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Don’t be fooled by the Ebay fakes. The authentic G Pen Elite Vaporizer offers many improvements over it’s predecessors. It’s new age and ergonomic design make the G Pen Elite an ideal vaporizer to hold and show off, while it’s vapor quality is smooth and long lasting on the go. It’s one of  the best bang for your buck vaporizers when dealing with quality vaporizers under $150. That’s why we here at To the Cloud Vapor Store are recommending it as one of the best beginner vaporizers for those new to vaporizing herbs. This means it is backed with our signature 60 day trial period to make the G Pen Elite works for you.


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G Pen Elite

Using the G Pen Elite 

Once your G Pen Elite Vaporizer is fully charged, simply pull out the mouthpiece and fill the chamber with your choice of ground herbs. The G Pen Elite Vaporizer operates with a three button operation and turns on with 5 clicks of the power button. Using the temperature buttons on the side select your desired temperature and with another minor click of the power button you’ll be on your way. The G Pen Elite will reach maximum temperature in about 30 seconds you’ll be ready for liftoff.


The G Pen Elite Benefit 

The ease of use gives way to outstanding vapor quality. The G Pen Elite Vaporizer is a great improvement on what already was considered a higher quality economic vaporizer in the Grenco Science G Pen line.

The new Elite G Pen Vaporizer comes with an  deeper and improved ceramic chamber,  allowing for more draws out of one session. The ergonomic design gives a natural and well balanced feel to the G Pen while the appearance is ultra refined – making it great for wherever you find yourself.


We feel that the G Pen Elite is one of the best available for someone looking to get an introduction to vaping. At it’s current price point of $119 and To the Cloud Vapor Store’s  exchanges program will let you trade it in towards a future vaporizer, it makes a great starting point for someone looking to get into the game before spending the big bucks. Check out our blog post on the great economical starter vapes 


Comes with

USB charger
quick start guide
Chamber tool
Grinder card


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