Boundless CFX

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  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Dual Convection/Conduction Heat
  • Dual Lithium-Ion Batteries, Total 2500mAh, 7.4v Charging in 30 minutes 
  • Large Adjustable Temperature Range 100°F – 430°F
  • Quick Heat Up Time – 20 seconds

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Boundless CFX

Using The Boundless CFX 

In the name of economy and ease the Boundless CFX got it right. We at To the Cloud Vapor Store were very late to the party with the Boundless CFX.  We initially stayed away from the Boundless CFX because it appeared to be a cheaper wannabe Mighty Vaporizer . We could not have been more wrong. While the Boundless CFX is not the Mighty, it sure does give good quality vapor and at a price point nearly $200 less. The CFX is easily one of the best vaporizers to get your feet wet with if you are a vapor newbie or on a budget.

Using the Boundless CFX is quite easy as well. Out of the box you just need to twist off the top , fill your herb chamber with your choice of blend, close it back up and hit the power button 5 times rapidly. The device will power on and you can select your temperature via the up/down buttons to the left of the LCD screen.

The Boundless hits temperature very fast and is ready in about 20 seconds.

Once the Boundless CFX hits the set temperature you’ll have 5 minutes before auto shut off kicks in.


Vapor Quality 

So what makes it so great besides it’s price ? The Boundless CFX is a dual conduction / convection vaporizer, meaning you get the best of both worlds and good quality vapor, not too hot and very smooth. Your herb is also conserved when you are not pulling as the Boundless CFX utilizes air flow from the bottom of the device.


Dual Use 

The Boundless is primarily for herb , but can also do concentrates and comes with a concentrate canister.


Chamber Size

The large chamber gives the ability for one to fill to the brim or only put a little in. With most other portable vaporizers it is very important to use a spacer or another filling assistant if you want to only use a little bit of herb ; not the case here.

Boundless CFX Chamber Size


The Boundless CFX offers dual charging ports. One for USB and one for old the fashioned AC adapter. This ensures you will never be without the ability to charge wherever you may find yourself. Taking it a step further , the Boundless CFX is ready after only 30 minutes of charge time thanks to it’s Dual Lithium-Ion Batteries totaling 2500 mAh. 



The Boundless CFX scores a B for Portablitly. While it is not super pocket portable at Roughly the size of an iPhone 6 Plus, it’s light weight at only .5 Lbs and fast charging times and long battery life make it easy to take on the go without worry. Another factor that make it great for bringing with you on the go is the price. While no one wants to lose a vaporizer , it is much easier to lose a $150 vape over something a bit more pricey.



The Boundless CFX comes with a 3 year warranty on the device and a one year warranty covering the batteries. If you do have your batteries go out on you after a year Boundless is happy to replace them for only a $25 service fee.



Comes with: 
Wall Charger
User Manual
USB Cable
Liquid/Concentrate Canister
Cleaning Brush
Cleaning Pick



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