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PAX Concentrate Insert

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  • OEM PAX accessory
  • Compatible with  PAX 2, PAX 3, Mini & Plus
  • Allows for use of concentrates and waxes
  • Removable Chamber for Easy Cleaning


PAX  Concentrate Insert | PAX Parts & Accessories

The PAX  Concentrate Lid is standard issue with all PAX 3 Complete Kit Vaporizers, and PAX Plus but  is compatible with all PAX 2 and PAX 3 devices. The PAX concentrate lid turns your PAX 2 or 3  into a dual use vaporizer, permitting the use of wax and concentrates.

The PAX Concentrate Lid is easy to use and it’s ability to be removed from the plastic lid top make it a breeze to clean. You simply open the top of the canister and input your choice of wax , concentrates or ever oils in the canister and then close it up.

For optimal results , start small, you can always add more. A quick tip we have for you at To the Cloud Vapor Store is to add some flowers into your canister along with your concentrates. This will make a tasty treat and  make it easier to clean after your session is over.

So if you are looking to test out the concentrate capability of your PAX 2 or PAX 3 vaporizer pick up the PAX concentrate Lid today.

Counterfeit Alert 

We are aware many counterfeit PAX accessories are floating around. To the Cloud Vapor Store is committed to the fight against fakes. You can rest easy knowing that if you purchase from us you will only receive genuine and authentic PAX accessories 




No ratings yet

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