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Herbalizer out of business

Herbailzer Out of Business: What You Need to Know

By now you may already know  that 1Ready LLC known for the Herbalizer Desktop Vaporizer has called it quits and shut its’ doors. With the closure being sudden and no one having conclusive information on why Herbalizer went out of business the rumor mill has been spinning.

One theory is that Herbalizer decided to shut down instead of fighting a lawsuit from Storz & Bickel accusing 1Ready LLC of patent infringement. The lawsuit was in regards to the forced air balloon bag which is used on the Herbalizer that was invented by Storz & Bickel for the Volcano. Mind you Storz & Bickel has filed lawsuits before against a former distributor and Vapir , losing both times. 

The documents of this lawsuit do span back some considerable time and it is difficult to discern what the outcome would be. It seems the lawsuit might have been a factor in Herbalizer shutting down but definitely was not what put the company out of business.

Herbalizer had its’ own laundry list of problems a few years after their launch in 2013. What was a great device brought to market by two former NASA engineers was sullied by horrible management and executives unfamiliar with vaporizers or the cannabis space looking to make a quick buck.

In 2015 Both Young and Pratt , the founders who brought the Herbalizer from conception to a working  high end desktop vaporizer, were forced out of the company that they started and the Herbalizer brand was purchased by 1Ready LLC – a newly created company with ties to the Harmon Contracting company as reported by Corporation Wiki.

Once Clovershield sold Herbalizer to 1Ready LLC disappointing sales figures followed. It is more likely the demand for the Herbalizer never picked up to the point the new company owners had hoped and decided it was not worth the time , headache or hassle to keep the operation up and running.

It is unfortunate as the Herbalizer was one of the best vaporizers around, but a series of unfortunate events led to it’s demise.

The Good News here is that we here at To the Cloud Vapor Store  enjoyed a  good relationship with  Herbalizer and were able to purchase some of their remaining inventory. Better yet we have a mechanical engineer on contract who graduated from UC Berkeley ( where Bob Pratt, Herbalizer Co- Founder went ) who is able to repair non functioning Herbalizers.

So if you purchase the Herbalizer from To the Cloud Vapor Store you will still get the 2 year bumper to bumper warranty. Of course we still offer a 90 day trial period with the Herbalizer and lifetime trade ins for Store Credit.

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Ben Jones
3 days ago

Herbalizer is back in business as of 2024. You can already buy accessories at their site (I got new screens) with new Herbalizer vaporizers coming soon. See https://herbalizer.com/ for details.

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