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Refurbished PAX 3 Vaporizer

4.6 out of 5
18 Reviews




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PAX | To the Cloud Vapor Store


The PAX 3 Vaporizer is the premier portable dry herb vaporizer. Much like its predecessors, the original PAX and PAX 2 , it is the ultimate on the go herb vaporizer. This portable vaporizer heats up in under 20 seconds and gives the user more options than ever to customize their vapor experience with it’s web app. The included Bluetooth connection and concentrate insert make this vaporizer  wonderfully versatile for something so simplistic.


  • Build

    Anodized Aluminum and matte finish make the body able to withstand the elements while the stainless-steel oven provides healthy and tasty vapor.

  • Function

    The PAX 3 utilizes conduction heating and Bluetooth technology to sync to your smartphone to give you an array of temperature profiles with some incredibly nifty features. Additionally, the chamber and mouthpiece placement make the PAX 3 about as intuitive as it can get.

  • Session

    The PAX 3 provides the ultimate session experience, pack it full for 10+ hits, or use the half-pack oven lid if you are looking to go a bit lighter. The refurbished Pax 3 is ideal for those who want the purity of herb in the palm of their hand when a dab or cart vape won’t do.

What's in the box

Comes with

  • Refurbished PAX 3 Vaporizer
  • Charging Dock
  • Raised Mouthpiece
  • Flat Oven Lid
  • Cleaning Kit
  • 3 x Extra Screens (Complete Kit Only)
  • Loading Tool ( Complete Kit Only)
  • Half Pack Oven lid (Complete Kit Only)
  • Concentrate Insert ( Complete Kit Only)



    This lightly used PAX 3 by PAX Labs is both versatile and portable, not to mention it is a great deal for anyone looking for a super portable, quality herb vaporizer. The PAX was originally designed by Stanford architecture students; it encompasses a sleek design, as well as an unparalleled functionality that couple together to create a vaporizer that can be taken on the go or enjoyed while kicking back and relaxing.

    The used PAX 3 is inspected, tested and disinfected and comes with our 60-day trial period and lifetime trade ins for store credit. If you want the best price PAX 3, this is it.


    Back in 2007, two Stanford Architecture students set out to redefine smoking with the original PAX Vaporizer. Throughout the past few years, they have evolved, changing their name from Ploom to PAX Labs and making strides when it comes to making one of the best portable vaporizers on the market better. The PAX 3 Vaporizer is a culmination of quality, durability and portability, and it is these features that make the used PAX 3 an excellent choice, at a price point that won’t break the bank.

  • PAX 3 Two Ways

    The PAX 3 raises the bar with its many improvements over the PAX 2. The PAX 3’s Bluetooth compatibility means it comes ready to use with your smartphone. Additionally, it now comes in two variations – The PAX 3 Basic Kit and the PAX 3 Complete Kit.

  • Basic Vs. Complete

    The PAX 3 Basic Kit comes with everything you would need, however, there are a few other accessories that can make your experience even better: the PAX multi-tool, Concentrate Chamber, and the Half Pack oven lid. These accessories can be picked up separately if you only want one of the three. However, if you are looking to have all the bells and whistles, we recommend you purchase the PAX 3 Complete Kit.

  • Never a wrong choice

    Whichever refurbished PAX 3 or new PAX 3 Kit you choose, you are getting an industry-leading portable vaporizer backed by the To The Cloud Vapor Store guarantee.


    The PAX 3’s long list of additional features also includes: Bluetooth enabled feedback, a 20-second heat-up time, and a wide range of temperature settings when using the app. New haptic feedback and internal sensors help you know when your device is ready, and it really gives it almost a life of its own.
    Off a full chamber, you can expect the PAX 3 to pump out 10 good draws on your favorite plants. The PAX 3 is a pocket-sized workhorse for sure.

  • How to use

    Easy to turn on simply press the power button underneath the mouthpiece. To adjust your temperature manually hold the power button down for two seconds. From there select your desired temperature by clicking through with the power button.

    • Top left green light: 360F
    • Top two yellow lights: 380F
    • Three orange lights: 400F
    • Four red lights: 420F
    • Four blue lights: Custom setting
  • Manual Use

    Easy to turn on simply press the power button underneath the mouthpiece. To adjust your temperature manually hold the power button down for two seconds. From there select your desired temperature by clicking through with the power button.

  • PAX Web App

    PAX has recently released a web app which permits you to take full control of the device via Bluetooth. This gives you full control and access to features such as LED control, haptic feedback , temperature control and a slew of additional features.

  • Vapor Quality

    The PAX name is synonymous with all-around high quality, and portability, and the PAX 3 vaporizer is no different. The PAX 3 provides smooth and clean vapor from an ultra-portable and easy to use conduction unit.

    The PAX 3 Complete Kit comes with a multitude of extras: A multi-tool that makes cleaning and packing your dry herb a simple task; a half pack oven lid that allows you to fill up the chamber lightly with the same results of a fully packed chamber. You also get both a flat mouthpiece and a raised mouthpiece.

  • PAX 3 Battery life

    The battery on the PAX 3 is a 3500 MaH compared to the 3000 MaH battery on the PAX 2. This allows for much quicker heat-up time and longer battery life. You will be ready to start your vaping in 15 second flat.

  • Our PAX 3 Rundown

    The PAX 3 vaporizer is the premier portable smart vape and is a must-have for any vapor enthusiast. Check out our complete rundown and review here.

  • Warranty & Trial Period

    The refurbished PAX 3 comes with a 6 month warranty from To the Cloud Vapor Store. To further ensure you satisfaction, we offer a 60 day trial period in which you can return your vaporizer for a partial refund.

PAX 3 vaporizer for sale



4.6 out of 5
18 Reviews
  • Kc Hryn

    My pax was easily ordered and delivered! It was a great investment for a healthier alternative to smoking flower. And the fact that it was refurbished makes me feel that much better about having bought this product.

  • Matthew Ritchey

    Loving my refurbished Pax 3! It was as new when I received it and is working like a charm.

  • Gdogg

    Excellent customer service coupled with great prices make To the Cloud one of the best in the vape game. Thank you fellas!!!

  • Marc Schoen

    Ordered the Pax 3 used and had it shipped to me overseas which took almost three weeks to get here. It arrived in perfect condition and looked like new. To The Cloud was easy to deal with shipping took a while butt I’m on... the other side of the world and there products were as advertised m going to use this company again it was great doing business with them i would recommend them to anyone.

    Pax 3 review: Took me a little bit to get used to it its my first vape. The first time I used it I hated it ,the screen was booking any air flow so i had to adjust the cheep screen by bending it so it didn’t block the airway. After that it hit much better. The original screen is cheep and blocks some airflow but after some research I ordered a 3d screen and a vented pusher lid still waiting on those. These should come with the Pax especially the screen i dont like the cheep original one. As far using the Pax it’s great very discreet, great flavor and easy to use and clean. I would recomend the Pax 3

  • shawn sobak

    I purchased a reconditioned Pax 3 and I love it. No complaints the Pax was in great shape working very well. The box and the Pax came in perfect condition. I received my product in 5 days from when I ordered it.. i would definitely... use The Cloud vapor store again…

  • Jared

    I knocked a star off the rating because they put the wrong postage on the package, so I ultimately didn’t receive it for several days after the scheduled arrival. It was only $.65, but the delay was frustrating.

    The PAX-3 itself looked like new and... so far (after a couple of weeks) is working like a champ. It’s very easy to use – you put the (ground) flower in the oven at the bottom and then press the button at the top. In 20-30 seconds or something like that, you’ll be ready to partake.

    I did download the iPhone app but I haven’t used it yet. I don’t know how much difference it could make, but it’s probably worth exploring.

  • Mike

    The product came in near perfect condition. I thought i received a brand new Pax 3, and all of the attachments were included in the box.
    Really pleased with the speed of shipping and quality of the vape. Really could not tell it was used... at all.

    Will be buying more from this site.

  • Jesse

    My PAX 3 is amazing! You would never know it was pre-owned. Smokes evenly, all the pieces are in pristine condition, and it connects to the app with no trouble. Best of all, I only paid a PAX 2 price for the next model up!... I’m recommending To the Cloud to friends & family.

  • Josiah

    Great deal , hardly could tell it was used.

    • Tyler

      Hey Josiah,

      Do apologize for that. Looking over our records we did indicate we only had one color left, happy to get you taken care of here with an upgrade , we can cover return shipping as well.

  • Ian

    First let me say that I am giving the 3 stars because of the device.
    I paid 189.00 for the reconditioned Pax3. Love the product, but I am disappointed that in the box it was missing quite a few items that would have been there... in any other reconditioned item.
    Love the Pax 3!

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