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Ispire Daab Vaporizer (V2)

4.2 out of 5
10 Reviews


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Ispire | To the Cloud Vapor Store


The Ispire Daab Vaporizer is a glass on glass induction heated electronic rig that provides amazing flavor for any viscosity of concentrates. With one of the most expansive temperature ranges, removeable 18650 batteries and pass through charging, the Daab is ready to take on any dab anytime from large to small. The easy to use and understand LED user interface takes the guess work out of firing up.

  • Build

    The Daab’s base is made from a sturdy plastic composite with heat rated composites in the induction area that can withstand temperatures in excess of 800 ℉. The rest is borosilicate glass throughout from the reclaim cup to the water chamber mouthpiece. The induction cups , made from glass, utilize a stainless steel ring for the induction process.

  • Function

    the Ispire Daab functions via induction heating. This is the neatest out of the three methods (convection , conduction , induction)  in which vaporizers can heat and the Dr. Dabber Switch is the only other electronic rig that uses induction.

  • Session

    Definitely not a portable vaporizer, the Ispire Daab is meant for at home solo sessions or with friends. The no atomizer glass make it so you can pack larger amounts without the total degradation of flavor and the manual and automatic modes make it easy to customize your sessions. While it will provide better flavor with larger dabs , the best flavor comes from small rice sized dabs.

What's in the box

Comes with

  • Ispire Daab Vaporizer
  • Water Chamber / Mouthpiece
  • Concentrate Cup
  • Carb Cap
  • USB-C Cable
  • Dab Mat with Instructions
  • Q-Tips
  • Alcohol Wipes
  • Dab Tool
  • User Manual


  • Ispire Dives In

    Ispire was founded in 2020 as a consultancy and manufacturing firm bringing quality vaporizers to market for brands in the United States. Over the years they have built relationships with factories that have allowed them to now produce their own line of batteries, induction heaters, and oil cartridges. The Ispire Daab is their first vaporizer after the success of their handheld induction heater the wand.

  • Glass on Glass on Glass

    The Ispire Daab does loosely follow the design of the typical concentrate vaporizer rig, but only in appearance. The Daab™  patent pending induction cup makes use of the wonders of induction heating and borosilicate glass for amazing flavor.

    Throughout the Ispire Daab this glass is utilized from the mouthpiece to the reclaim cup giving off the cleanest and purest dabs you will find from any E-rig.


  • No Down Time

    The Ispire Daab charges via USB-C charging  and  will charge in a little under two hours. However there is never any need to wait. The Daab boasts two removeable 18650 batteries so you are always ready to go with spare back ups. Better yet the Daab offers pass through charging so simply connecting it means you are ready to go.

  • No App, No Problem

    The Ispire Daab does not have a smartphone app, but there is no need to worry. Much like the Mighty+ vaporizer, the Daab has all the controls you need on the base of the device and the LED readout lets you see all pertinent information.

    This is the first concentrate vaporizer rig with such features that takes out the guess work of getting feedback on temperature, battery life and error messages with flashing mutli- colored LED signals. The Daab Vaporizer just gives you the information in a straightforward manner on your display.



  • That [Temperature] Range

    With a temperature range that can be adjusted via 5 degree increments from 250°F to 800°F, the Ispire Daab lets you vape any viscosity of concentrates. 

    Going back to easy to use, the Daab adjusts temperature with up and down buttons. Those who are familiar with more conventional E-rigs know having two press buttons in odd sequences to change temperature can be cumbersome and do not allow you a full range of temperature specifications. The Daab takes out any guess work and does so without the need for any app.

  • Flavor Chasers E-Rig

    The Daab’s glass on glass features combined with the induction heating make this the electronic rig for flavor chasers. the Daab provides amazing flavor that you won’t find even with premium $500 sets ups like the Puffco 3D Chamber or Switch AlN induction cup.


  • Warranty & Trial Period

    The Ispire Daab comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty.

    To further ensure your satisfaction, To the Cloud Vapor Store offers a 60 day trial period and lifetime trade ins for store credit.

ispire daab introduction

Are the Daab's Batteries Removeable ?

Yes, the Ispire Daab uses two removeable 18650 batteries. They can be charged internally using the cable or externally with an external charger for faster charge times.



4.2 out of 5
10 Reviews
  • Steve

    It looks great ” IF IT WORKS” when it wants to work-get my meaning? ” “MINE DOESNT WORK” as per the instructions .i have tried to register this–cant do it, tried to contact Inspire, by phone–NG email –NG. I have written to their... site– got nothing . For the amount i foolishly paid for this, i would never buy this ever again all because i cant get my issue solved.Dont be fooled by all the Hype.
    I purchase this at the cloud– great store who has been also for days trying to help.To them my compliments ! i am thankful to them. I hope they and all stores drop this pricey non working product. see if you can get a reply,try to register, warranty , or get your money back.
    My advise is to pass on any purchase from INSPIRE Products

  • Dan

    It’s definitely something you have to learn from traditional E coil and rig, which is what I come from. At first I was skeptical about this device. I was not getting the hits that I wanted. They did not taste good. all the reviews... that I read about were becoming false, that was until my girl realized the carb cap was upside down. The long part goes downward! Now, this device is unbelievable. I can’t believe how much concentrates were being wasted before the inspire Daab! I’ve been a fan of cannabis since the early 90’s.

    The customer service alone is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. The guy texted me on my phone to verify all the payment stuff was legit before shipping. I mean who does that? The service is above and beyond that is all I can say. Anyhow, you can’t go wrong with these people. They are the real deal

  • karlos benitez

    i have purchased two of these things i wont use anything else i need a back up just incase big clouds great flavor best on the market by a mile.

  • Dan

    Received my Ispire Daab rig and there’s definitely a little bit of a learning curve but definitely rips like a champion. Only hiccup is my carb cap is a bit too long and bottoms out in the cup slightly, making the glass on glass seal... around the cap terrible. Fortunately if you contact ispire, they will send a rubber bumper for the cap to seal properly free of charge. I can’t wait to try it with a good deal, mines on the way.

  • J

    Got mine on sale. First dab rig ever. Love it at 550 degrees. Would recommend to others wanting to get into dabbing but dont want to use a torch or pay $400 for an e-rig. Flavor is amazing

  • Paul

    This is the one! If you’re shopping for an e-rig that won’t break the bank and gives amazing hits, look no further. I am more than happy with my purchase and To the Cloud was an outstanding vendor to deal with. I will most... definitely order from them again.

  • Roy

    The Ispire DAAB is a great device!
    After 2 failed (battery in SOC,Peak) unrepairable devices died, The ISPIRE DAAB device came in with replaceable batteries, WOW FANTASTIC, SOLD!!!!!
    NO BRAINER with swappable batteries it will ALWAYS fire up!
    Super easy to use, no need to... wiggling carb cap, just Fire and go 1 handed!
    Great glass function!
    Have noticed ISPIRE DAAB can handle MUCH bigger dabs than a peak and many others! Definite must have! It’s a KEEPER!

  • Ron

    I am fully cheesin for the reason of my Daab got me believen. Getting some good vapor out of the Daab. I wish the carb cap was different. Gonna buy a different one. Buy the Daab, you will like it.

  • Ron

    I am fully cheesin for the reason of my Daab got me believen. Getting some good vapor out of the Daab. I wish the carb cap was different. Gonna buy a different one. Buy the Daab, you will like it.

  • Sean

    Soooo, this was my first ever e-rig purchase, and I must say…..I am rather disappointed in the Ispire Daab!! I was sooo stoked to receive and try out my new Daab, but when I got it, the glass on glass seal….is atrocious!!! The gaps... were so large, it didnt affect the air flow either way….whether I left the carb cap on or took it off!! I wasn’t able to get good vapor from it at all!

    I contacted Ispire and they sent me completely new glass… was BETTER, but still didn’t/doesnt seal like it should! I have since had to buy some silicone putty, and putty off the seal around the water chamber and the carb cap!! It DOES hit pretty dang good now, but its a pain in the butt, trying to use it with that putty on there!

    I actually JUST NOW put an order in for the Dr Dabber Boost Evo……I am hoping that device comes as described….and hits better than this Daab does…..

    tothecloudvaporstore was EXCELLENT though, throughout my entire purchase! Tyler was in contact with me, making sure my order was being taken care of! I could tell he really cared about making the order right, and I like that in a company! I actually ordered the Boost Evo from here!! LOL

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