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Firefly 2 shines bright

Trouble with Your Firefly 2 Vaporizer and need Help ?

Trouble with Your Firefly 2 Vaporizer and Need Help? 

Find out What Makes The Firefly 2 Tick  and Follow these Expert Tips for Amazing Results

The Firefly 2 has been rated as one of the best new portable vaporizers currently on the market, but with that it also has been said it requires a bit of finesse and use to get the hang of it. People call it the vaporizer with the highest learning curve – Finicky.

definition; showing or requiring great attention to detail.


What makes the Firefly 2 Finicky ?

The Firefly 2 was released in early 2016 and here a few months in to 2017 it remains one of the top selling portable vaporizers on the market, even at the $329 price point.


What make it one of the best portable vaporizers are its’ quality grade materials, on demand use, convection heating and overall  great flavor the Firefly 2 offers. The latter being much better than what is out right now.


While it is one of the best sellers and has received praises from the top vape experts, a few customers are sharing their experiences about the difficulty of use –  saying they are unable to get consistent draws, find the right temperature or are experiencing too much draw resistance.Well if you are having trouble with your Firefly 2 you came to the right spot. We are going to go over what makes the Firefly 2 a tad more user responsive than the rest and what you can do to optimize your Firefly 2 vapor experience.


So what makes the Firefly 2 more difficult to use than the other portable vaporizers in the same realm  (PAX 3, DaVinci IQ, Crafty) ?


Finding your perfect temperature – The Firefly 2 operates via on demand heating. When you press the heat activation button(s) the Firefly 2 will reach your set temp (which you select via the app) and in a matter of seconds, where it will remain until the 30 second auto shut off takes over. Letting it go turns the heat off right away.  So the common issue becomes, how long do I need to hold the heat buttons down ?

  • HIGH 420°F
  • MEDIUM HIGH (Default) 400°F
  • MEDIUM 380°F
  • MEDIUM LOW 360°F
  • LOW 340°F

Another issue faced with the Firefly 2 is the lack of a temperature read out. You don’t know what exact temperature you are vaping your herbs at. While the color guide above shows the temperature of each Firefly 2 heat setting, when you let go and re-trigger you are causing temps to drop and re-elevate. The temperature is always shifting in an on demand vape. This on demand heating method preserves your plant material, but you want to make sure your plants have been heated long enough before you begin your draw.

Mighty vaporizer temperature readout
Mighty vaporizer temperature readout


TIP #1

I personally preheat the the Firefly 2 for a good 10 seconds if on medium to medium high heat and a full 30 seconds on medium low or lower, before I begin to take my initial draw. Yes the Firefly 2 does hit temperature right away,but let’s not forget your plant material is not actually touching the heat source. So while the near instantaneous heat up is a huge plus, you want to make sure that your herb has the opportunity to heat up as well.


Small Vapor Path

Another reason a slower draw is a must is the airflow space of your vapor path. This space is much smaller on the Firefly 2 compared to units which utilize a top screen directly over the herb and have a much larger vapor path.


Firefly 2 vaporizer vapor path
The vapor travels down the body of the Firefly 2 into an opening which feeds into the mouthpiece. When the lid (right) is placed on top the side cushions give enough space for air to flow through, but a very limited amount of airflow.

TIP #2

Draw slow and long to obtain the biggest vapor clouds. Your ideal draw is going to be at least five seconds. If you pull from the Firefly 2 too rapidly it can cause your plant material to shift about and you will not get much vapor. Think of it like trying to get a good sip out of small straw.


Your Grind Matters  –  You want to make sure you have a coarse grind which will allow hot air to pass through your herb. Too fine of a pack and you will encounter draw resistance which will hinder your vapor experience. Some Firefly users have even argued tearing your herbs up by hand is the best way to start out.


TIP # 3

I have found tearing apart my plant by hand works great. However running through a grinder once is probably a tad better. Just use a coarse grind and you will be golden. 



When you pack your vaporizer with coarse ground material, as is recommended with the Firefly 2, a full pack will cook down and become about ½ to ¾ it’s  initial volume during  the session. If you keep trying to pull on this your results will be muddled. Now this is one of the things that had me calling the Firefly 2 one of the more finicky vaporizers out there, but a  simple stir and repack and you will be on your way. 


TIP #4

Midway through your session remove the top lid of your Firefly 2, stir and repack your herbs. This will have you going to extra mile and getting much more out of your herbs. What is great about the Firefly 2 is that the herb still remains flavorful even after a stir and repack.

 After I stir and repack, I can get another 3-4 good draws from my unit before discarding the the herb. If you have a Mighty or Crafty aid tool they work great and fit the Firefly 2 perfect.


Crafty vaporizer tool with the Firefly 2
Using the Crafty stir tool on the Firefly 2

Pack – As important as a coarse grind is the full pack. Without a full pack you are causing your plant material to shift about and not get appropriate hot air flowing through. This is a huge issue with many other vaporizers with many companies coming out with accessories which hold your herb into place in the chamber when not full up.

Given the Firefly 2 has a  smaller sized chamber and coarse grinds take up more space,  filling it full is not like filling up your DaVinci IQ chamber all the way.


TIP #5

Use the Firefly 2 liquid pad to place over your herb if you do not want to fill the chamber all the way.




At the end of the day the Firefly 2 may have a bit of a higher learning curve from other non-convection and non on demand vaporizers. But the Firefly 2’s on demand convection are going to give you a much better vapor experience.

It is one of my personal favorites for using about the house and yard and the tiny amount of effort in learning how to optimize it for you is well worth the enjoyment and  superior flavor vapor it delivers.

If you haven’t tried one out yet, you should. To the Cloud Vapor Store is happy to offer both new & used Firefly 2 vaporizers with a 60 day trial period and lifetime trade ins for store credit.



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