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GHOST MV1 Vaporizer

3.67 out of 5
4 out of 5
15 Reviews

GHOST MV1 No Longer Supports App

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Ghost | To the Cloud Vapor Store


The Ghost MV1 is a full convection on demand vaporizer which can be used with dry herb and concentrates , the patented technology allows the Ghost MV1 to super heat air to a selected temperature which it maintains for an entire draw cycle.

  • Build

    Sleek & stylish yet durable and strong. The Ghost MV1 is constructed of high end medical grade materials to enhance your experience

  • Function

    The Ghost MV1 operates via on demand convection providing voluminous vapor at the push of a button

  • Session

    Huge on demand clouds with absolute 0 draw resistance , makes the Ghost MV1 a perfect candidate when you want to get lifted as fast as possible

What's in the box

Comes with

  • Ghost MV1 Vaporizer
  • USB Cable
  • Cleaning Kit
  • Quick Start Guide
  • 2 x Crucible
  • Concentrate / Liquid Pad


  • Golden Aesthetics

    Out of the box the Ghost MV1 vaporizer may just be one of the coolest looking vaporizers around. A futuristic design and sleek shine give way to some of the best quality vapor around. However there is a tad bit of set up and learning curve which come with the Ghost MV1. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be a Ghost MV1 expert user in no time.

  • Using the Ghost MV1

    Upon arrival do ensure to charge your Ghost MV1 battery to full capacity. This can take about 8 hours when using the micro USB port, but can be expedited to around 2 hours if using the Ghost MV1 fast charger. it is also recommended you read the quick start guide to understand the nuances such as the loading schematic and heat sink aperture.

    To load your Ghost MV1 open the crucible door by sliding your thumb over the crucible switch . There can be some resistance on a brand new unit , but once you do this a few times the crucible door will open and shut with ease. To remove the crucible push up from the bottom of the holder. Remove the herb chamber screen and fill loosely but full with your ground herb. Perform the operation in reverse and turn on unit to begin your session.

  • Simple Refinements

    Mode Button – power up with your mode button and use this button to change your temperature settings without the app. Hit the mode button three (3) times to turn on standby mode and shift between temperature settings without the app



    ghost mv1 temperature settings


    Herb Low – 338º degrees (F) 

    Herb Medium – 365º degrees (F) 

    Herb High 392º degrees (F) 

    Concentrates up to 428º degrees (F) 

    Ghost App – With the Ghost App , you can set a custom temperature to whatever you like. An added benefit to the Ghost MV1 vaporizer

    Ghost MV1 app smartphone


    Draw Button – Triggering this will cause the heating element to cycle through. When you hit your draw button the Ghost MV1 will begin to heat up. Once you feel the haptic feedback your Ghost has hit the set temperature. Pull away and enjoy the Ghost MV1’s amazing vapor production.

  • Effective Vapor with a Build to Match

    The most distinct quality you will feel on the Ghost MV1 is build and execution. While there is some going through the motions and learning how to best work your Ghost MV1 vaporizer, the overwhelming consensus is that the Ghost MV1 rips. It gets you the most effect, providing the most flavorful and potent hits.

    Going back to the Ghost MV1 design and build, you know you are dealing with a vaporizer that is not cheap Chinese garbage. The Ghost MV1 is designed well with medical grade materials , from the shell to the stainless steel heatsink  to the ceramic bowl – the Ghost MV1 cuts no corners and provides 100% quality.

  • Draw Resistance

    We have said this before, the Ghost MV1 feels like you are using reverse gravity on the pulls. There has not been a vaporizer that offers this free flowing of air yet.

  • On Demand Convection

    With the on demand convection styling you can pull when you want and let the rest of your herb wait for later. It is a great vaporizer to have around the house and enjoy draws whenever you like without having to worry about ruining your herbs integrity. The on demand method further ensures you will converse more of your precious herb , saving you money in the long run.

  • Battery Power & Draws

    The Ghost MV1’s proprietary battery pack will have you going longer and stronger without the need to charge. The Ghost MV1’s battery pack boasts dual 18650 batteries putting out 2600 mAh. On a fully charged Ghost MV1 battery you can expect around 6 – 7 sessions averaging around 8-10 pulls. Again this will depend greatly on your temperature used , with the higher 400+ temperatures depleting the battery much quicker.

  • Warranty & Trial Period

    Ghost has been out of business for sometime, but that doesn’t mean you should not have any assurance. The MV1 while it has it’s flaws, is a great vaporizer. To the Cloud Vapor Store stands behind the MV1 with a 6 month warranty.

    To further ensure your satisfaction, To the Cloud Vapor Store offers a 60 day trial period and lifetime trade ins on your Ghost MV1 purchase.

Ghost MV1 for sale To the Cloud












3.67 out of 5
4 out of 5
15 Reviews
  • Jo

    Mighty is King even though inside the mouthpiece has to be cleaned frequently and all the nooks take patients to clean seems a resin Trap could be handy in these devices but Air flow maybe Compromised so maybe not. A close second is Ghost not... being able to Create a device and hold Tolerances in my opinion I really liked the Ghost Mv1 in spite of the Air flow issues, Cheap Battery’s Batteries loose power if not in use in a short period of time on the Ghost App the battery meter would actually go Negative dramatically prompting me to contact Ghost concerning the Voltage Drops they said it was normal but using the device I could tell there was issues I used a Multi Meter for years never saw anything like it. Poor designed Heatsinks or Quality Heat sinks , Poor Finish Quality Rose Gold Vanishes, inconsistent hits or clouds easily over or under packed. In my experience had Ghost resolved the Power issue they would have been the Best device for years to come basically they Cut themselves Out of the Market being Cheap. Compared to all the rest of the device’s Pax has Aluminum which is not recommended for human consumption due to my experience with different Aluminum products from pop cans, Pipes, and Vaporizers chest Pains is the results FireFly poor design needs a Rheostat or onboard adjustment for fine tuning not everyone has Android phones to make Adjustments so if you don’t have a friend that has one the device is pretty much useless and has a Rubber seal that can’t be cleaned with Alcohol. Which will destroy the seal in one or two cleanings the Potentially having the user exposed to smoking rubber particles designed with the seal too close to the heating chamber draws are difficult and with the device maxed out and you get Harsh Vapor lower settings no vapor or very light or little vapor seems to be poor Airflow and Weak Battery’s . The Mighty Great device but not considered a on Demand device in my opinion as I can’t smoke a part of the dose it’s basically a hit and Pass the Device or it’s burning up your Product but the Vapor Quality is the Best in regards to the Thickness taste is slightly less flavorful than the Ghost but dense Clouds gives the Mighty the edge to the Mighty Consistently delivers full flavor vapor and takes little effort to Draw. Mighty has Pass through Charging great feature although I only used pass through Charging On my device for about a month the charging port had begun to show signs of a Short it’s been returned for a replacement being aware of the possibility of a problem before I used the device Caution using the device so I can’t believe that the Port Failed I must have received a unit that had a poor soldiering job on the circuit board connection. Also the dosing Capsules are made out of Aluminum in my opinion Aluminum shouldn’t be used due to bad experiences with device’s containing Aluminum Chest Pains I Prefer Stainless Steel for Heat Chambers and willing to pay the Difference Mighty is the Best Device on the market Efficiently burns all dry herb strains and types.

  • Nicholas W

    Fantastic vape for the money. Hits much harder and about 1,000,000 x’s easier than my firefly 2, hits much harder and 50x’s easier than the pax 2 i had, some say loading is hard but i think it’s easiest this way, and battery last an... eternity compared to the ones i mentioned. Only thing is it struggles to vape all the herb to the degree of the others. Definitely save the used stuff for baking, which i already did so it’s a non issue for me.

  • Alan


    I purchased the Ghost MV1 and its considerably reliable. Perfect for dry herb, though not the best choice for concentrates. Other appliances for Ghost are over priced (fast charger im fine without). Bought the crucible container for extra crucibles tho. Its great. Need to “stir”... herb/recycle herb for full absorption/completely vaped OR do what i do and take rips from some vaped herb. Anything over 400° degrees i recommend using a water pipe for cleaner vaper on the lungs (No attachments required i’ve found for most 14mm-19mm water pipes). Thanks To the Clouds, and respect to Tyler, staff and team!

  • Nate

    Love this vape. I’ve owned it for almost a year and I use it daily.

    Pros: fits nicely in your hand. Great vapor taste. Heats up really fast, especially after the first rip. Seems pretty durable (dropped it a couple times without issue, although it did... scratch a bit). Haptic feedback is nice. When you clean it, you can take the oil that’s collected and smear it on a rolling paper for especially good times. Never had the battery die on me, but I charge it often; usually I’ll go through like 6 crucibles between charges, but you could probably stretch it further.

    Cons: too big to conceal in your hand. Body heats up (but not so much that you can’t hold it). You really need to get the fast charger and the crucible dispenser if you are a heavy user, both of which are high quality but a bit expensive for what they are.

    Also, had a great purchaser experience, which is why I’m back here buying another crucible dispenser.

  • John

    My 2nd Ghost MV1 replacements door stopped closing like original unit! Worst quality control Ive ever seen!

  • Gus

    I bought the ghost mv1 from the cloud. They shipped it quick, however the packaging was simply a plazstic envelope with no bubble wrap or protection and the the boxes came in very damaged. Luckily ghosts packaging is well made and the vape... was undamaged. I dealt with customer service prior to the purchase and I am sure they would have replaced the items no questions asked.
    As for the vape, slow and steady draws are best, doesn’t produce the most vapor but decent and the effects are there. The thing is so easy to clean thoroughly. Taste is excellent. Lastly, the standard temps are very low so customize your temp using the app slowly going up until you find your sweet spot. Keep in mind it says the mouthpiece is glass…it’s actually plastic which made me very upset.

  • Josh P

    This review is for the vale itself, tothecloud was awesome to work with. Vape Review for Ghost MV1 Stealth – Wanted an on demand Vape, was deciding between the firefly2 and this one. Since the MV1 boasted some crazy designs and cleaned biggest hits, I... chose the MV1. Boy did I choose wrong. Got one good session out of it, other sessions have either produced no vape, tasted like machine oil or have overheated. I’ve looked at tips online and have done everything from cleaned, RE assembled or “sucked slower” and no cigar. I’m an experienced vape user with multiple PAX’s, solo, hydrology9, MFB, SSV and I’m so fed up with this that it’s going on the shelf as I work through the kinks. Great way to enjoy the honeymoon on a $300 vape! Not to mention as my taste buds come back since they’ve tasted like metal/machine oil because of this thing for the past couple days.

    • Tyler

      Hey Josh,

      Sorry about your issues with the MV1, do remember we have a trial period where you can return for a refund or store credit if after working through all the troubleshooting doesn’t do it justice for you. Thanks again for your business and if there is anything we can help with please let us know. Enjoy the rest of your honeymoon =) – Tyler

  • John

    This Is my fourth purchase Including the Digital Volcano from Tothecloudvapoorstore. I purchased the MV1 Black Stealth version. What sets the MV1 apart from all other portable vaporizers Is taste and effect. This Is the finest vaporizer I have ever used! Although I love the... volcano the MV1 Is In the same class IMHO. It gives the best flavor and potency from your herbs. In fact I’ve never tasted anything quite as good since my first hit from the MV1. Can’t thank Tyler enough for all his help.: This Is why I continue to purchase from here- best customer service.

  • Stan

    This was my third vape I purchased from The Cloud. Service and delivery have always been quick. The Ghost I purchased was Rose Gold. I have had no problems with this vaporizer as long as you keep all the parts clean and the battery... level high. The bottom of the heat sink I clean regularly, particularly the white part. I also scrub with a stiff brush the cartridges each and every time. The flavor is awesome and the effects are the best. When my wife and I have a session, all it takes in one cartridge and we are medicated. Never experienced any problems with this vape. Was hesitant to purchase with all the bad reviews, but I am glad I spoke with Tyler. He had a video and personal experience that convinced me to buy.

  • Don Reeves

    Mind blown with the HUUUUUUGE Clouds I get from this thing. I noticed it works a tad better with dryer herbs. I heard mixed reviews so I picked it up here as they offer a 60 day return policy. I will not be returning my... Ghost MV1 but I will be returning my business here =)

  • Roger

    Love this vaporizer. I get great hits. I picked up some extras from Ghost that To the Cloud was not selling. I recommend getting the fast charger and an extra battery. Vape is a little heavy but I take it with me in the car.... Wish they had a car charger. End of the day the Ghost MV1 is amazing

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