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Ghost MV1 Crucible Dispenser

5 out of 5
4 Reviews

  • OEM Ghost Vapes Accessory
  • Compatible with Ghost MV1 Vaporizer
  • Easily to Preload and Store for On the Go
  • Fits up to 5 Ghost MV1 Crucibles
  • Small, Light Weight and Durable



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Ghost MV1 Crucible Dispenser | Ghost Vapes Parts & Accessories 

The Ghost MV1 Crucible Dispenser is a must have addition to your Ghost MV1 Vaporizer. The MV1 Crucible Dispenser is durable, lightweight, and easy to pocket. If you are even thinking about taking your MV1 for a weekend in the mountains or a getaway to the cabin you simply cannot be without the Ghost MV1 Crucible Dispenser.



Load ‘Em Up!

The Ghost MV1 Crucible Dispenser allows you to pre-pack up to 5 additional crucibles. This gives you the option to add different strains of herb and even concentrates to your lineup. You can easily remove as many or as little crucibiles as you like should you only need to bring a couple.

Easy to Use  

One of the biggest chores with the Ghost MV1 is swapping out the Crucible. Given the screen and size of the crucibles, while switching them out, they can easily be lost. The Ghost MV1 crucible dispenser makes it easy to reload your MV1 and will ensure you never lose another bowl again.

As always, To the Cloud Vapor Store offers Free Shipping on all parts and accessories with no minimum. So get your Ghost MV1 Crucible Dispenser today and be the happiest camper at the party.



5 out of 5
4 Reviews
  • Paul

    The crucible dispenser is great and the service and shipping was excellent.

  • Joe Trujillo

    Must have!!

  • Alfredo

    I’m happy with the crucible this is a most if you have a Ghost MV1. I love it. Great customer service and fast shipping.

  • John

    When you purchase the Ghost MV1 Crucible Dispenser it Includes five extra crucibles Inside to take with you. All you have to do Is grind , fill, load, go. It’s perfect for an all night event or day trip. Its build quality and design Is... great and crucibles do not move about Inside because it locks them in until you eject them. This Is my second one because I wanted more crucibles for my MV1.

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