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DaVinci MIQRO-C Vaporizer

5 out of 5
3 Reviews


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DaVinci | To the Cloud Vapor Store


The Davinci MIQRO-C  Vaporizer is the second iteration of the Davinci MIQRO. A portable herb vaporizers with some slight improvements which follow in the steps of the IQ to  IQC upgrade. It is Davinci’s smaller and more affordable version of the DaVinci IQC vaporizer but with the same outline in design offering for IQC quality in a smaller more portable unit. The DaVinci MIQRO-C is a high-quality and versatile option for those who want something even more compact than the PAX Mini.

  • Build

    The MIQRO-C is ROHS certified. The unit is  made with an anodized aluminum shell, sleek and strong. The internal zirconia pathways throughout  offer durability and great flavor. The heating chamber is ceramic heating chamber and a replaceable 18350 battery powers the MIQRO-C.

  • Function

    The Davinci MIQRO -C Vaporizer uses conduction heating, heating your dry herbs which contact the ceramic heating element and drawn through the Zirconia vapor path.

  • Session

    Definitely a vaporizer for the solo user on the go who needs a few discreet hits here and there. The MIQRO-C delivers only a few hits per bowl making it deal for solo sessions.

What's in the box

Comes with

  • Davinci MIQRO - C Vaporizer
  • 10mm Mouthpiece / Water Adapter
  • 18350 Battery
  • USB to Type - C Cable
  • Alcohol Wipes


  • Meet the IQ - C 's Mini- Me

    You can just leave well enough alone, or you can make it smaller. The Davinci MIQRO- C Vaporizer opts for the latter by taking an already great vaporizer in the Davinci IQ-C and making it even more compact and discreet. The Davinci  MIQRO-C is 2/3 the size of it’s elder sibling the Davinci IQ-C. Coming in at 33% smaller it the MIQRO still packs a powerful punch.

  • One Tough Cookie

    The Davinci MIQRO-C is one tough vaporizer inside and out. The shell is an anodized aluminum and the inside is comprised of Zirconia vapor paths. Zirconia os an element which is resistant to corrosion , tolerant to high temperatures and sits right next to titanium in the periodic chart. The craftsmanship which goes into the magnetic chamber door and mouthpiece lid only add to the MIQRO’s quality. The MIQRO’s construction is the gold standard for herb vaporizers.

  • Chamber & Draw

    The MIQRO – C’s Chamber is constructed of Ceramic Zirconium and can hold up to .25 grams of herb. However the optimal amount is between .15 – .2 grams, making it good for around 8  quality draws,  If  you like to vape lots of herb in one sitting the Davinci IQ-C may be more for you if you’re seeking the same quality vaporizer with a larger chamber capacity. The MIQRO’s chamber make it more ideal for micro- dosing ( no pun there)  and with an adjustable chamber pearl you can cut the bowl size down even more.

  • Heat Settings & Smart Paths

    The MIQRO-C heats up to the highest temperature in 40 seconds or less.  Vaping herb between 300° F to  430° F (148°C to 221°C).

    The Smart Paths will start at 350°F and increase 20°F  over the five minute session.

    • Smart Path 1: 350°F – 370°F
    • Smart Path 2: 370°F –  390°F
    • Smart Path 3: 390°F –  410°F
    • Smart Path 4: 410°F – 430°F
  • Boost Mode

    Boost Mode 

    To reach the highest temperature in the shortest time the MIQRO-C offers boost mode. Press down the power button with the vaporizer on and your MIQRO will race to 430 ° F, let it go and it will head back to your original preset temp.


    Given the MIQRO-Cs small 18350 battery standby is a very desired function to have. Standby can be used between draws to conserve battery and herb as well. In Standby the vaporizer will expedite the cool down process, but do be careful putting the vaporizer in standby and back up to high temperatures will be more taxing on your battery if constantly used.

  • Removeable 18350 Battery

    The Davinci MIQRO -C utilizes a removable 18350 battery giving roughly 30 minutes of power. From one charge you can expect about 4- 5 sessions depending on the length of session and temperature. Like Firefly 2+ , the MIQRO-C does not pack a lot of battery power and a downside of the MIQRO-C not having a custom battery means charge times can take 90 minutes if not utilizing an external 18350 battery charger.

  • USB-C Charging

    The MIQRO-C does utilize faster charger than it’s standard MIQRO predecessor. The USB-C cable allows for faster charging  than the standard micro USB cable.

  • Vapor Quality

    The MIQRO-C may only give you a few hits of vapor, but those hits count. The volume, flavor and texture on the MIQRO-C  all deliver to what one would expect from a top tier brand in Davinci.

  • MIQRO-C Dimensions - small but mighty

    Dimensions .9" x 1.3" x 3.14" (in.)
    Weight 3.06 (oz.)
  • Warranty & Trial Period

    The Davinci MIQRO-C comes with a Five (5) year manufacturer warranty.

    To the Cloud Vapor Store offers a 60 day trial period and lifetime trade ins on the Davinci MIQRO-C  and all vaporizers we sell to ensure your satisfaction.

Davinci Miqro for sale




5 out of 5
3 Reviews
  • Michael

    Great product for a great price from a great store

  • Mark zimmerman

    Easy transaction. In the clouds was fast and courteous on follow up questions. Not o mention best price!

  • Ralph

    The DaVinci MIQRO Explorer Kit I just purchased from you was at the best price available and I received my order quickly…

    There’s no doubt that I will continue to make my purchases from you in the future.

    Thanks again,
    Ralph... G.

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