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Angus Enhanced Review & Comparison

The Angus Enhanced is a portable session mode convection vaporizer for herbs made by YLLVAPE, makers of the original Angus and some other nifty vaporizer gadgets.  The Angus Enhanced offers a sturdy lightweight body, heats with a 100W halogen bulb and has built in ruby pearls to enhance the overall heating and vapor quality. 

The Angus Enhanced Vaporizer is the sequel to the YLLVAPE Angus Vaporizer which was released in 2021. The Angus Enhanced offers an improved design based on customer feedback but also improved the circuitry under the hood to offer more temperature stability during the session. 

Add in an assortment of accessories and the Angus Enhanced looks to be a step up from the original Angus, especially for those who like to customize their sessions. But is it worth $70 more ? Read our Angus Enhanced review and comparison to find out. 

YLLVAPE retails the Angus Enhanced Vaporizer for  $219. While this price is competitive for a portable vaporizer with halogen bulb technology, I would like to see a price under $200 and let you select add-on glass accessories instead of the AE coming with them which is factored into the $219 price.

If you use code VAPENOW15 with the link above you will get 15% off your Angus Enhanced from To the Cloud Vapor Store which comes with a 60 day trial period to make sure the Angus Enhanced is going to work for you.


angus enhanced packaging

The Angus enhanced comes in a nifty little zipper case with nets for storage. It is pretty impressive all the glass they fit in the netted sector of the packaging. I am surprised the AE sidecar bubbler did not break in shipping. The exterior is very strong and this certainly is a nice bonus to come with such a vaporizer for free.

The Angus Enhanced case would serve well for other portable vaporizers such as the Mighty+ given it’s size and durability.

Comes With

angus enhanced accessories
  • Angus Enhanced 
  • Stem Holder
  • Carrying Case 
  • Sidecar Bubbler 
  • Loading Funnel 
  • Stainless Steel Screens 
  • Cleaning Brush 
  • Universal Water Pipe Adapter 
  • O-Rings 
  • 3.5” glass stem 
  • 2” glass stem 
  • 2.75” glass stem

Judging by all the accessories, the “Enhanced” aspect  refers to more than just the vaporizer itself. YLLVAPE gives you a plethora of options from mini bubbler to water adapter to 3 different sized glass draws. If you were wanting to add these after market to say your Venty Vaporizer, you would be paying about $40 more in just add ons alone. 

What I don’t like about this is there probably are a lot of Angus Enhanced Users who will not bother with these included bonus glass pieces. Then again this could probably be said about the free grinder you get when you buy the Angus Enhanced from To the Cloud Vapor Store. You could make the overall device cheaper and sell the sidecar bubbler and water pipe adapter as extras. This is like getting a pricier economy ticket which lets you check two bags for free when you may only be bringing a carry on.


The Angus Enhanced is incredibly lightweight while feeling very sturdy in the hand at the same time. The body is made from both a durable Polyphenylsulfone (PPSU) & Polyetheretherketone (PEEK). This is the same material which YLLVAPE used on the original Angus however here they have removed the Walnut Wood. 

The Walnut Wood is attributed to heat retention in the body (not where you want heat retention) of original Angus. By removing this and designing the body of 100% medical grade thermoplastics the unit will dispel heat from the main body and not get too hot in the hand after long sessions. 

The Angus Enhanced chamber is made of stainless steel with the halogen light and ruby balls sitting underneath.

The sides of the Angus Enhanced hold the dual 18650 batteries and USB- C charging port. On the bottom is the air intake which can be adjusted to increase or decrease airflow. 

It should also be noted the Angus and Angus Enhanced do carry a ROHS certification. A European Union (EU) certification which ensures the components of the Angus Enhanced meet environmental standards.

Convection Heating Via Halogen Bulb

ruby angus enhanced

We just reviewed another halogen bulb vaporizer in the Herbalizer. This form of convection heating is seen as one of the most clean and best ways to vaporize your herb. Besides the health benefits offered by a halogen bulb they are energy efficient and provide nearly instant heat.

The downside is they can be fragile and getting any oil onto the bulb can really jeopardize the bulb’s longevity. For this reason we strongly advise against using you Angus Enhanced with extracts.


The Angus is not the easiest to operate out of the box. It utilizes a single button function for turning on, changing the temperature, checking the battery, etc. There is no screen or bluetooth to assist with the operations. This information ( battery life, temperature, session status) is all shown via the corresponding lights on outside of the home button. It is like reading a sundial to get the time versus just having a device like the Solo 3 which just outright displays the information.

I found that to even turn the Angus Enhanced on, I had to act with purpose. I couldn’t just hit the home button 5 times fast and have it turn on, I had to count them out and make sure it was in fact pressing the home button 5 times in 2 seconds.

  • Home Button x 5 – Power On/Off
  • Home Button x 2 – Temperature Setting Mode
  • Home Button x 2 – Adjust Temperature/ Automatically Begins to Heat

When the device is heating up, the light ring will continuously blink. Once it reaches the desired temperature, the blinking will stop, and the light will remain solid. The Angus Enhanced will then vibrate to indicate it is ready for use.


angus dosing capsules
The Burnoff is important here. The Angus Enhanced carries that new device smell/taste which will dissipate after 2-3 burnoff cycles. This is alot like washing a brand new t-shirt before you wear it. 

With all the glass pieces YLLVAPE includes you do have options. For my first session I packed up one of the glass dosing capsules and the 3.5” stem for the coolest vapor. 

The one thing which can be overwhelming when you start your session is the amount of options to choose from. To get a feel for your Angus Enhanced we recommended going for one of the straightforward glass stems. 

Then there is the option to use a glass dosing capsule or just throw your herb in the chamber. Oddly I did feel the vapor is better without the dosing capsule and feel this is due to the Angus Enhanced heating with convection. The hot air does not pass through the herb as easy when it is all packed into a dosing capsule. 

I also don’t understand the need for three different sizes of glass stems and the vapor with the shortest stem was a tad too hot for my liking. The longer one suited me best as the vapor was the coolest. The sidecar bubbler and water pipe adapter are great especially if you want to take large hits but for my use case I love tasting the plant as that is what halogen bulb vaporizers really excel at and when you session with water purification you lose alot of the flavor. 

Another nifty accessory YLLVAPE includes which help with your session is a funnel which will screw in place over the herb chamber.

The Angus Enhanced will stay in session mode for 5 minutes or until you turn it off.

Boost Mode – works by raising the temperature 18° F. During the session hold the home button down. When released it will go back to the previous session temperature. 

Boost mode adds sort of an on demand feel to your session. If you watch the Angus Enhanced heat up you will notice once it hits temperature the ruby red glow turns off. It will turn on again once it senses the temperature has dropped but boost mode will ensure it is always heating if you hit the booster while you draw. 

Heat up time – 45 seconds to 356° F

Chamber Size – .2 to .25 if you really want to top it off. 

Off .2 grams I was getting about 12 really good draws.

Temperature Range – 356°F , 375°F , 395°F , 410°F , 428°F

As we mention further below in our Angus Enhanced review, you can customize your presets by downloading a program and the uploading that into your Angus Enhanced. 

Vapor Quality

While the vapor from the Angus Enhanced is good. I am quite surprised that I enjoy the vapor from the original YLLVAPE Angus much more. 

With all the accessories which come with the Angus Enhanced the vapor quality can be quite different across the board. The sidecar bubbler is quite different from the 3.5” glass stem from the 2” glass stem.  

Overall the vapor is balanced but being pure convection from a halogen bulb I would have expected more flavor. The flavor I got from the original Angus was better. Once I turned up the Angus Enhanced to 375° F or over it was certainly volume over flavor. 

One nifty feature on the Angus Enhanced is the airflow dial on the bottom of the unit. I was restricting airflow a tad as to not get huge lung busting hits. Here I noticed the draw felt a little restricted , especially when also using the glass dosing capsules. However when opened up all the way the draw resistance was near none and the AE provided quite large unrestricted hits.

You can get some big hits from the Angus Enhanced and I would say if you are looking for more robust vapor then the Angus Enhanced is one to check out. This vapor was on par with the likes of the Arizer portable line up – Solo 3, Air Max. Not quite up there with Storz & Bickel but also not as expensive. The halogen bulb also shines in consistency of vapor quality throughout your session. Meaning the 10th hit was almost as good as the first few (which are known to be much better since the herb is fresh).


The Angus Enhanced portability is worse than the original Angus. This is due to the large glass stems of the Angus Enhanced versus the cooling until on the original. While that is the case, neither the original or enhanced are really pocket portable vaporizers like the PAX Plus or Crafty+. 

Just like most other heavyweight portables that get you the high grade vapor, the Angus Enhanced can be enjoyed easily on the patio but not something you want to take camping with you.


While the Angus follows the same principles and general design of the original Angus, the Angus Enhanced redesigns some sticking points. We mentioned above in the “build” section how the Angus Enhanced is all PEEK thermoplastic and has no wood on the body. This helps to dissipate heat better. 

Besides that the Angus Enhanced places the batteries on the side of the device. If you have ever tried to input the batteries into the original Angus you know what a chore it is. On the Angus Enhanced you don’t even need to remove the stem holder to change the batteries. 

Besides the updates to the exterior of the vaporizer, there were some improvements to the internal electronics to make temperature stability greater.

Customization your Preset Temperatures

Besides the tweaks to the physical design, the Angus Enhanced can be programmed with your own presets. 

I lowered the temperatures across the board as I felt even the second preset at 375°F was rather hot. While it is a process if you really want to customize them, the option is there albeit the procedure may be a little too technical for some users.

USB- C Charging and Removable 18650 batteries

The Angus Enhanced charges with USB-C as is the norm now for most recently released portable vaporizers. The added benefit is the removable 18650 batteries which allow you to swap out with another pair so there is no down time. Also there is the option to charge externally for much faster charge times. While the USB-C does offer faster charging over the previous predominant micro USB, an external charger will always reign supreme. 

In testing it out it was about 2 hours to fully charge from dead and on a full charge we received about 60 minutes average of session time. 

This will vary based on the batteries you use, temperature you vape at and even the USB-C charging chord used to charge the device. Given the batteries are removable and do not come with the device (unless you purchase at To the Cloud Vapor Store where batteries are included with your Angus Enhanced purchase).


Given you are just needing to clean your glass and the herb chamber , the Angus Enhanced ranks well for ease of cleaning. It is important to keep build up out of the chamber though as the halogen bulbs are known to be more prone to burning out if the vaporizer is dirty. A simple swipe with the brush after each session and a wipe out with some alcohol wipes after every 10 and you will remain good to go. For the glass the tried and true iso bath or boiling water will both suffice.

Angus Enhanced Specs

Dimensions 4.5” x 2.7” x .9” (in.)
Weight 8.7 (oz.)

Overall I was not impressed with the Angus Enhanced like I was the original Angus. Your mileage may vary as I seem to be the odd ball here. Users have responded very well to the design updates made by YLLVAPE and the fact this thing can really hit hard, comes with alot of options for your session and offers adjustable airflow. The fact this vaporizer can be had for under $200 makes it all the more appealing.

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