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Previewing the Carta 2 Vaporizer – What’s New With Focus V’s Carta 2 ?

The newly released Focus V Carta 2 is now for sale and it appears to be quite the upgrade from the OG Carta Vaporizer.  If you are considering the idea of purchasing the OG Carta or the Carta 2 Vaporizers, keep reading. This will be a comparison guide to give you an idea of what the differences are between the two. While made from the same brand Focus V, you may have a preference towards one or the other, especially when it comes to your wallet. 

With a comparison guide like this, you can easily make a choice and run with it. Let’s talk more about each vaporizer including the features, functions, and what you can get out of it.

OG Carta V2

OG carta focus v

The V2 has a three-part design – base, glass and atomizer. First, it’s made from black and white two-tone plastic but has a nice matte finish that will make holding onto it a lot easier. It’s not the fanciest but it’s still durable and well made. 

Despite being made from plastic, it does not have that cheap look or feel to it. It can sit in your hands just fine and it won’t feel weighed down. It has four temperature presets that range from 500 °F all the way up to 842 °F

The OG Carta is controlled with one singular home button that is used to power on/off and switch between the 4 preset heat temperatures. This can be a little difficult but if it’s not your first vaporizer I am sure you have plenty of experience working single button sequences to power on and control your device. 

You have an app that will allow for more control, but in looking at the app store reviews it appears the application has more bugs than the Amazon rainforest. The Carta V2  has haptic feedback so you know when the atomizer is heated up and it charges with USB- C. Adding to the appeal of the Carta V2 are the removable dual 18350 batteries never leaving you high and dry [or should I say not high and dry] if you have a replacement pair.  

 The OG Carta V2 comes with two removable atomizer buckets (quartz and titanium). The titanium bowl will be easy to clean while the quartz one will be a challenge. Overall, both of them provide you with decent quality dabs. A good feature about the removable atomizer is that it does let you add 3rd party inserts for the serious dabber who wants some premium materials such as Aluminum Nitride for that superior vapor. 

 The V2 Atomizer has a warranty of 90 days and the vaporizer itself comes with a one year warranty. We do generally recommend getting the Everlast atomizer which cannot be upgraded with 3rd party premium inserts but will do as it says, everlast. 

One of the best things about a company releasing a new shiny vaporizer is that their current flagship model will drop in price to make way for the new. This makes the Carta even more attractive at $169.99 using vapenow15. The OG Carta V2 was one of the best value electronic rigs out there and with the release of the Carta 2  may be even more a value purchase.

Focus V Carta 2

carta 2 unboxing

The Focus V Carta 2 has recently been released and preorders began on April 7, 2022. Pre Orders and new releases can be a tricky beast. Many, many, many newly released vaporizers have had issues that are not discovered in beta testing, simply for the fact that beta testing a newly released vaporizer to critical mass would bankrupt a vaporizer manufacturer. SHO products (owners of Focus V) is a large cannabis conglomerate but not on par with say Proctor & Gamble who can afford a huge beta sample before roll out of a newly released product. 

Thankfully the Carta 2 was beta tested pretty extensively amongst insiders & enthusiasts in the cannabis community with very positive feedback and Focus V has a track record of both quality vaporizers and customer service and support to match. There are however those who like to take a wait and see approach given the quality control issues of vaporizers past, such as the Boundless Tera off gassing and Puffco Peak initial release defects.

Carta 2 Upgrades

carta 2 OLED screen

The Carta 2 has some serious upgrades over the original and for $150 more we would hope for improvements of this nature. Everything from the unit itself, to the newly added OLED screen, UX/UI controls and trade marked intelli-core atomizer with a quartz glazed ceramic (appears to  be a similar material of which the Puffco 3D Chamber is constructed) make this an upgrade for the ages. 

The Carta 2 atomizer offers improved heating and provides excellent airflow. It has a display screen that will give you the information you need all in real time. Like the OG Carta, it has a dedicated mobile app [which we are awaiting rollout of as it is supposed to be different from the current Focus V app] that will give you plenty of control over everything from temperature control to social sharing features surrounding sessions and more.  

The app promises customizable lights that will give it that awesome aesthetic look with RGB LEDs that can flash, glow, or pulse, similar to Puffco’s new mood lighting feature. Also included is a carrying case, dab tool, USB-C cable, and a silicone stopper which can plug the Carta 2 glass in order to transport full of water should you want to take it on a day hike and not fill and discard the vaporizer with water along the way.

The Intelli-Core atomizer is an excellent upgrade on it’s own, not even considering the other upgrades. The IntelliCore™ atomizer is made from ceramic glaze providing great terp profiles, heating from the bottom and sides and is easy to clean even if you’ve used it for a long period of time. Just use a cotton swab with a bit of rubbing alcohol and that’s all. The intelli-Core atomizer is also 14mm in diameter versus the OG Carta atomizer at 10mm. In following the beta testers on Instagram we have seen them taking some serious globs (giant dabs of 5-6 hits in one drop)  and the Carta 2 Intelli-Core atomizer is accommodating such perfectly. It is still important to swab with a Q-tip following each session despite the upgrades.

OG Carta & Carta 2 | One for One Comparison

Let’s take a one for one, head to head comparison at each aspect of the OG Carta and Carta 2 to see where which one has a leg up on the other.


The Carta 2 is $350. The Carta V2 is $199. This is quite the jump up in price. If the upgrades and bells and whistles are of no concern you are going to save with the OG Carta. In the time since the Carta’s original release we have constantly said it is one of the best value dab rigs out there. The Carta 2 is aiming to be the luxury upgrade. 


The Carta 2 has a temperature range of 365°F – 635°F.  The Carta V2 range is 500°F to 842°F giving the edge to the OG Carta for hotter temps. I would imagine this has something to do with the proficiency  of the Intelli-Core atomizer not requiring ultra high heat for superior dabs, but cannot comment until I’ve tried it. 

Custom Bucket Potential vs. Intelli-Core™ Atomizer

 IntelliCore™– While the new Intelli-Core atomizer is a clear winner over the OG Carta V2’s standard titanium or quartz, the ability to swap out the buckets with some aftermarket ones can make all the difference for the scientific stoner. You can make the exact same argument here for the OG Puffco Peak’s removable insert versus the Puffco Peak Pro chamber which does not have removable inserts.

Those who swap out internal pieces of their electronic rigs are a tiny addressable market and  chances are you are just going to use either your Carta V2 or Carta 2 out the box –  giving the Carta 2 an edge with a much superior atomizer.

Also to be noted on the custom buckets according to some users on the FOCUS V  Reddit sub, many who have purchased aftermarket buckets have reported damage to their atomizer or the atomizer is ill fitting.  They are 3rd party inserts for that matter and not sanctioned by Focus V. You really got to know what you are doing. 

The Intelli-Core atomizer is 40% wider at 14mm than the OG Carta atomizer and heats from the bottom and the side. So those big globs we talked about. The Carta 2 will let you gobble them down with greater ease.

Vapor Quality

The quartz coated ceramic and 360 degree heating of  Intelli-Core™ atomizer will accent the terps better alongside better vapor profiles versus the standard titanium and quartz of the OG Carta.  Better extraction, better efficiency, better flavor.

Carta Glass Bubbler Attachment

carta 2 glass vs. OG carta Glass

While these are backwards compatible, meaning your OG Carta glass will work with the Carta 2 and vice versa, there are some minor differences. The Carta 2 glass has a frosted glass internal component where the OG glass is 100% transparent. Also to be noted is the Carta 2 vapor path intake on the glass is larger than the OG’s glass by what appears to be about 15% larger on the Carta 2 glass.

The frosted glass component of the Carta 2 glass does accentuate the RGB lighting to a greater extent, but the lightshow is still pretty dope with the OG glass.


The ability to have your information displayed on an OLED screen with straight forward  controls is something that should have been added to electronic rigs a while ago. The guesswork from the OG Carta is totally removed with the Carta 2.


The Carta V2 battery can last up to 50 hits on a single charge and will take roughly an hour to fully charge. Even if the OG Carta only provided 30 hits on a single charge and took 2 hours to charge, the removable dual 18350 batteries seem to be preferred. 

We are yet to go hands on with the Carta 2 ourselves but it uses an internal Li-ion Polymer 2000mAh -7.4V battery. It does offer pass through charging however and Focus also has designed a wireless charging dock on which to store your Carta 2 so you will always be at 100% battery.  Yet for some reason Focus decided to opt out of the removable batteries which it used on the OG Carta V2.

Looking Forward to the Forward Looking Carta 2

According to Sam Jurist of SHO Products, he said that cannabis has become widespread and consumers are looking for evolved products that can be used for consumption. Jurist added that CARTA (Focus V)  has spent years looking to perfect their consumption devices to make them the best on the market. 

The Carta 2 seems to be the next step for the blockbuster electronic rig’s evolution. We are excited to get hands on and review the Carta 2 soon.

original carta vape
focus v carta 2 Vaporizer
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