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Refurbished Classic Volcano Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel

4.89 out of 5
4.9 out of 5
9 Reviews


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The Classic Volcano Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel  is quality like no other and if you are looking for a top of the line product for your vapor therapy needs this is it. This used  Classic Volcano comes with your choice of valve system containing everything you need to get going within seconds and plenty of extras to keep your unit in tip top shape for years to come. To the Cloud certified – inspected, tested and cleaned  with a 60 day trial period and lifetime trade ins for store credit. You will not find a better deal on the Classic Volcano.

  • Build

    Stainless steel and durable heat rated medical grade  plastic accessories  will ensure your Volcano will be a mainstay in your rotation for years to come. Under the hood, the secret to the Volcano efficiency lays in the steel ceramic heating element and aluminum alloy heat exchanger.

  • Function

    Forced air convection, which is a fancy way of saying a fan off hot air, blows through your herbs and  fills your vapor bags with the tastiest and best texture vapor around.

  • Session

    Great for social gatherings or firing up on your coffee table after work. The Volcano allows you to fill as many bags as you please with the push of a button

What's in the box

Comes with

  • Classic Volcano Vaporizer
  • Easy or Solid Valve Kit
  • Extra Screens
  • Liquid Pad
  • Air Filter
  • Instructions


  • The Pioneer Ever Since

    What sets the Classic Volcano Vaporizer apart is the perfect marriage of durability and design. The Classic Volcano’s electromechanical system will deliver the highest quality vapor between 226 degrees (F) and 446 degrees (F) while a stainless steel cover and durable plastic base will protect your volcano against the elements for years to come. Regarded as another pinnacle of German engineering the Volcano vaporizer is the first to already stand the test of time. The durable build of these units is the reason you see the used volcano vaporizer is our top seller.


  • Using the Volcano Vaporizer

    The Volcano heats up in a matter of seconds. Simply input your blended herbs into the filling chamber and attach a bag once the unit is ready. Hitting the green button will deliver consistent forced air filing your bag rapidly. Once your bag is full, remove from the chamber and insert the mouthpiece. You are ready to sample the finest vapor known to man.

  • The Ultimate in Stoner Tech

    Puzzling the competition since its inception, the Volcano Vaporizer always delivers the highest quality vapor on the market. The Volcano Vaporizer remains the best and most trusted vaporizer in the world. The Volcano delivers on this by a dual working of forced air disbursements and advanced thermal engineering – capturing the full flavor into a specially designed bag where it awaits for your enjoyment

  • Easy Valve vs. Solid Valve

    Whatever you choose for your valve system, the quality of the vapor will be the same.

    The Easy Valve is the most intuitive and most common place of the two valves and with the Volcano Packaging Upgrade of 2018, the easy valve now comes with every new Classic Volcano.

    The Easy Valve   features a single filling chamber allowing you to input your herb into a single chamber and pre-fabricated bags allowing you to get going with ease.

    The Solid Valve, for our old school OG Volcano Vape owners ,  comes with a total of three parts for versatility and boasts a larger filling chamber and the option to customize bags to your desired length.

    We say if you have any doubts about which valve is best for you , go with the Easy Valve. But you can check out our post here which goes into greater detail about the two valves. 


    Solid Valve:

    • Solid valve essentials and clip
    • Demo bag
    • 2 OEM vapor bags
    • Extra screens
    • Liquid pad
    • Quick start guide
    • Extra air filter


    Easy Valve:

    • Easy Valve
    • 2 x OEM Volcano Bags
    • Extra screens
    • Liquid pad
    • Quick start guide
    • Extra air filter



4.89 out of 5
4.9 out of 5
9 Reviews
  • Shane

    I had an issue because I had put the wrong shipping address when I submitted the order. The owner was extremely prompt about returning my emails regarding the issue and resolved the issue quickly. The item arrived very neatly packaged, basically like it was brand new.

  • Cole Parker

    I bought a reconditioned Volcano vaporiser from these guys this year. The delivery was prompt. The kit was all brand new. The volcano works great. The valve they sent me was slightly loose. I called to tell them and they immediately sent a replacement. There buy-back policies seem great too. Overall, this is the best, definitive place I’ve found for vaporisers. Their range and customise service is superb. They do discounts too. Highly recommended.

    Cole Parker genuine customer.

  • Bill

    Been dying to get one of these for years. Couldn’t resist the great price for a used machine. Came in the original box with everything you need and more. Extra screens, a cleaning brush, full manual even brand stickers. I couldn’t be happier this thing is a game changer. This shop is absolutely my go to place for anything related from now on. Thanks!

  • Hermdawg

    Volcano works great! They went above and beyond to ensure my satisfaction.

  • James

    Tyler is awesome. AnytimeI call he is absolutely the easiest person for me to talk to. Since I started using my volcano most of the side effects (respiratory) I experienced from using a pipe, bong or bubbler are gone. No more aggravating cough, no more smoke stained saliva. The best therapeutic Vape machine out. I no longer smell like smoke and neither my hands. And no more ashes!!! Tyler truly the most therapeutic appliance I own. I have 1 request. Please make the dig volcano Alexa enabled so I can turn it off remotely if I leave it on 🙂 thank you!!!!

  • Lauren

    I really love To the Cloud. I have used them multiple times and have always had the best of service:) I also love the classic volcano and use on at home. The only issues we had was that the screens seemed thin and slightly bent out of shape, the bags both had small leaks in them, and the clips on the bottom of the chamber were bent slightly so the chamber didn’t connect to the fan well. Otherwise it was great and definitely usable! Will use again!

  • Laura G.

    After my faithful Volcano of over 10+ years was finally unrepairable, i decided i couldn’t live without it and was on the hunt for another one. Tyler was more than helpful and laid out all the options for me, even some that didn’t involve using his services. I decided that the used Volcano was the best deal for me. Upon receiving my volcano we discovered the thermometer was off and needed to be sent back for repair. I was bummed i would have to wait, but Tyler was very apologetic and offered a free gift as well for the inconvenience. After a blackfriday/shipping/ traveling mix-up i ended up being sent a new volcano for all the confusion. I highly recommend buying a Volcano from To The Cloud. They test before they ship and if by chance your like me and receive something that still needs repair, they will 100% work with you and go above and beyond in their services to make it right. I highly recommend them and will be letting everyone know. Not to mention, it’s a VOLCANO, it’s the best of the best, you can’t go wrong!

  • Ryan

    Top of the line quality item with fast shipping. Happy Camper here

  • Franklin

    Great Scott, Love this thing and the price. Looks , works and feels just like new =) Wish I found this earlier.

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