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troubleshooting Firefly 2+

Troubleshooting Your Firefly 2+ – Firefly Vaporizer Tips, Tricks & Hacks

The Firefly 2+ is one of the top rated portable herb vaporizers currently on the market. Other on demand pure convection vaporizers of this sort have crashed and burned , quickly going out of business for one reason. On demand convection in an herb vaporizer makes it difficult to get quality vapor and when the customer is unable to get good vapor they get angry and do not like your product.

If you have used the Firefly 2+ then you know that it is called “finicky” and  there is a learning curve to nail down to get the most optimal vapor from this unit. And when you do, boy that is some good vapor. Thankfully we have compiled some great Firefly 2+ troubleshooting tips to ensure you get that tasty, smooth vapor every time.

definition; showing or requiring great attention to detail.

The Original Firefly Vaporizer

original firefly

The original Firefly vaporizer was a very stylish , albeit heavy , portable herb vaporizer that utilized the exact same on demand convection based concept utilized by the Firefly 2 and the Firefly 2+ today. You input your herb in a the borosilicate glass chamber which sits above a heating coil. When you press the heat button a coil underneath the chamber is engaged but no vapor is produced. It is when you draw this hot air (convection heating) through the herb when vapor is produced.

What is great about the original Firefly, Firefly 2 and Firefly 2+ Vaporizers all having this same design is that you can use the same troubleshooting for all Firefly Vaporizers.

Grind & Pack

Firefly 2 grind

Right out the gate you need to have a good grind and pack. While this is important for all vaporizers, it is more so important for the Firefly 2+. The grind must be medium coarse and your chamber must be 100% full for best results. The pack also cannot be too tight otherwise the hot air will not be able to work it’s way through the herb when you draw.

While you may not want to fill your chamber all the way, remember the Firefly 2+ is an on demand convection vaporizer so you can fill it full and take 1-2 hits now, put the vaporizer down and come back later to enjoy the rest. This will not affect your vapor quality or flavor and you will get more consistent hits with the unit fully packed than you will with attempting a partial loads.

Utilize the Firefly App

firefly 2+ web app

The Firefly 2+ Web App is the best way to gain insight into your temperature and firmware version. If out the gate you are having problems with your Firefly 2+ it is best to check and make sure your temperature is hot enough. If you are combusting your herbs, you may want to turn it down. We recommend the sweet spot of 340°F to 390°F to get started. However every Firefly 2+ should come calibrated around these temperatures out of the box.  The app is an excellent tool to help you troubleshoot and also has further directions programmed in.

Give your Firefly 2+ Some Run Time

While the unit is pure convection and no vapor will be produced by engaging the heat without drawing, revving the engine does not hurt. To get the best vapor on your first draw, we recommend engaging the heat for about 4-5 seconds before you begin your initial draw. This allows some heat transfer to the glass chamber from proximity and makes sure  you are drawing when the unit is well and heated, not from a cold start.

You will notice when you begin heating the light display will pulse. Once it hits solid is when the unit is ready. Our Firefly 2+ trick here is to wait even another few seconds past the solid light showing to take draw number one.

Draw Long and Slow

Firefly 2+ tip

The Firefly 2+ will give you the best vapor when you draw slow and steady. We recommend drawing for at least 5 seconds.  Slow draws also work best. While other vaporizers like the Crafty+ will let you quickly sip or draw super fast, the Firefly 2+ will not give you any results if you draw this way. It is a consistently slow draw for 5 to even 10 seconds if you want a large and tasty vapor cloud.

Play with the Heat

the heating element will stay running for 30 seconds while you are pushing the button.  Playing around with this while you session helps you find a groove that will produce consistent vapor. You can press the heat button for 20 seconds, let it go and press it down again for another 20 seconds and keep on doing this pattern so you are getting very little heat down time. This will keep the Firefly 2+ Vaporizer nearly constant at your desired temperature. But beware this will also tax your battery. We recommend this Firefly hack for those who are trying to session the entire bowl in one sitting.

Keep it Clean

Airflow is the life blood of a convection vaporizer. If your Firefly 2+ has clogged airflow or herb stuck in the mouthpiece, vapor production will be poor. The stainless steel heating plate of the Firefly 2+ will gunk up with resin over time. It is important to clean your Firefly 2+ periodically to ensure this build up does not occur.  If you are noticing your Firefly 2+ performance is starting to decline we recommend disassembling and doing a deep cleaning. This deep cleaning of your Firefly 2+ will open up any clogged holes in the heating plate and remove any particle build up in the mouthpiece.

The Firefly Vaporizer has been around a long time from it’s inception back in 2013 to the Firefly 2+ of today. The vaporizer ranks up there with other pioneers like Storz & Bickel, PAX and Arizer and there is nothing better than the Firefly 2+ if you are looking for pure flavor.

We understand it is a bummer when you get a new vaporizer and can’t get it to perform as intended. These troubleshooting tips and hacks will give you the best vapor from your Firefly 2+.

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1 year ago

Wow. Can’t thank you enough.

1 year ago

How do I connect my firefly 2+ to the web app? I click pair and the sensors but it doesn’t do anything… does my firefly have to be on the dock/charger or something?

9 months ago
Reply to  Jeff

Same question here… haven’t been able to connect my firefly 2+ to the web app either.

Any insight, please share.

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