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Sapphire Induction Cup

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  • OEM Dr. Dabber Part
  • Sapphire Insert
  • Titanium Cup
  • Best Possible Oil Experience for your Dr. Dabber Switch 



Dr. Dabber Switch Sapphire Induction Cup

The Sapphire Induction Cup for the Dr. Dabber Switch is the premiere add on designed for your oils. This two part system containing a Sapphire insert and a Titanium induction cup ensures you get the cleanest possible hits from your pure oils. If you are looking to elevate your vapor game with oils and the Dr. Dabber Switch the Sapphire induction cup is the one for you. Get it today with free shipping at To the Cloud Vapor Store.


DISCLAIMER: DO NOT use a torch to clean sapphire inserts. Wait for the Sapphire Induction Cup to cool down to room temperature before cleaning with isopropyl alcohol.



No ratings yet

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