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Herbalizer Return 2024

The Return of The Herbalizer – Reviving The #1 Desktop Vaporizer

It isn’t too often we have a good story about the herbal vaporizer market. From our take it seems like a number of factors including the proliferation of e-rigs & dabs, lack of innovation, rising operational costs and regulations, have conspired to hamper the popularity of herb vaporizers which has led to many brands and partners throwing in the towel and calling it quits.

For companies such as Ghost or Haze Technologies, the writing was on the wall in terms of lackluster sales and hardware rife with design flaws which led to their demise.

Other times they have been some of the most popular vaporizers on the market such as VapeXhale or Herbalizer which for one reason or another didn’t survive despite great sales and being well received by consumers.

So it couldn’t be better news to hear that the latter—the Herbalizer, has made a comeback in reviving their luxury desktop vaporizer which is now again available for sale.

Enter the Herbie

old herbalizer
Gen 1 Herbalizer (Circa 2016)

The Herbalizer was a desktop vaporizer which was regarded as the best desktop vaporizer money could buy in the 2010s. Designed by Bob Pratt, a former NASA scientist and lover of the plant, the Herbalizer provided clean vapor nearly on demand and was the first to make use of halogen bulb technology. 

While the Herbalizer provided an excellent user experience in terms of vapor quality, it was also sleek in design.

herbalizer feng shui

The Herbalizer blends in seamlessly with its surroundings, making it a desktop vaporizer for the more mature user who places equal importance on style and aesthetics. It’s a great coffee table unit that you can leave in the open around guests or the in-laws without anyone being the wiser.

Certainly no one could argue the Herbalizer was missed. A market remained during its hiatus which we have seen over the years in selling used Herbalizers upwards of $700. A price those in the know were willing to pay for something of such high caliber. So why did Herbalizer cease operations ? 

There were some mullings over a lawsuit Storz & Bickel brought against Herbalizer which many thought was the cause of Herbalizer shutting down shop. It turns out this was more a bully move on Storz & Bickel’s behalf in trying to slow down the competition but was not the reason for their closure. 

Instead, it appeared to be something much more simple in the form of internal conflict and disagreements between partners which made operations impossible to continue. 

For its rebirth, the new Herbalizer team is hoping to keep it small and focus more on the Herbalizer itself than fancy company parties and a large corporate office. 

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

The Herbalizer’s return to market will not add any flashy features which didn’t exist beforehand. The Herbalizer which was sold in 2016 will by and large be the same Herbalizer you purchase in 2024.

herbalizer circuit board

The Herbalizer is made of medical grade materials, inside and out. The firmware, internal circuit board and other components remain the most advanced around while the herb only comes in contact with stainless steel. The hot air path from the heater to the herb chamber is stainless steel, glass, and ceramic.

What has Changed ?

new Herbie vaporizer

The 2024 Herbalizer has removed some features which were present on the models produced prior to 2018. The most obvious being the appearance. The new Herbalizer is all white compared to its former gray color. The 2024 Herbalizer will not have aromatherapy mode (and included oil) which allowed one to intermittently diffuse essential oils. The internal storage tray has also been removed and the newly released model will come with 2 balloons instead of 4. 

We have seen adjustments like these on newly released vaporizers to account for production costs but also due to consumer feedback. Most who used the Herbalizer enjoyed using the whip function given the under 30 seconds heat up time and like Arizer, has cut out the aromatherapy dishes. Very few use their vaporizers to diffuse chamomile or Lavender. The essential oils also caused unnecessary wear & tear on Herbalizer’s halogen bulb if too much oil was applied and leaked into the bulb’s compartment.

The Herbalizer comeback is a refocus on one of the best desktop vaporizers on the market and we are very excited for its return. Herbalizer’s CTO  has stated the following on the coveted desktop vaporizer’s return .“Herbalizer is committed to providing our loyal customer base with the best vapor quality possible and we greatly appreciate those who appreciate the Herbalizer.” 

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Lady Ms. Lady
10 days ago

soooo excited.

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