14mm Arizer SOLO / Arizer Air Water Adapter

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  • Compatible with All Version Arizer SOLOs and Airs
  • Compatible with All 14mm female pieces
  • Cooler Smoother Vapor Through Water Purification
  • Easy to Use
  • Free Shipping


14mm Arizer SOLO / Arizer Air Water Adapter

Looking to add another level to your portable Arizer’s vapor experience ? The Arizer SOLO / Air water adapter will make it a breeze to attach your SOLO 2 or Air 2 to any 14mm water bubbler or bong. The Water adapter takes place of the standard glass tube where you input your herb and draw on. While the Arizer Air 2 and Arizer SOLO 2 are great enough vaporizers to stand on their own , the added level and cooling from water purification provides the ability to take larger hits given the cooler and smoother vapor.

Arizer SOLO Arizer Air 2 Water adapter

Compatible Across the Board 

What’s even better about the Arizer SOLO and Air water adapter is it’s functionality across all generations of the SOLO and Air vaporizers , meaning it will work with both the Original SOLO, SOLO 2 , Original Air and Air 2. Unfortunately it will not work with the Arizer Argo.


Get the Complete Package 

Add our 14mm Hydratube Tool and give yourself the Gift of water filtration


No ratings yet

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