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Puffco new release

Puffco’s New Releases Meet Solid Gold Marketing & Media

We recently reviewed the Ispire Daab E-rig and were quite impressed. What it lacked in design it’s controls made it much easier to use than other electronic rigs and the vapor is as tasty as it gets.

Just as we began selling the Ispire DAAB with great feedback may I add, Ispire lowered the price $50. While this makes the DAAB more appealing, from a business standpoint it can often signal trouble that a newly introduced vaporizer is not selling so well. The hopes are lowering the price will boost units sold and while less money is made per unit, more units are sold to compensate.

ispire daab introduction

The Daab was released in July of 2021 so it’s not exactly the new kid on the block and Focus V is releasing their Carta 2 as we speak. It is not completely unheard of for a manufacturer to drop prices that quick, but generally it does come later in the life cycle of the product. There are potentially many more reasons outside of slow sales where prices on relatively new entrants are dropped. Whatever reason let us please hope it is not a sign of troubles to come, especially after losing the highly regarded Cloud Evo by VapeXhale just a few weeks ago. 

With how well the Daab is selling and no hints at a new Ispire vaporizer release (another reason manufacturers will drop prices) The general consensus is the Daab is likely seen as a direct competitor with the Original Puffco Peak and pricing it the same will win more market share away from the concentrate vaporizer juggernaut.  But how does Puffco wield so much power and influence in the electronic rig market and the cannabis market overall ? 

Enter Puffco

The Original Puffco Peak

If you are new to the vaporizer space, Puffco pioneered the design of the original Peak  which has been copied across the board by the likes of Kandypens, Focus V and many others. The success continued from there with their 2nd iteration, the Puffco Peak Pro. With only three vaporizers in their wheelhouse, Puffco remains synonymous with concentrate vaporizers through a consistent drip of unparalleled marketing and media to accommodate their new releases and upgrades.

In the beginning of of 2022, it seems like the popular vape manufacturer has constantly been in the news. After starting the year with a highly-anticipated 3D Chamber, they’ve followed up with a flurry of smaller releases and other announcements from accessories to special edition models of the Peak Pro. 

Puffco Mood Lights

RGB lighting has been an important feature for almost as long as people have been vaping. Nowadays, if you’re going to thoroughly evaluate a particular vape, the lighting is a part of the equation. And Puffco’s current flagship vape, the Puffco Peak Pro already comes with built-in RGB lighting.

But you know what’s better than RGB lighting? Customizable RGB lighting. Out of the box, you can choose a few different color and lighting patterns. But until recently, the Peak hasn’t been customizable. This changed with the release of the firmware version X.

Assuming you’ve upgraded your firmware, you can now access a bunch of other settings from within the Puffco app. To begin with, you can choose between the full spectrum of 16 million RGB colors. Drag individual points around on a color wheel, and you can choose blends of many different colors. You can also adjust the movement pattern of the mood lighting, by selecting between five different patterns. You can even name different color patterns, and assign them to specific vape modes.

This has already sparked a lot of conversation in the Puffco community. Fans on Reddit are even exchanging their own mood color settings. If there’s a particular effect you were hoping for, there’s a good chance someone’s already created something along those lines.

Puffco Cupsy

As the company name insinuates, Puffco doesn’t just make concentrate vaporizers. They also have a line of products for enjoying your dry herb. On April Fool’s of 2021 Puffco debuted the Budsy water bottle-pipe, a Nalgene bottle which is intended to also be a water pipe.  The Cupsy  of the same concept, is designed to mimic the look and feel of an ordinary coffee cup.

This is actually a dual-purpose product. The outer plastic housing and rubber grip are easy to hold onto. A stainless steel inner shell is easy to keep clean, and does a serviceable job at keeping your coffee and tea warm. The lid even works as a regular travel lid, so you can enjoy a hot beverage on the go.

But what makes the Cupsy special is the ability to smoke  herb out of it. There’s a little ceramic insert, which can be put into the lid for you to burn your herb. The flip-up drinking straw, meanwhile, doubles as a mouthpiece for smoking.

If you wanted to, you could use your coffee or tea as a bubbler. But unless you’re a fan of drinking ash, you’ll probably want to wait to smoke until you’ve finished your morning Joe. For smoking purposes, you only need about an inch of water. That’s more than enough to get the bubbling effect you want, with plenty of space over the top to allow for expansion.

Ryan Fitt Recycler Glass 2.0

Ryan Fitt Recycler Glass 2.0

The Ryan Fitt Recycler Glass 2.0 is Puffco’s second partnership with Ryan Fitt, one of the world’s most prestigious glassblowers. Like any glass, it’s designed to help cool the vapor, and to let it expand before it hits your lungs. But unlike the utilitarian glass that comes with the Puffco Peak, the Recycler Glass 2.0 is a beautiful work of art.

The main component is a central volcano-shaped funnel, with your water in the bottom. Around the perimeter, there are four air tubes, which meet the main glass at the base, then arch up and meet at the top. This causes a lot of the vapor to recirculate through the glass more than once, further enhancing the cooling experience.

All in all, it’s tough to argue with the effectiveness. If you want an even smoother hit than you get from your vape’s stock glass, it’s not a bad way to go. As far as the aesthetic goes, you’re looking at a stunning piece of glass that’s a true credit to its designer.

With all of that being said, take a look at the price tag. You’re actually paying more for the Ryan Fitt glass than the original Puffco Peak itself  – including the carrying case, original glass, and all the accessories. That’s a bit steep, so many people are liable to pass up on this upgrade. Like our opinion on the Puffco 3D chamber, the upgraded glass is for the dabber who only uses the Peak and uses it many times a day. 


Puffcon Block party

Puffco isn’t just releasing upgrades and accessories. One of their most exciting recent announcements is the 2nd annual upcoming Puffcon Convention. This is an outdoor block party, to be held on October 1st in Los Angeles. First and foremost, it will serve as a place for Puffco – and other local vendors – to show off their latest offerings.

But Puffco has also marketed this gathering as a social event. There’s going to be food, music, and an opportunity to hang out and dab with fellow enthusiasts. If it’s as big a deal as it sounds like, this could be a great opportunity for cannabis entrepreneurs to network.

In addition to vapes, there will be a street marketplace. Puffco says that it will feature “artists selling unique items”. Last year it was not told how many were in attendance but  if you went you got a free Action Bronson concert and Puffcon does serve well to keep the Puffco name front and center, something Puffco has consistency excelled at.

Puffco | Marketing as Good as Their Vaporizers

All of these releases are great news for Puffco fans and the dabbing community in general. Puffco really does create superior products in the space and this constant drip of new releases shows they are innovating.  But it obscures one major issue: Puffco hasn’t released a new full-sized vaporizer since the Puffco Peak Pro release in November 2020. 

So far, nothing they’ve announced this year tells us to expect a new vape before 2023. Generally when no new release is being teased in the pipeline, hype dies off and the community starts to focus on whoever is releasing the next new vaporizer. In Puffco’s case no one else is coming within miles of their creative genius and unparalleled marketing which keeps the community engaged on Puffco –  Even as high quality new vaporizers from Ispire and Focus V come to market. And who knows, maybe Puffco hits us with something new and exciting at Puffcon 2022. 

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