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aeris review

Focus V Aeris Review – Portable Clouds in the Palm of Your Hand

The Aeris Vaporizer is a 2024 release from Focus V, makers of the Carta and Carta 2 Vaporizers. The Aeris is designed to be a durable and pocket portable e-rig which gives you the power for massive clouds without the need to worry about hauling around a much larger device.

After using for a few weeks in lieu of our Focus V Aeries review, I must say it feels like a cross between a portable e-rig and a heavy duty wax pen. While certainly not as high end as their Carta 2 the Aeris does offer the convenience, durability and size of a high end wax pen with some luxurious features.


aeris packaging

The Aeris follows the same packaging design we have seen with other Focus V products of being straightforward without too much fluff. Everything you needed is compartmentalized in a nifty little carry case inside of the Aeris box. This is nice of Focus to include a case which is more practical than the packaging itself allowing users to both store or travel with the Aeris in a more secure manner than throwing it in one’s pocket.


The Focus V Aeris Retails for $229. This is a tad higher than what I would guess with their Carta Classic now going for $199 but there are plenty of features which sort of make that an apples to oranges comparison and the Aeris is a new high end portable e-rig. The best deal on the Focus V Aeris is going to be at To the Cloud Vapor Store where you can get a 15% off discount with code VAPENOW15 and a 60 day trial period on your Aeris purchase.

aeris focus v

Comes With

  • Aeris Vaporizer
  • Intelli-Core™ Atomizer
  • Aeris Battery Pack
  • Magnetic Mouthpiece w/ Ceramic Insert
  • Carrying Bag
  • Dust Cap
  • Cotton Swabs
  • Dab Tool
  • USB-C Cable

The Aeris does not come with a million bells and whistles. Just what you need to get going. There have been some customizations we have seen on the Aeris as there are with other vaporizers, but do feel customizing the Aeris set up is counterintuitive to what it is designed for.


focus v aeris parts

Out of the box I am surprised with how well Focus V managed to encompass the durability & design. This thing snaps together on command without any need to read the instructions (always read the instructions) while feeling sturdy and simultaneously high end in the hand.  

After some uses I was surprised what a pain taking out the inner mouthpiece from the outer mouthpiece  was. Putting it back together was even a bigger pain. However for the rest there is no guesswork, just easy intuitive disassembly and assembly.

The Aeris breaks down into a few main parts

The mouthpiece  features two  Carb Caps, enabling users to adjust the airflow velocity to their preference. Whether aiming to enhance flavor or amplify clouds, our airflow system offers effortless vapor control.

Intelli-Core™ Atomizer heats your extracts with 360° heating in a full sized chamber large enough to take down some serious dabs. This is the same atomizer as on the Carta 2 and can be interchanged between the two vaporizers.

Aeris Mainframe is where the Intelli-Core™ atomizer sits. This is the durable and ergonomic silicone and alloy body which just feels like something futuristic in the hand. This is also where you will find the RGB lighting and control button.

The Removeable & Rechargeable Battery is located on the very bottom of the Aeris Vaporizer. This 800 mAh Lithium Ion battery powers via USB C and can be swapped out with ease if you purchase spares.


Focus V Aeris Specs

Dimensions 4.8" x 1.4"
Weight 7 oz.

Aeris Quick Start

focus v aeris buttonx 5 Turn Aeris on/off

focus v aeris buttonx 1 Cycle Temperatures or Cancel Session (in use) 

focus v aeris buttonx 2 Engage Heat or Extend Session (in use) 

focus v aeris buttonx 3 Cycle Through LED Presets 

focus v aeris buttonx 4 Check Battery Level 


The Aeris does offer some hurdles to using out of the box and becoming a pro in how to refine and customize sessions to your liking. This is mostly due the single button function which controls the entire device. When the OG Peak came out it was very much the same issue. You will need to read the instructions for each command you want the Aeris to perform. Without any screen or multiple control buttons there is a bit of a learning curve. Focus has designed an app which makes for better customized use however one of the biggest pains with all vaporizer apps is they are web based apps due to regulations against vaporizer apps on the iOS platform. 

The other factor to consider would be the dual carbs. You can plug these small little holes (carbs) on the sides of the mouthpiece one at a time, both at the same time, none or a combination of all the aforementioned. For me getting small little sips like I like to take out of my Puffco Proxy was not plugging them at all. You need to play around with these for optimal use.

Focus V Aeris App

aeris app

The new Focus V app gives you customizations for all three of the Focus V Vaporizers. For the Aeris this is a God send. One of my chief complaints about smaller portable and single button use vaporizers is the inability to have an LED readout screen. Also the presets don’t allow you to customize a specific temperature or adjust your session timer.  In the app you can customize your sessions, adjust the RGB lighting and see how much battery life is left.

The web apps can present their own headaches and hassle. Generally being with connectivity issues stemming from one’s settings on their phones or just the need for a strong wi-fi connection to use the apps. Thankfully Focus V has put together this little video tutorial on how to get you Focus V app up and humming.


Here is where I am lost on the Focus V Aeris and my opinion, on the concept of pocketable e-rig,  is where I begin to falter. I am not a huge dabber but do appreciate the technology of these e-rigs. I go on kicks from time to time if we end up getting gifted a couple grams of rosin.  Focus V, Puffco, Dr. Dabber, Ispire, etc. all have something different to offer and while there are smaller models and variations, the Aeris is the first to utilize e-rig technology for something you can put in your pocket.

Where it starts to break down for me though is you want to take this on the go as a portable vaporizer and leave your dab tool and jar of extract at home you need to load a large dab. When you are out at the beach or watching UFC at the bar you can’t just quick hit it like a pen. You need to turn it on and wait 20 seconds for it to heat up, inhale and take the whole thing down, utilize the Aeris upright for the optimal vapor production and then clean it with a q-tip after the fact. Most the time I would not take the whole dab down (cause I wanted to hit in later, mind you I am out and about) nor be somewhere I could clean it right away after.

The optimal sessions with the Aeris are still using it as you would session with a larger e-rig. When I session with it as it is designed it just felt like a glorified wax pen. Certainly the vapor production is better but the hassle it comes with to me doesn’t make this concept worth it.  I load a pretty large amount, take it with me, turn it on and take a hit or two and turn it off. Then the remainder of the oil would just sit in the chamber. When I would go fire it up again that left over oil was not as good as a freshly loaded dab. But if the value of my session is in the portability of the Aeris, that is lost needing to reload and swab the atomizer clean if I am on the go. Worse is that it is best to use straight up and down for optimal vapor production.

What I am getting at is if I have to do all this work almost as if I am using one of the premium rigs in the Carta 2 or Peak Pro, why not just use those ?

I think the optimal session of the Aeris is for someone who is going on a work trip or something of the like and just doesn’t have the space to take a larger more premium e-rig but still wants something close. For how I consume, I was not able to find any use cases which made the ability to pocket a net positive.

Vapor Quality

In true Focus V fashion the “Carta Aeris hits harda.” The Carta hits harder being a marketing slogan coined for just how big of clouds you can get out of the Carta 2 Vaporizer. The Aeris is going to be a portable version of that and what is nifty about that is it uses the same atomizer so you can swap it back and forth between the two vaporizers.

The vapor quality for me was good at the lower temperature levels but to get the most out of it and not wasting any of my material, I did have to turn it up to the higher heat settings in the 500 –  550 °F range. Here the dabs were a bit too heavy and hard for myself, but if you appreciate the large clouds or need to get as medicated as humanly possible in one hit, the vapor from the Aeris is going to be right up your alley.


aeris vaporizer portable

The caveat about the Aeris being a portable hard hitting e-rig that you can toss your pocket is that it is not built to take a few hits and to come back to it later which is what I am inclined to do with it taking it on a walk or having it as a nightcap in bed. There is a bunch of material left over whereas in my Carta 2 I can clear a dab in one fell swoop and not have much of anything left in the atomizer. 

This is bad for a few reasons. 1.) the leftover oil in the chamber is not as good as the first hits of a freshly dropped glob and  2.) Not cleaning your chamber every time can cause degradation to the Intelli-Core Atomizer. 

That being said there is nothing on the market that is portable which can give you these sort of monster hits which can be transported with ease and offer the same durability and ergonomic design as the Aeris does. I would find this suited for the serious dabber who is going camping or wants to take some big hits away from home but cannot risk taking anything with glass.


cleaning your Aeris

Cleaning the Aeris was one of the hardest things for me. In the weeks I was using for the Aeris review I would mostly bust out night caps. Loading a huge dab and taking it down over the course of 2-3 nights caused the atomizer to get really dirty and the mouthpiece to become sticky. Mind you this is after a  handful of sessions. Removing the mouthpiece and putting it back in was a pretty big pain and required alot of pressure in putting back , even when doing it correctly.

With e-rigs you are supposed to swab out your chamber or atomizer after each use to keep the device clean and atomizer going as long as possible. Here I often was not able to do that if taking some hits while laying in bed or if throwing the Aeris in my pocket after a quick session.


The Focus V Aeris comes with a one year manufacturer warranty. What stands out more however is Focus V’s 6 month warranty on the atomizer which is pretty nice given that is more prone to going south than anything concerning the body. Most competitors to Focus only offer 30 days on their atomizers.

All in all the Aeris is great for users who want high quality large dabs on the go when they cannot take their Carta 2. The similarities between the two vaporizers make them both complimentary and Carta 2 lovers would likely be keen to pick something which provides this level of portable dabbing not before seen on the market.

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