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ghost mv1 fast charger and ghost mv1

Ghost MV1 Vaporizer: Useful Techniques for Optimal Results

The Ghost MV1 has proven to be the most promising new vaporizer of 2018 and is sure to be an even a bigger hit heading into 2019. The quality and craftsmanship of this new portable on demand vaporizer make it a must try for any vapor enthusiast. However as on demand convection vaporizers tend to be, the Ghost MV1 does take some practice and requires regular cleaning for optimal vapor results.

Below we will run down the most useful techniques for troubleshooting and getting the most out of your GHOST MV1 and then cover how to clean your Ghost MV1 to ensure endless amazing vapor.

Buy the Ghost MV1 Fast Charger  

Yes at $60 it may seem a tad expensive, but the benefit and time saved is well worth the investment. The Ghost MV1 fast charger cuts down on charge times from several hours with the micro USB to a little under an hour with the fast charger. For those ambitious vaporizer users,   picking up a spare MV1 battery is an excellent choice as well as it permits you to have one battery always on the fast charger and one locked and loaded in your Ghost MV1 vaporizer.

Furthermore when your Ghost MV1 arrives it requires you to fully charge the battery  before first use. To calibrate the high capacity battery pack Ghost asks you to charge overnight if only using the USB cable. With the fast charger this wait is significantly minimized.

ghost mv1 fast charger and ghost mv1

Get Familiar With Your Ghost MV1

A vaporizer with this many moving parts will require you to read the instructions. It is not something like a PAX 3 where you can more of less pop it out of the box and figure it out on the fly.

We recommend practicing unlatching the crucible door and removing the crucible and top screen. The crucible door may seem a bit snug at first but after a few times closing and unlatching the flow becomes like clockwork. Some other steps you can take would be playing around with the home button to power the device on and off and switch manually between temperature settings and disassembling the heat sink and mouthpiece apertures. Take it apart and put it back together so you can get a better understanding how the Ghost MV1 operates.

dissasembling the GHOST MV1

Sync the Ghost MV1 With your Smartphone

This may seem like a no brainer, but we do get customers calling all the time with issues as to why their vaporizer, like the Firefly 2, is not pumping out vapor to the extent they see in the Vape Critic’s Videos. Syncing any bluetooth vaporizer is important to make sure you are getting the most out of your device’s controls and that any recent firmware updates are installed.

Grinding and Packing your Herb

As with all on demand convection vaporizers, airflow through the herb is very important. Finding a good grind is a balancing act. You want to maximize the surface area of your plants that come in contact with the hot air, but do not want to grind so fine that small particles clog up air pathways. A medium grind  packed not too tight, not too loose into the crucible will work best. Packing the crucible full will in this method will yield the best results.

Seat the Heat Sink

One of my initial issues with the Ghost MV1 happened to be the heat sink. I would retract the mouthpiece for my session and unknowingly create a space between the heat sink and the Ghost MV1’s main body.

All that needs to be done to mitigate this issue is pushing down the heat sink before you are ready to draw.

Mouthpiece Length Matters

You would think there is not much difference between having the glass mouthpiece drawn out ¼ the way or ¾ the way. That could not be further from the truth. There is a sweet spot that enhances airflow when you have the Ghost MV1’s glass mouthpiece around ¾ out. Here you are going to get the best hits and feel absolutely 0 draw resistance.

Ghost MV1 mouthpiece

Mastering the Home Button

If you do ever find yourself hitting your home button three times fast and your MV1 will not turn on, remove the battery, put it back on and try again. If this problem persists hit the home button three times in much slower succession.

 The Best Draw

If you have the preceding steps checked off and your Ghost MV1 is clean as a whistle the intensity of your draw will not be a huge factor in getting great vapor. With a freshly cleaned MV1 that is fully packed I can draw fast like I am attempting to finish a joint in one fail swoop or mild and slow. What matters most for the draw  is duration. To get the best draws out of your MV1 a pull of 5+ seconds is needed.

After being a regular user of the Ghost MV1 for almost a year now I can say it is in my list of top 5 herb vaporizers. The Ghost MV1 sets itself apart in an increasingly competitive market by offering quality which does not cut corners for the sake of beating the competition on price.


We are convinced that the Ghost MV1 will provide excellent results for you as well if you follow the simple steps above to lessen the learning curve.

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