14mm Water Pipe Adapter for the Davinci IQ, IQ2 and Miqro

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  • 10mm Female  to 14mm Male Joint Piece
  • Compatible with Davinci IQ, IQ2 and Miqro
  • Utilize your Davinci Vaporizer with Water Filtration


The 10mm to 14mm water adapter lets you utilize your Davinci portable vaporizer’s extended mouthpiece with any 14mm female glass you may have. Whether it is a standard bong or a 14mm hydratube, you can add another level of purification and smoothness to your Davinci vaporizers.

This adapter is compatible with the extended mouthpieces of the following Davinci Vaporizers: 

Davinci Miqro 

Davinci IQ 

Davinci IQ2 



No ratings yet

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