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Dr. Dabber Switch Induction Cups

Dr. Dabber Switch Induction Cups – A Complete Guide

The Dr. Dabber Switch is as good as it gets for a concentrate desktop vaporizer. It works via the principle of induction heating. It is the most durable e-rig on the market and you can choose between 25 heat settings, which is essential for switching between different extract viscosities.

As we’ll see, temperature adjustment is also essential for switching from a lighter, more flavorful puff to a vapor that’s richer and more potent, but less flavorful. And if you want to conserve your stash, you can stretch things out by turning the heat way down.

Believe it or not, though, your experience can be greatly enhanced with one of Dr. Dabber’s premium induction cups. While the standard cup will do a great job, for connoisseurs and growers chasing terps or those trying to dial in the best cup for their type of concentrates, adding an aftermarket cup brings you from 10 to 11.

Choosing Your Dr. Dabber Switch Induction Cup

Dr. Dabber Switch

Each Dr. Dabber Switch kit comes with a set of two ceramic induction cups, which work reasonably well for most purposes. They’re a great starting point, so you can get familiar with the vaporizer and its operation. But once you’ve gotten comfortable with the basics, you’ll probably want to expand your collection with an induction cup that’s more specialized for your needs.

Here, we’ll discuss all five Switch induction cups, along with their strengths and weaknesses. Let’s begin!

Leaf Induction Cup

Dr. Dabber leaf induction cup

Let’s start with the basic option, the Leaf Induction Cup. It’s designed for rapid heating and heat dispersal, with an overall titanium body and a ceramic coating. If you really want to vape dry herb, you’re looking at one of the best induction cups on the market. That said, there are some good reasons you might want to steer clear from vaping dry herb in your Dr. Dabber Switch.

  • Vaping dry herb is more work. Instead of adding a little wax or oil in a few seconds, you have to grind up your bud before you can pack it into the chamber. Not only that, but the herb will leave a residue after it’s vaped, which you’ll need to clean up.
  • Oil, wax, shatter, and other concentrates are stronger than dry herb – by an exponential amount. If you’re using herb alone, you’re not going to get the most potent hit, no matter what equipment you’re using. Not only that, but herb is less convenient for transport than a bottle of oil, or even a wax kit.
  • It’s easy to burn your herb. If the temperature is too high, you’ll end up scorching your bud. In that case, wouldn’t it be easier to just light it up.

One of the biggest criticisms of the Dr. Dabber Switch is that Dr. Dabber themselves say it can vape herbs and concentrates. Most of the times you attempt to vape herb from the Switch you are going to get combustion which defeats the point of a vaporizer. For this reason we do not sell the herb induction cup.

Sapphire Induction Cup

Sapphire Induction Cup review

The Sapphire Induction Cup is designed as a low-temperature replacement for the basic ceramic cup. Like the ceramic cup, it fits in the stock titanium cup and is designed specifically for oils and concentrates. That said, it’s significantly more durable than a ceramic cup, and it doesn’t introduce any kind of off flavors into the vape, so you get a smooth, flavorful experience. The only thing you should be aware of is that it’s a bit harder to clean than the ceramic cup.

This induction cup is meant for temperatures below 500 °F . At higher temperatures, you won’t get as much conductivity as you’d like. But at lower temperatures, you get better overall distribution, so there are no hot or cold spots. As a low-temperature cup, the Sapphire is better suited for lighter materials like oil  than it is for shatter.

Si-C Induction Cup

sic induction cup review

The Si-C Induction Cup is manufactured from Silicon Carbide. Where the Sapphire cup is designed for low-temperature dabbing, the Si-C is specialized for use at higher temperatures. If you’re using temperatures north of 500 °F, this is the induction cup for you. As a result, it’s a great choice for shatter and thicker waxes, which vape better at high temperatures.

The main advantage of the Si-C cup is that it’s exceptionally conductive. This allows you to reach higher temperatures without using an excessive amount of battery life and produce more vapor in a shorter period of time, given you hit those higher temps quicker. Just keep in mind that any time you increase the temperature, you decrease the flavor complexity. Then again, there will be more lung hit, and you’ll get a more powerful effect.

ALN Induction Cup

ALN induction cup review

The ALN Induction Cup is Dr. Dabber’s premium option and can be used for vaping any type of concentrates, at any temperature. “ALN” is short for Aluminum Nitride, which is an exceptionally tough material that’s used by the military thanks to its strength and light weight.

Not only that, but you get an incredible amount of thermal conductivity. It’s more than 125 times as conductive as quartz, so you can stretch your battery life to the max. Not only that, but the vape heats up quickly, no matter what your target temperature, and you won’t run into any hot spots.

The ALN cup is ultra smooth on the inside, which makes it incredibly easy to clean. If that’s not enough, it also withstands thermal expansion just as well as Silicon Carbide, so you can use it almost infinitely without it cracking.

There is a reason the ALN cup will run you an extra $100. It heats up faster, provides better more robust vapor that tastes better, is easier to clean than the rest and is the most durable.

Quartz Induction Cup

quartz induction cup review

The Quartz Induction Cup sits around halfway between the basic ceramic cup and the Sapphire cup.  It’s more affordable than the Sapphire, but it’s more durable than the ceramic cup. This cup is to be used with the Dr. Dabber Switch’s “crystal mode” which enhances the proper heating profile for the Quartz material. This induction cup is ideal for low-temperature dabbing, at temperatures of 500°F degrees or less. The only real downside is that there’s not as much flavor as the Sapphire. But you’re saving money, while still improving your overall vaping experience.

The Quartz is easier to clean and will not stain to the same extent as the basic cup. This is also a good one to work your way up without breaking the bank.

The Dr. Dabber Switch is the best concentrate vaporizer on the market (full review here) , exceeding the quality of even vaporizers such as the Puffco Peak Pro. While you are going to be stuck using it solely at home given it’s size and weight, it’s fast heat up time, durability, and overall vapor quality make it highly coveted.

The premium Dr. Dabber Induction Cups will serve to enhance your Dr. Dabber Switch experience. We hope our guide can help you in deciding which induction cup is best suited for you.

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2 years ago

Thank you for this well written and researched article on Dr. Dabber Switch Induction cups. I made a big mistake before reading this and wasted some high temp injectables using the quartz induction cup. I learned my lesson and now only use ALN cup for all temps and easy clean up.

1 year ago

One thing you should correct–you do NOT always combust flower in a Switch. The key is to keep the temp low but run several heating cycles in a row…my Switch vapes flower VERY well. And even as you get warmer, it doesn’t combust as there’s not enough oxygen. I typically vape flower at 380F, first two heating cycles, not much vapor, then lots of vapor after that. It’s not combusting at those temps at all.

1 year ago
Reply to  J P

Interesting, but then what about the flavor remnants in the glass when switching from flower to dabs. Personally think the work needed to vape correctly is a tad too much with quality herb vapes a plenty.

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