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The Dipper Vaporizer

5.00 out of 5
5 out of 5
1 Reviews


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Dip Devices | To the Cloud Vapor Store


Just dip and go! The Dipper Vaporizer is the on demand portable dab vaporizer which was built with the most powerful heating elements on the market and boasts three different temperature settings and two ways to enjoy your dabs. Designed to satisfy everyone from the novice dabber to the experienced connoisseur, The Dipper allows you to choose your vapor intake, ranging from small hits to large clouds

  • Build

    A metal alloy body encapsulate  the dipper vape’s quartz crystal atomizer and reclaim chamber. It is built tough with internals that optimize your dab experience. The Dipper vapor tip is ceramic made

  • Function

    With the Dipper you can use the vapor tip atomizer and pull your dab directly from your stash jar or you can use the quartz crystal atomizer and load the Dipper like a traditional herb or concentrate vaporizer for consumption later on

  • Session

    The Dipper gives you discretion and ultra portable size. You can pack it for the go or use the vapor tip and take on demand dabs with the instant heat coil

What's in the box

Comes with

  • Dipper Vaporizer
  • 2 x Vapor Tip Atomizer
  • Quartz Crystal Atomizer
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Cleaning Swab
  • Loading Tool
  • Mouthpiece Cap


  • Two Ways to Dab

    The Dipper Concentrate Vaporizer is latest release by Dipstick Vapes  following up on the success of the original Dipstick Vaporizer.  Dipper can serve as an on  demand dab straw (nectar collector) or you can load up your Crystal Quartz Atomizer for on the go vaping and leave your dabs at home. The Dipper Vaporizer provides a no mess option for concentrates on the go, by allowing you to suck up your choice of shatter or wax.  Dabs on the Go without mess. The interchangeable vapor tips and long lasting batteries ensure your Dipper Vaporizer will be ready whenever you are and the discreet size make it a great vaporizer for portability and discreteness.

  • Three Temperature Settings

    The Dipper has three temperature settings giving it a major edge on your typical press and vape dab pen. With the three temperatures you can take down different types and and consistencies of concentrates or get bigger hits in less time.

    • Blue – Low Heat 
    • Green – Medium Heat 
    • Red – High Heat
  • User Friendly Dabs

    The Dipper is intuitively designed for the user to gain optimal experience without lots of moving parts. Switching between the quartz atomizer and the vapor tip are a breeze and understanding the button sequence takes about 10 seconds of reading the manual

  • No Mess Dabbing

    The Vapor Tip Atomizer lets the user pull their dab direct from their wax wallet of whatever concentrate holder they may be using.

    The Quartz Crystal Atomizer gives the user the ability to load their concentrates, but hit the Dipper like a dab.

    This takes away a huge hassle from the messes and spills which come from loading dabs

  • Warranty & trial period

    The Dipper Vaporizer by Dip Devices comes with a one year manufacturer warranty.

    To ensure dabbing is your thing and the Dipper is the right vaporizer for you, To the Cloud Vapor Store offers a 60 day trial period and  lifetime trade ins on the Dipper.

dipper vaporizer



5.00 out of 5
5 out of 5
1 Reviews
  • robin stumborg

    This place rocks. No risk shopping, and awesome customer service! Now about that device….awesome, too! Yeah there is a little learning curve, but so far, damn. That being said, it is my first wax pen, but I am impressed. I didn’t thoroughly read the manual,... nor did I watch a bunch of videos. I read most of the manual after the fact. It’s awesome. My dry herb is getting jealous! To the Cloud is really worry free shopping at its finest. Thank you for the grinder, too!

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