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Dr. Dabber Switch review | To the Cloud Vapor Store

Dr. Dabber Switch Review – The Highest Rated E-Rig on the Market

While the popularity and imitation of E-Rigs really took off following the success of the original Puffco Peak, the Dr. Dabber Switch came out in 2018 (at the same time) and remains the highest rated concentrate vaporizer. The Dr. Dabber Switch boasts superior durability and vapor quality to the likes of even the uber popular Peak Pro. This tank-like durability, superior vapor quality and ability to session plugged in , with no need to worry about the battery, are why we refer to it as the Volcano Vaporizer of E-Rigs.


dr. dabber switch packaging | To the Cloud Vapor Store

The Switch comes in very accommodating packaging  with everything laid out and protected well. The large and bulky packaging is essential  to protect the glass bubbler,  battery and unit’s glass of an already large device.  

The Switch weighs in at two and a half pounds and 13 inches in height (with the glass bubbler attached) . It is not a dab vape you can easily take on the go and even with packaging that permits transport, it is like lugging around a suitcase. It should be noted that there are 3rd party cases like the Cloud Ten Volcano Case for the purpose of traveling with your desktop vaporizers, so it can be done. I just make my friends come to me in the case they want to rip the Switch or any other large desktop vaporizer


The Switch was designed for at home only use, if need be  it can still be transported out onto the porch for a fun time with friends in the backyard or around the fire. While it is considerably larger and heavier than other dab rigs, it is a considerable pain to try and take smaller E-Rigs like the Carta v2 or Boost Evo on an adventure. While other E-Rigs may bill themselves as portable, they are anything but. The Dr. Dabber Switch is just a definite no. Do not even try to take this thing for a weekend camping in the mountains. It is a Desktop Vaporizer if there ever was one and it takes up alot of room. 


The Switch’s Body is made up of a Satin Rubber finish with metal alloys and a ceramic cover over the heating mechanism. The Glass Bubbler / Mouthpiece is borosilicate glass and your induction cups are also ceramic. This build ensures not only purity and health, but also that your Dr. Dabber Switch will last upwards of 5 plus years. Many of the concentrate vaporizers get a bad wrap as they breakdown at a rate much higher than their herb vaporizer counterparts. The Dr. Dabber Switch is the exception which bucks the trend.

Switch Glass Mouthpiece / Bubbler

Switch Bubbler review | To the Cloud Vapor Store

The Switch Glass Attachment enhances percolation and airflow through large air holes within the glass. This is one of the components which make a dab from the Switch so enjoyable. The fact that this is a standard bubbler which comes with your vaporizer really speaks to the extra mile Dr. Dabber went on designing the overall experience. If you look at their other recent release, the Boost Evo, the Glass is more the basic (does the trick design) and leaves it up to you to upgrade to something more high speed.

Removable Battery

Switch Removeable Battery | To the Cloud Vapor Store

The Switch has a proprietary removable battery pack which means you can buy back ups or replacements. But with a one year warranty on the battery and my Switch battery still going strong for three years, this is not needed. The Switch battery is 3000mAh LiFePO4 Battery which provides fast charging and long usage. 

Enclosed Heating Element 

The Switch’s electromagnetic heating coils are shielded under a sturdy ceramic glass. This makes it so that the heating source  is unreachable  by any byproducts and adds a huge level of consistency and  dependability.

Dr. Dabber Switch Specs

Weight 2.4 lbs
Dimensions 13" x 4" (inches)
Battery 3000mAh LiFePO4 Battery (33.3 watt-hours)
Warranty 2 Years - Electronics, 1 Year - Battery

Using the Dr. Dabber Switch

Quick Start for Oil 

  1. Charge the Switch or Plug It In 
  2. Fill Up your Glass Attachment & Place on Unit 
  3. Flip to your Setting to Oil 
  4. Input the Corresponding Induction Cup 
  5. Select Your Temperature with the (-) or (+) Buttons 
  6. Hit the Go Button 
  7. Load Your Dab & Cover 
  8. When the Switch Shows a Solid Green LED – Enjoy

Vapor Quality

switch vapor quality | To the Cloud Vapor Store

The Dr. Dabber Switch provides the best vapor out of any concentrate vaporizer currently on the market. It is tasty, bountiful (thick)  but smooth. The Switch also provides a large array of temperatures and settings to choose from for flavor over clouds and for different viscosities of your product. Add in the glass bubbler for an added level of purification and for the at home dabber, this is the one E-Rig to rule them all.

Other features such as the fast heat up time and record cool downs allow you to take dabs on demand without the need to keep the unit engaged for longer sessions with friends. However, being the jack of all trades, the Switch does have settings to let it run for up to 30 seconds, so you can keep it on if you wanted to. 

Smooth , tasty, plentiful , effective –  The vapor quality on this juggernaut of a desktop vaporizer puts it in a league of its own for the strict dab connoisseur.

Induction Heating

induction vaporizer | To the Cloud Vapor Store

Most Concentrate vaporizers function via conduction where the atomizer  heats up and through direct contact with the product, vaporizes. The Dr. Dabber Switch heats with induction. A non contact way of heating metals via a high frequency coil. Induction heating attracts currents through an electromagnetic field to your metal (in this case the induction cup). This is why the Dr. Dabber Switch will not heat up without an induction cup inside the unit.

The induction technology allows the Dr. Dabber Switch to heat up to your desired temperature between 4 to 6 seconds. If you want to check out a visual explanation of induction heating and just how quick it works check out this explainer video here

With this fast heat up time you are wasting less of your product cold loading and waiting for the vape to reach max temp. The induction method further ensures the most uniformed heat and removes nearly all the oxygen from the heated surface area. Removing  the oxygen prevents combustion and oxidation of the vapor resulting in more efficient and smoother hits. This is a factor as to why hot dabs on other vapes feel like silky clouds in the Dr. Dabber Switch

If the science of induction isn’t enough, there is always the fact that induction cups do not burn out or chit as fast as atomizers do and are much cheaper to replace. While something like the Original Puffco Peak will give you good dabs and more portability, the atomizer will burn out about every few months when used daily.

The Many Modes of the Dr. Dabber Switch

dr. Dabber Switch modes | To the Cloud Vapor Store

The Dr. Dabber Switch can be a bit of a brain twister when you first unpack it. The concept isn’t hard to understand but with all the different modes and fact you have to place the induction cup in the unit for the thing to engage  or need the  Crystal Quartz or SIC Induction Cup  to take advantage of the Switch’s Crystal mode; it can become a tad of a feeling out process.

Thankfully they do provide these little cheat cards which are in the bottom of your Dr. Dabber unit (underneath the battery door)

Standard Mode – Standard Mode offers five heat settings. This is the best way to get going and get your feet wet with the Dr. Dabber Switch using the quick start guide above.

Advanced  Mode-  Advanced Mode lets you unlock 25 heat settings to dial in and optimize your temperature to the T.

Crystal Mode – Is a special mode for use with the Quartz Crystal induction cups. This mode creates a different heating profile which optimizes the physical properties of the quartz crystal cup material. I have personally tried this mode and found myself to have better success and better sessions with the SIC induction cup. However if trying Crystal Mode with the normal ceramic cups , you are going to mess up your cup and material. 

Additional Dr. Dabber Switch Customizations

Standby Lighting Options – The Dr. Dabber Switch has an assortment of ambient light settings you can select, ranging from standard basic colors to fun patterns such as fireworks or popping bubbles.

Stealth Mode – is a setting which comes built into the standby lighting options. This just makes it so the Ceramic glass top of the Switch does not illuminate and only the front LEDs will give you feedback on what is going on with your session.

Cooling Down

In standard mode the Switch will begin to cool down after a 15 second session. Adding to the complication (or versatility) in Crystal or Advanced mode, you can customize the amount of time your Switch stays engaged – between a minimum of 5 seconds and a maximum of 30 seconds. Dr. Dabber calls this “training your hold times”. In advanced mode you will record the time you want your Switch to stay engaged. From there the Switch will remember it for the next go around. 

Check out the Dr. Dabber Switch user manual here for the directions on how to take advantage of all the customizations offered by the Switch. 

Induction Cup Size

switch induction cup size | To the Cloud Vapor Store

The Switch can accommodate about half a gram of concentrates, but we recommended always starting small and building your way up. I will say I do not like leaving the chamber of other concentrate vaporizers filled between sessions as it will cause atomizers and coils to gunk up and break quicker. Besides the wear & tear on the heating element,  the second session never provides the yummy terps you get from sticking to one dab at a time.  

The Dr. Dabber Switch is one vaporizer where you can load it up and go back and hit it the following day with no need to worry about taxing the unit. The Dr. Dabber Switch heating coils are encompassed in heavy duty ceramic glass and never come in contact with your product or even induction cup. 

While the Switch won’t be in any peril from not cleaning it out after each use, your induction cups will. So for the sake of keeping your induction cups going for the long haul, Dr. Dabber recommends a Q-tip wipe after each session.

Battery Life

Yet another  feather in the cap for Dr. Dabber, the  Switch has no pesky downtime. This unit will charge full in around an hour and give you up to 120 sessions on a single charge. It is funny that the battery life is so good because it really does not need to be given the Dr. Dabber Switch offers pass through charging and many use it plugged in to begin with.  Should your battery die, just plug the Switch in and you are off to the races. A tertiary plan would be  buying a spare Switch replacement battery, however given the options of pass through charging, we say save your money and  plug the unit in for dabs or let it charge an hour.

Self Cleaning

The self cleaning cycle is another amazing cycle the Switch can offer with it’s closed induction heating. The unit will heat up so hot (like a self cleaning cycle of an oven) that it burns off most sticky byproducts from the glass ceramic and induction cups in one run and makes a deep clean 5 times easier than on competitive E-Rigs.

The Dr. Dabber Switch | A Dab Lover's Dream

For myself it was the fact that I primarily enjoy herb vaporizers which initially casued me dismiss the Switch. The herb setting on the Switch is pretty problematic and can combust often. I do dabs weekly, but the G Pen Roam or even the Boundless Terp Pen provide a dab session with so much less hassle and set up than the Switch.

It was after revisiting the Switch and putting myself in the shoes of a concentrate only user that the Switch really shone. I just set up the Switch next to my Volcano Hybrid in the living room and really put the time in on the unit.

The consistency session after session and ability to customize and dial in the perfect dab is unmatched by any concentrate vaporizer out there. While we do not recommend using the Switch for dry herb;  for dabs of any assortment – the vapor quality, durability and versatility of the Dr. Dabber Switch make this the Volcano Vaporizer of E-Rigs.

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