival. Being the best on-demand vaporizer on the market today, the Firefly 2+ requires one to simply input the herbal blend or extract of their choice, hit the heat button and enjoy some of the best-flavored vapor in only a matter of seconds via a glass lined vapor path. This is what on-demand vapor is all about – it’s ready when you are.

  • Stylish and Easy to Use

    The Firefly 2+ Plus arrives in an Apple-esque package with the top of the unit easily removed. You are best grinding up your herb coarsely and filling the chamber 3/4 to all the way full. The different temperature profiles can be selected from your app and with the higher heat setting producing larger clouds of vapor and the lower settings being more mellow and resulting in reduced throat agitation. The Firefly 2+ app gives you control over your session from 200 (F°) all the way up to  500 (F°) degrees with the flick of a wrist. The Firefly 2 Plus will make you a believer that a vaporizer has finally made concentrates taste as good as herbs – take a look for yourself under our reviews tab.

  • Refining a Classic

    The team over at Firefly was focused on revamping the Firefly 2+ Vaporizer to do what the Firefly 2 did, but better. Get the best flavor in the game with the press of a button and enjoy the portable convenience of the Firefly 2+ with the added reassurance of protecting yourself from combusted material.

  • Dynamic Convection

    What sets the Firefly 2+ Plus vaporizer apart from the competition is its on-demand dynamic convection heating. As you draw from your Firefly 2+ the temperature increases throughout your draw to vaporize the active ingredients of your plant across a spectrum culminating in hitting your desired temp.  The result is no waste and the best flavor around.


  • Firefly 2 Plus Updated App and Firmware

    While the Firefly 2+ is an on-demand unit, you are best playing around with the smartphone app to find your desired temperature and calibration. The Firefly 2+ Plus utilizes the smart phone app  optimizing your sessions and will always let you know when new firmware is available.

    ***Do make sure you have a smartphone before purchasing the Firefly 2+. While you can change the temperature directly on the Firefly 2+ Plus unit , it is not ideal *** 

  • Improved Airflow

    The Firefly 2+ Plus boasts an improved airflow system allowing you to get award winning vapor with greater ease.

  • warranty & trial period

    The Firefly 2+ comes with 2 (two) year  manufacturer warranty. To the Cloud Vapor Store also offers a 60 day trial period and lifetime trade ins for store credit to ensure your satisfaction.


4.44 out of 5
4.7 out of 5
18 Reviews
  • David Weld

    My first dry herb vaporizer was a Pulsar APX 2. It was convenient, cheap, and used convection heating, but the mouthpiece got very hot. Next I tried the Pulsar Flow — also convection, also inexpensive. it produced lovely, cool, reasonably tasty vapor. Unfortunately, before too long the built-in battery lost its ability to maintain a charge for a full bowl. So I turned to the Arizer Air II, which was elegant, performed well, had an interchangeable battery, and could be set very precisely. However, one fall onto a wood floor from 15 inches up broke the display.

    So here I am with a new Firefly 2+, which has the unique ability to raise its temperature continuously during the draw. This enables it to deliver all of the available types of terpenes in each hit, to powerful effect. It operates on demand, which saves flower. It is a bit expensive, but way cheaper than the Firefly 2; the pure convection vapor is always cool and tastes amazing. The proprietary battery charges fast and holds its charge well (and can be replaced); it’s a trifle awkward to hold but only at first; it can’t tip over; it has no LCD to break (and can be operated by phone). Overall I’m quite pleased, although it’s the first vaporizer I’ve owned that requires an occasional stir to maximize extraction, but you can’t have everything. I hope it’s reliable.

  • Ish Kabibble

    Aside from growing pains on temperature and how hard to inhale, it’s a wonderful vape. Wish it had better battery, but I guess another battery or 2 will alleviate any worry.

    Store/customer service is 2nd to none!

  • Stacey Rambo

    My purchase from The Cloud Vapor Store.. was smooth, easy and pleasant. If I had questions I was met with answers immediately and made the transaction great.. my product was shipped almost immediately. And I love my FF2+ its so smooth and super easy to use.
    Thank you

  • Pam

    My Firefly 2+ is just what I needed. I researched devices in my quest for the most suitable vaporizer and then looked for the best price available. I am a non-smoker and a new medical cannabis patient. Smoking is not allowed in my state and I have no inclination to do so. I’d never vaped before getting my card. I did not like the taste or experience of the vape pen with a replaceable oil-filled cartridge that I tried first. I used an old Snoop Dog vape pen for my first flower purchase and I absolutely hated it.

    I had a lot of devices recommended to me from a local med cann FB community and I went through each one until I ruled them all out except the FF2+. I am very pleasantly surprised. It delivers flavor and a mouth feel, but doesn’t hurt my throat or fill my lungs with uncomfortable clouds of vape or smoke. I haven’t coughed once with the FF2+.

    I love that it’s on demand. Patients need the ability to take a dose and put it down without my product burning away. This is the perfect solution for me. It’s easy to regulate and stay at the lowest effective my dose or incrementally increase the dose.

    I am a lightweight and I intend to remain that way. I am hopeful that Apple will allow the FF app to be available again so I have that additional tool to use my FF2+.

    I’d never done business with TTCVS before this purchase. Besides having the best price, the second important selling factor for purchasing here was the complimentary grinder/shredder. I needed to get one anyway. I’m impressed with how sturdy this freebie is. It does a delightful job.

    TTCVS was prompt in shipping my product with no charge. The tracking let me watch exactly where it was. I will come back to TTCVS for future purchases.

    I made a YouTube review of the FF2+

  • Ken

    Shout out to the cloud I enjoyed first class customer service.The firefly 2 plus is my first vape and I wish I would of picked one up along time ago.I use it all the time for micro dosing and it works perfectly and its easy to use.Once you get used to it you can get really big clouds of vapor as well.5 stars!

  • Kim

    Ive had only one vape previously, snoop dogg. Firefly 2+ really outshines. So easy to use, even for a beginner. Nice cloud. Great taste.

  • tyler

    Nice. I had the original version of the firefly and it was a good vape, probably the best flavor of any portable vape I’ve used but it had a few major issues such as the narrow channels getting clogged easily and its large size/weight.

    FF2+ has fixed all the issues with the original design and added a bunch of nice new features. If you’re looking for a portable on-demand pure convection vape you won’t be dissapointed with the FF2+.

    The only minor flaw the FF2 still has is that you do have to stir the bowl in order to get everything out of the chamber efficiently.. but its not really a huge issue. And the firefly is amazing with concentrates, definitely one of the best vapes for that purpose.

  • SR

    Battery was defective on arrival and it will takes the Firefly company weeks to replace it. Not exactly the premium vape experience I was expecting.

    • Tyler

      Hey Sean,

      Sorry to hear about your experience. In the future if it’s just a minor part replacement you can reach out to us and we will gladly take care of it for you. Thanks again for your business and sorry for your hassle with the Firefly 2 Plus

  • J.R. Barbe

    So glad i found this store! Ive owned a FF2 for a little over s year but it finally stopped working. So i needed a replacement and the 3’s are not available yet, so i ordered one from some other place turned up they were out of stock. So then i found to the cloud and tyler called me back after leaving a message that same eve. Put one aside and just very satisfied with ordering from such knowledgeable people.

    Product came fast and he even thru in something extra on the side.

    When the FF3 comes to market back to the cloud we go!

    More businesses should conduct themselves as the cloud does. And I believe its the only store that offers a payment plan! Kudo’s to the cloud!

  • Bobo

    FF2 vs. Crafty

    I got a FF2 to replace a out of warranty Crafty that ended up dying from most likely a faulty battery. I’ve only owned the FF2 for a couple weeks now but have had no problems with it. Every vaporizer comes with pros and cons, but overall I’m satisfied with what the FF2 offers. It doesn’t produce as thick vapor as the Crafty and requires stirring, but still manages to get decent vapor.

    I’d say the biggest pro for me is the on demand hits. With the Crafty, you have to finish a whole bowl in one sitting, which can be overwhelming if you’re alone. The FF2 lets you take single hits within a few seconds. Both use convection heating so flavor is relatively the same. The FF2’s initial hits taste a little better I think, but after a few the flavor kinda balances out like drinking two similar style beers by different brewers.

    Cleaning the FF2 is really easy and might possibly be the easiest vape to clean if not for the silicon seal on the lid, which can lose its adhesion if too much isopropyl alcohol seeps between the crevices.

    The battery doesn’t last as long as advertised, but that’s my experience with the Crafty as well. The FF2 has a removable battery though, which is a huge advantage over the Crafty. I’ve never really had any issues since I usually charge the FF2 between hits.

    In terms of stealth, the Crafty has the advantage over the FF2 because the Crafty can turn its LEDs off, doesn’t have a window like the FF2, and you can take a hit with a quick sip once the chamber is heated (takes about 1-2 minutes).

    I used the Crafty and now the FF2 primarily a portable home device and both served me very well. I dealt with Storz and Bickel’s warranty service twice and both times were a very quick and smooth process. I have no experience with FF2’s customer service department yet however, which could be an issue.

    I was on the fence between another Storz and Bickel product, or the FF2. Ultimately the on-demand convection heating and removable battery was what led me to settle on the FF2. Stealth isn’t an issue for me. If I only owned the FF2 I would be satisfied using it only, but If I manage to repair my Crafty I would definitely use it in conjunction. FF2 for if I want a small buzz while doing stuff, and the Crafty if I want to share with friends or get blasted by myself.

    Definitely use the FIREFLY20 discount code if you decided on the FF2. Thanks Charles!

  • Steven warren

    One year with the Firefly 2

    First off Thanks Cloud Vapor,you people are truly the BEST to do business with!! After one year of use I have not experienced any problems whatsoever with my Ff2, even the Ff2 App that used in conjunction (if you want to use) is actually helpful and not a gimmick.Top choice if your really looking for full flavor, but there is a small learning curve to master in making sure your top seal is set. Once you get the method down(which is take a test draw before heating,if the draw is totally free flow without some slight pluggish then adjust lid) you’ll ditch combustion and Vape only. The 9 different strains I have all singularly stand out with this unit, very impressive and recommend to the serious consumer, a real favorite here in Humboldt.

  • Steve

    Best authorized Firefly retailer

    Good product from Firefly; great price and customer service from To The Cloud!

  • Charles

    Great vaporizer at a great price!

    Absolutely the best vaporizer at the lowest price on the market.
    Though listed @ $329., using To The Cloud FIREFLY20 coupon code, the final price drops to $263.
    This vaporizer pays for itself in no time.

  • Maxim


    I did not expect such a fast delivery to my far-away country on the other side of the planet, but by Christmas (just 2 weeks later) I had already kept a desired box with the Firefly 2 with excellent gift (Aerospaced Grinder). This device leaves a WOW-effect in everything. Premium packaging, premium materials, premium taste… It is simple and effective as AK-47 :), but with its own eco/herbs style (new wood covers is amazing). Apple-design in everything and it’s cool, attention to detail is everywhere.
    In the total I think this is the best one of the fully convection vaporisers on the market today.

  • Leslie

    Tasty good stuff

    I like it , newly minted vapor fan

  • Christina

    This vape takes the cake

    I was a bit frustrated at first but after some trial and error and calling in and speaking with Tyler who was an absolute god send I got the Firefly 2 purring like a kitten. Thank you To the Cloud and thank you Tyler , you rock I love my vape and will be sending all my friends here.

  • Chase

    Firefly 2 is the real deal

    Really enjoying my Firefly 2

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