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G Pen Elite II Vaporizer

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Grenco Science | To the Cloud Vapor Store


The G Pen Elite II Vaporizer  is a portable herbal vaporizer made by Grenco Science, an established brand in the vaporizer space for over 10 years now. Known for an assortment of both entry level herb vaporizers to high end concentrate vaporizers, their latest G Pen Elite II enters into the higher echelons, quality wise, of portable herb vapes and is much an improvement over the original G Pen Elite. The G Pen Elite II is easy to use with plenty of features that optimize vapor quality and usability.

  • Build

    The G Pen Elite II mainframe is built using  Zinc Alloy. This durable material protects the internals of the device to include offering added support for the OED screen. The magnetic Elite 2 mouthpiece is made from Zirconia and offers a Zirconia helix inside the mouthpiece to cool vapor as it is drawn. the G Pen Elite II uses the standard ceramic chamber for heating your herb.

  • Function

    The G Pen Elite II offers two heat settings.  You can opt for pure conduction or turn on the draw activated convection boost for hybrid convection and conduction.

  • Session

    The ideal session for the G Pen Elite II is firing it up as a session vaporizer.  Although the Elite 2 hits temperature in sub 20 seconds, the heat transfer from the ceramic oven to your herb does take some time. Also the unit performs well when fully packed and relies more on conduction heating than convection all of which make it a much better session vaporizer than a quick hitter to micro dose.

What's in the box

Comes with

  • G Pen Elite II Vaporizer
  • G Pen Elite II Silicone Sleeve
  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • Hemp Travel Case
  • User Guide


  • A Serious improvement

    Lately we have been getting hit with many “new” model vaporizers which are not much an upgrade at all. The Mighty+ isn’t really that much better than the original Mighty. The Arizer XQ2 is solely an upgrade in appearance.

    Grenco Science has brought forth a true upgrade with their G Pen Elite II vaporizer.  the G Pen Elite II offers improvement over the G Pen Elite from everything to the display screen giving you insight into your session to higher quality vapor from the Zirconia mouthpiece to dual heating options.

  • Trusted Name

    Grenco Science released the G Pen Elite II to celebrate 10 years in the vaporizer industry. Grenco makes a wide assortment of vaporizers from the cheap Snoop Dogg wax pens of years past, entry level herb vapes like the Dash, to higher end concentrate vaporizers like the G Pen Connect and Roam.

    Grenco Science is a trusted brand that has been making vaporizers for a minute now and their foray into mid tier herb vaporizers is very welcomed.

  • Using the G Pen Elite II

    To use the G Pen Elite II, snap off the magnetic mouthpiece and load ground  herb into the  chamber. One long press of the power button will turn the device on. Select the desired temperature with the plus and minus arrows on the side of the Elite 2.  Press the home button again twice after you have reached your desired temperature. The unit will give a small haptic feedback vibration when ready and you can begin to draw.

  • Temperature Range

    The G Pen Elite II has a full customizable temperature range of 200 °F to 430°F which can be dialed in with the temperature up and down buttons.

  • Custom Settings

    With the device powered on, clicking the home button 5 times will display options to choose from to adjust the following:

    • Convection Boost
    • Session Timer (30 seconds – 5 minutes)
    • OLED Brightness
    • °F or °C Temperature
    • Firmware


  • Dual Heating

    The G Pen Elite II offers an added level of vapor production via it’s convection boost feature. While the device primarily heats via conduction, the convection boost gives more consistent vapor production and helps get those last drops.

  • Chamber Capacity & Design

    The G Pen Elite II appears to have a small oven than the original. The oven is also more narrow to bake the herb more evenly.

    The G Pen Elite II can accommodate .3 grams of ground herb. Overpacking with more can cause airflow restriction leading to minimized  vapor production.  A consistent grind with a moderate pack is best.

  • Sessions & Battery Life

    The G Pen Elite II has an internal 2100mAh rechargeable lithium-ion and charges with a USB-C charger. From empty to full the G Pen Elite II will charge in one hour and 15 minutes. Should you find yourself with a dead battery. You can use the G Pen Elite 2 while charging, as it does offer pass through charging.

    On a full charge the G Pen Elite II will provide roughly 8 sessions which will vary based on your temperature setting and length or session.

    The G Pen Elite II will hit 375 °F in 15 seconds and the max temperature of 420°F in 20 seconds.

    On a full pack the expect between 10 -12 draws when utilizing slow and controlled breathing. For best results ensure convection boost is on. stirring and repacking mid session with the provided pick will also ensure near total extraction.


  • Zirconia Mouthpiece & Helix

    The G Pen Elite II adds a Zirconia mouthpiece and helix swivel. The Zirconia mouthpiece works two ways, cooling the vapor and adding a level of flavor you would not get with another material. The Zirconia mouthpiece is ironically what gives the original Davinici IQ better vapor than it’s more recent model the IQC which instead uses a polymer mouthpiece.

    An added benefit with the Elite 2 mouthpiece besides the Zirconia material is the strong magnetic snap on which makes loading and unloading a breeze.

  • Durability meets portability

    The G Pen Elite II is a considerable upgrade over the original. It’s durable shell and quality inputs make it something which you do not have to worry about breaking should it incur a minor spill.

    The design and size make it ideal to put in your pocket and head to the beach or mountains. For those who do not want to pocket their G Pen, Grenco includes an ergonomic hemp carrying case which is perfect for traveling with your G Pen Elite II.

  • G Pen Elite II Dimensions

    Dimensions 4.5" x 1.1" (in.)
    Weight 5.2 (oz..)
  • Warranty and trial period

    Grenco Science offers a 2 year warranty with your G Pen Elite II (which can be upgraded to three years upon registration)

    To further ensure your satisfaction, To the Cloud Vapor Store offers a 60 day trial period and lifetime trade ins for store credit on your Elite 2 purchase.

G Pen Elite II screen



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