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pax mini and pax plus

PAX Discontinues the PAX 2 & 3 Upon PAX Mini & Plus Launch

PAX is making changes, phasing out the popular PAX 2 and 3 for the PAX Mini and PAX Plus. Many opinions are floating out there about these new products – what is the real story about PAX’s 2023 release ? Are they better, are they worse or are they just a rebrands after 7 years of no new vaporizers ?

If you’re interested in learning more about the PAX Mini and Plus, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more about who these products are for, the pros and cons, how they differ, and what users think of the new products. There is much to ponder about these “improvements” to the PAX lineup.

Diving into the PAX Plus Vaporizer

PAX plus vaporizer

The PAX Plus is an ideal product for those who want a tailored for you experience with their vaporizer and a simple user experience. The PAX Plus allows control of four experience modes through one button, simplifying the process for everyone, but especially new users.

The PAX Plus works for those who don’t want to deal with confusing buttons. It streamlines the process and reduces the available settings.

Pros and Cons of the PAX Plus

There are many good qualities of the PAX Plus. It is simple to store in your pocket and provides a fast enough heating time, hitting optimal temperature in 30-40 seconds. It is simple to use and share with others if needed. The PAX Plus also boasts a large oven, four experience modes, and a ten-year warranty for confidence in your purchases. It is just as durable as the old PAX 3.

However, there are also cons to consider before purchasing the PAX Plus. There isn’t any new tech in this improvement, which is a disappointment to those hoping PAX would release something innovative. Many also report that it is not equipped for two sessions in the same bowl and that the flavor quickly disappears after a few uses. As said above. It is just as durable as the PAX 3 but also kind of just feels like the PAX 3 at the same time. Ironically you are actually losing some control as the PAX Plus does not offer an app where you can dial in the exact temperature.

PAX Mini Offers More of the Same

pax mini vs. pax 2

The PAX Mini is a more universal product than the preceding PAX 2. It simplifies the experience and provides easy access to anyone. Beginners and experts will enjoy using the single-button feature built into the upgraded PAX Mini system.

The PAX Mini is also excellent for those who want to carry their vaporizer from one location to another. It’s more portable than any of the other models of herb vaporizer out there. Although it costs a little more than other pocket portable herb vaporizer, it’s brand name and durability come at a premium.

Pros & Cons of the PAX Mini

There are many excellent qualities in the PAX Mini. It’s an ideal choice for a beginner and permits simple carrying in the pocket. It has a speedy heat-up time and provides a single vape mode for easy use. It brings a classy appearance and has a two-year warranty for full coverage.

However, there are also less-than-ideal traits. It comes with the same PAX tech as the predecessor, disappointing interested users. There is no control available with the temperature and a lack of custom options for users to enjoy.

PAX 2 Versus the PAX Mini

Reviewers prefer the PAX 2 over the PAX Mini, despite the compact improvements and other features. The Pax 2 has greater versatility, a larger oven, and four temperatures rather than a singular heat mode, as in the PAX Mini.

PAX 3 Versus the PAX Plus

One of the biggest differences between the PAX Plus and the PAX 3 is the level of control you have with each device. The PAX Plus is an automatic version, allowing the experience without the worry of messing with custom settings. The PAX 3 is the complete experience with the ability to tinker with the experience through an app.

The PAX Plus isn’t a massive innovation on the PAX 3, but it is an advancement, nonetheless. It’s simpler and more accessible to everyone. However, many users did not appreciate the lack of intricacy in the new PAX Plus. They wanted more out of the latest PAX products on the market.

PAX Remains the "Go To" Portable Herb Vaporizer

It is hard to split hairs over the lack of innovation in the newer PAX models. The PAX Mini and Plus will remain the “go to” portable herb vaporizer as nothing else is as durable, pocketable and quality as a PAX. If you blind fold me I don’t know the difference between the PAX 2 and the mini nor the PAX Plus and PAX 3.

By and large it is a good thing the PAX Mini and Plus utilize technological advances to make the vaping easier on new users. However, they aren’t drastically different from PAX 2 and 3, much to the chagrin of other customers. As the company phases out herb vaporizers and shifts into Rosin pods, these products will lead its new revenue stream.

Overall, the innovations in the PAX Mini and Plus are a way to add technological innovations to the PAX lineup, capitalizing upon the improvements of the last few years. Although the general upgrades are minor, they are still an improvement upon the PAX 2 and 3 that will likely become common place over the years.

If you must have a pocket portable herb vaporizer they are about the only show in town. You can purchase the PAX 2 and PAX 3 while supplies last at To the Cloud Vapor Store. But after than you will need to decide between the Mini and the Plus.

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