G Pen Elite Vaporizer

$149.95 $109.99

Trial Rate :  
$59.99 1st month
$29.99 2nd month

Don't be fooled by the Ebay fakes. The authentic G Pen Elite Vaporizer offers many improvements over it's predecessors. It's new age and ergonomic design make the G Pen Elite an ideal vaporizer to hold and show off, while it's vapor quality is smooth and long lasting on the go. It's one of  the best bang for your buck vaporizers when dealing with quality vaporizers under $200. That's why we here at To the Cloud Vapor Store are recommending it as one of the best beginner vaporizers for those new to vaporizing herbs. This means it is backed with our signature 60 day trial period to make sure it's the vaporizer that's right for you.

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