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Carta 2 Vaporizer

5.00 out of 5
5 out of 5
36 Reviews


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Focus V | To the Cloud Vapor Store


Not to be confused with the Carta V2 (OG Carta)  the Focus V Carta 2 is a serious upgrade over the original  Focus E-Rig. The Carta 2 comes with a larger Intelli-Core™ 360° heating atomizer , an OLED display for greater insights and full control and customization over your sessions. The RGB lighting adds an 80’s Miami cool  factor with you in charge. What’s more to wrap up all the new improved Carta 2 Vaporizer ? A new mobile app for which can also control the device, perform firmware upgrades & more.

  • Build

    The Carta 2 is built with ergonomics in mind. The heat grade plastic polymer offers greater contour in the hand and greater resiliency in the off chance of a spill or fall. The borosilicate glass is the exact same as the OG Carta and is backwards compatible.  The upgraded Intelli-Core™ atomizer is comprised of a glazed ceramic and comes with a fully seating silicone cap.

  • Function

    The Carta 2 functions as most standard conduction  electronic rigs do. By loading your dab into the Intelli-Core™ atomizer and heating directly against the glazed ceramic. The vapor is drawn through the vapor path purified through the water and inhaled.

  • Session

    The Carta 2 Vaporizer offers sessions for home alone or a house party with the homies. The RGB lighting and increased chamber size permits larger globs to be loaded while adding a level of fun for social gatherings, but the quality of the device and 360° degree heating also make it ideal for a quick night time dab before bed. While Focus V calls this a new era in portable dabbing we say this is not one to lug around for a night on the town.

What's in the box

Comes with

  • CARTA 2 Vaporizer
  • Intelli-Core™ Atomizer
  • Atomizer Cap & Tether
  • Carta 2 Carrying Case
  • Travel Silicone Stopper
  • Dab Tool
  • USB-C Cable
  • User Guide


  • Upgrading a Classic

    The Focus V Carta V2 (now dubbed the OG Carta) was an instant classic and blockbuster E-Rig for SHO Products. The OG Carta provided quality dabs without all the bells and whistles. The Carta 2 is improving on the simple design and rolling out no stops with the refinements and upgrades to bring your dabbing experience to the next level. Enter the Carta 2.

  • Ergonomic Sleek Silicone Base

    The Carta 2 has a heat rated plastic polymer base with built in RGB lights. This makes for a sleeker looking unit all while being more ergonomic and functional. The silicone sleeve of the atomizer protects against any harsh spills the unit may take and this durability is present from  the base all the way up to the atomizer input.

  • Easy to Use Controls

    On the base itself , controls have been simplified down to a power (home) button and temperature up and down controls. Three easy to understand buttons take the guess work out on single button sequencing and making using the Carta 2 much easier than it’s predecessor.


  • OLED Screen

    Another added feature providing ease of use and insight about your session in real time is the OLED screen. The Carta 2 display screen features information such as battery life, temperature, session timer, herb or concentrate mode and Bluetooth sync. Another significant upgrade over the OG Carta.

  • Intelli-Core™ Atomizer

    The new Intelli-Core™ Atomizer is constructed of a glazed ceramic and offers  360° heating and improved airflow. The glazed ceramic is easy to clean and offers the ability to take larger globs without the need to worry about atomizer burn out.

    The size of the Carta 2 atomizer has been increased to 14mm in diameter , 4mm more than the 10mm OG Carta atomizer. Further lending itself to increased vapor production.

  • Temperature Range

    The Carta 2 has a temperature range of 365°F – 635°F. The herb attachment has a temperature range of 275°F to 500°F. The Intelli-Core for herb utilizes mainly convection so your herb does not combust in the 475-500°F range. 

  • Quality Vapor

    The water filtration and percolation offered by the Carta 2 glass top provide silky and smooth draws for even your hardest hitting high temperature dabs. The Carta glass has remained the same quality glass which gave the OG Carta such smooth and easy clouds.

  • Herb Add On Attachment

    The Carta 2 is not just for concentrates. It can do herb as well. Focus V offers an Intelli-Core™ for herb which copies the  features which make the concentrate atomizer so good.

    To use the herb function twist the herb atomizer a 1/4 turn until the OLED screen displays herb setting is active.

  • RGB lightshow

    The improvements of the Carta 2 Vaporizer are not solely functional. The improved and customizable RGB lights across the entire color spectrum to include patterns and animation modes which you can name and save.

    The RGB lights add an aspect of fun to your Carta 2 while simultaneously serving as a visual representation of the corresponding session and temperature for that color.

  • USB- C Charging & Battery

    The Carta 2 has an internal battery which charges via USB-C. Should you find yourself in a jam with a dead battery, the Carta 2 offers pass through charging so you never have to worry about any downtime as long as you are close to a USB-C cable.

  • Focus Web App

    The Focus V Carta 2 redesigned web app offers a plethora of configurations for your vaporizer. In the Carta app you can configure presets, LED display configuration, session time , session temperature and more.

    The app also offers configurations for social and community trackers so you can share your sessions with friends or troubleshoot with Focus should you need warranty assistance.

  • Travel Case & Silicone Stopper

    Focus includes two great accessories with your Carta 2 which will allow you to not only take your Carta 2 Vaporizer on the go, but not have to worry about water spillage. the travel case protects your glass while the silicone stopper ensures your water will not spill out the top when traveling.

  • Warranty & Trial Period

    To the Cloud Vapor Store is an authorized retailer of Focus V Vaporizers. When you purchase from us your Carta 2 will include a one year manufacturer warranty.

    To further ensure your satisfaction, we offer a 60 day trial period and lifetime trade ins for store credit.

carta 2 RGB

Can the Carta 2 vape herb ?

Yes the Carta 2 has an after market attachment for herb which can be purchased here.

What is the difference between the OG Carta and Carta 2 ?

You can see the surface level comparison between the Carta & Carta 2 here.

How do I reset my Carta 2 Atomizer ?

To reset your Carta 2 Atomizer follow these steps:

  • Cool Atomizer to 77°F
  • Fully charge battery
  • Turn device off and back on
  • From home screen press power 4x. On 4th press, hold until “reset successful” appears on screen



5.00 out of 5
5 out of 5
36 Reviews
  • Jacob Fahey

    I was a little skeptical about ordering from here, being I had never heard of the company but within 6 days I received my carta v2 and I love it. Looks amazing, easy to use, and gives great rips. I’d maybe say it’s worth finding... a joystick like carb cap to replace the factory one. All in all amazing piece and I will order from here again!

  • abel Montoya

    This Product rocks very user friendly , works great heats up really fast , Life couldn’t get any easier …….AWESOME DEF Recommend

  • Esther Edwards

    This thing is the bomb. Soooooo much nicer and easier to use and clean. Definitely made the right decision on this one. Thanks again.

  • Jerry berry

    Been using it for about 2 weeks now and it’s been great! Definitely better than the traditional rig I was using before. The convenience is 100% worth, especially considering it’s half the price as competitors while being just as good.

  • Salvatore Benvenuto

    Absolutely amazing. I was looking for the clear version of this everywhere and it was sold out. i found it on here. bought it and paid for fast shipping. keep in mind i live in maine and this spot is in california. i got the... clear version in 4 days. i was amazed. it took focus v themselves 2 weeks to send me the saber and yet this spot got me the device in 4 days i was very shocked.

  • JC

    Awesome rig highly recommend, super fast shipping and great service. I even ordered a second one for family!

  • Tyler Mcclure

    Loved my print best Erig on market hands down

  • Youngbuck

    Awesome product great hits also great delivery time couldn’t be happier

  • Stephen

    Great price and service for my Carta 2. Normally I would have received it in 2 days but unfortunately it was shipped UPS (who promptly mishandled it and turned a 2 day delivery into a 7 day screwup). Regardless, I was very pleased... with the selection, availability and excellent prices from “To The Cloud Vapor Store”. I will certainly purchase from them again.

  • Alex

    So far after putting 20 dabs into it’s definitely a great e-rig dabs are smooth and is easy to clean. Only thing bad about it is it’s battery life. I can get about 8-10 dabs on low temperature. Plan on buying the wireless charger. And... that will solve that issue.

  • Sam Crosby

    Awesome and Amazing! Real fast heat up time, great flavor, great price! It truly makes me appreciate concentrates. Also there are a lot of cool independent glass makers that can customize it as well.

  • Logan svec

    Took about a week to arrive which wasn’t too bad for me personally but damn once it got here!! I love this thing rips like a champ with such a smooth hit. Couldn’t recommend this enough

  • Dorien

    Definitely worth the money … can charge it on the back of my phone if it ever dies .. swapped out the glass with th og glass and everything is 10/10

  • Rodrigo

    Done like 100 dabs since I got my Carta 2 and love this thing. It rips, The review these fine folks did was on point. Will be back for my other vape needs.

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