14mm Water Pipe Adapter for the Davinci IQ, IQ2 and Miqro

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  • 10mm Female  to 14mm Male Joint Piece
  • Compatible with Davinci IQ, IQ2 and Miqro
  • Utilize your Davinci Vaporizer with Water Filtration


Davinci Vaporizer Mouthpiece 14mm Adapter | Davinci Parts & Accessories

The 10mm to 14mm water adapter lets you utilize your Davinci portable vaporizer’s extended mouthpiece with any 14mm female glass you may have. Whether it is a standard bong or a 14mm hydratube, you can add another level of purification and smoothness to your Davinci vaporizers.

This adapter is compatible with the extended mouthpieces of the following Davinci Vaporizers: 

Davinci Miqro 

Davinci IQ 

Davinci IQ2 




No ratings yet

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