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ALN Induction Cup

5 out of 5
1 Reviews
  • OEM Dr. Dabber Part
  • Compatible with the Dr. Dabber Switch
  • AlN (Aluminum Nitride) Insert
  • Titanium Cup
  • Most Durable Switch Insert


ALN Induction Cup | Dr. Dabber Switch Parts & Accessories

The ALN (Aluminum Nitride Induction Cup, for the Dr. Dabber Switch Vaporizer , is the most durable  premium add on available.  Designed for your oils, shatters or waxes, this two part system containing the ALN insert and a Titanium induction cup ensures you get the longest lasting induction piece and the most  hits from your concentrates at the highest temperatures.

Aluminum Nitride provides a 125 times greater thermal conductivity than Quartz. This greater heat transfer leads to the fastest heat up times you can get with the Dr. Dabber Switch while mitigating any cold spots. This material also can adjust temperatures more rapidly than Ceramic. The combination of properties make the ALN Induction Cup the best add on cup yet.

While the Switch ALN Induction cup comes at a premium the combination of thermal conductivity, insulation, durability and stability make it the best overall dabbing experience once can enjoy.

If you are looking to elevate your flavor and overall vapor quality for your  Dr. Dabber Switch, the ALN induction cup is the one for you. Get it today with free shipping at To the Cloud Vapor Store.



5 out of 5
1 Reviews
  • John

    I used this with crystal mode as instructed ,(manual is quite confusing but figured it out), and loaded in my new AlN Induction Cup. Set the Switch to medium and added a very small dab to the cup. Waited and dabbed away and it was... a much more intense experience, my high was very potent but the dab was small. It also tasted better. Although this is not an inexpensive part, I think Its performance justifies its price.
    I wonder what would happen if I put a bigger dab in.

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