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daab inner cup substitutes

New Ispire Daab Inner Cup & Substitutes

If you own the Ispire Daab and have been looking replacement DAAB inner cups, you are not alone. Ispire recently halted production of the Daab Vaporizer,  Wand  and corresponding Ispire parts & accessories without any communication as to why. We believe the hiatus was due to the ISPIRE initial public offering (IPO) in which regulations have been often ambiguous surrounding certain items not being permitted or needing to be removed from a company’s product catalog in order to secure funding from underwriters. This is sort of odd given Ispire’s 510 batteries and other product applications are meant for cannabis as well, but hey it’s 2024 and lots of rules and political / regulatory legislation makes zero sense. 

The Ispire Daab came on the scene in early 2022 and was received very well, especially by the more senior crowd who didn’t want to screw around with the App controls of the Puffco Peak Pro or take the huge hits offered by the Carta 2. The Ispire Daab offered straight forward easy to use controls and tasty glass on glass vapor all without a traditional atomizer.

While the glass inner cups provided a benefit of not burning out as occurs with traditional E-rig atomizers,  they were still made of glass and thus more prone to breaking than other materials such as Silicon Carbide (SiC)  or Aluminum Nitride (AlN). 

We did write this blog post a few months back when there was still no news on when and if new Ispire Parts & Accessories would  become available. The good news is that they are finally here and you can now enjoy the new Daab Concentrate Cup.

New Daab Concentrate Cup

new daab concentrate cup

The new Daab Concentrate Cup serves as a two in one solution from the old set up. Ispire has combined the reclaim cup and inner cup into into a singular cup which does away for the need for the reclaim cup. The former set up (pictured below) required the reclaim cup in place and then the inner cup into the reclaim cup.

old daab nner cup

This new set up is more efficient with the need for only one piece to serve both functions of capturing any backsplash and heating your dabs. The chamber capacity is now greater and the heating more efficient with the metal induction element closer to the electro magnetic mechanism allowing for a faster heat up time.

However there are some draw backs. The old set up let you pull out the reclaim cup with ease and reload with a new inner cup. The new concentrate cup does not have the silicone heat shield on it and the sides can get hot to the touch when removing. The veteran dabber however will quickly realize a quick cotton swab and dropping a fresh dab in with something like a Puffco Hot Knife mitigates any need to remove the concentrate cup like was required with the old set up.

Both the new and old set up for the Daab Cups are glass and prone to breaking.   During the production halt we had some time to try out some more durable and economic substitutes  for Daab inner cups which will go the distance, here is a run down of some quick substitutes for the Ispire Daab Inner Cups which will do the trick, albeit some better than others.

Budget Option

daab inner cup substitutes

The cheapest and easiest is going to be picking up a standard OEM Dr. Dabber Switch Induction cup. This will run you about $30 and comes with a titanium jacket and a medical grade ceramic interior. If wanting something a little bit more high end, there is a quartz cup. If wanting to use at lower temperatures the ceramic is ideal and quartz recommended for those who like to use their Daab above 500 °F. You can browse all the Dr. Dabber Induction Cups here and they will all work, besides the leaf cup. 

For testing we used the titanium jacket from the Dr. Dabber Switch and threw in the quartz and stainless steel buckets from the Classic Carta. These Carta buckets are even cheaper and but cannot be used alone. What matters most is you have the metal from the titanium jacket of the Dr. Dabber induction cups which will do the “inducting”.  The Classic Carta buckets are not hard to find and a pack of two should run you about $10.

Durability Option

ALN cup in the Daab

For those wanting the ultimate in durability, the Dr. Dabber Switch ALN induction cup is going to rule the roost. While this is not cheap at $100 it will last a lifetime and offers the best properties for taking down dabs in terms of thermodynamics and vapor quality. The dabs in the Daab offered by the ALN induction cup were more flavorful than the budget options mentioned above. 

Best Overalll Option

If you can still find some Ispire Wand Inner Cups for concentrates those will be a great substitute. When we originally wrote this article, Ispire was radio silent on the Daab and all spare Ispire parts were in limited supply. The Daab inner cups however sold out long before the Wand Inner Cups (must be the concentrate cup) . The Wand inner cups ended up being the most efficient substitute for the Ispire Daab providing the best overall vapor  for the cost. Ultimately when we told our customers in need of Daab inner cups about this, the Wand inner cups as well sold out.

2024 Ispire Developments

We have received some good news from Ispire that a spinoff company  is in the works which will be producing the Daab and other vaporizers. So we will again see production and Ispire products being brought to market. This would include the Ispire Daab parts & accessories so many customers have been trying to get their hands on. Right now we are working out details and hope to have some more information mid January 2024.

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5 months ago

This is good news.
Hope to see some stock on the site soon.

5 months ago
Reply to  VaporChaser

Same! I bought my Daab from nuggclub last year around November 22 and luckily bought a set of extra cups and batteries, as well as the v.2 cap for it.

5 months ago
Reply to  VaporChaser

Looks like new Carb Caps came in and are up for sale but I still don’t see any of either the old concentrate cups or the new combined single concentrate-reclaim cup item yet.

4 months ago

Alright! The new 2-in-1 cups are in! Just ordered.

3 months ago
Reply to  VaporChaser

already sold out =(

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