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PAX Vaporizer Screen Set

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  • OEM PAX Part
  • Compatible with PAX 2 & PAX 3
  • Set of 3 Screens
  • Stainless Steel


PAX Vaporizer Screen Set | PAX Parts & Accessories

The PAX Vaporizer Replacement Screens come in a set of 3 and are compatible with the PAX 2 and the PAX 3 Vaporizers. The PAX Screens provide a filter for your vape and should be changed regularly ( about every 25 uses) The PAX Screens are made of stainless steel and do a great job at providing you clean and tasty vapor.

The PAX Screens are easily cleaned by placing in a pot of boiling water and rubbed dry after. This will eliminate build up on the screen and allow you multiple uses with the same screens.

If you are looking for some replacement PAX screens or just want a back up, To the Cloud Vapor Store has you covered with the best price and free shipping on all PAX Parts & Accessories.



No ratings yet

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