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Storz & Bickel discontinue liquid pads

Storz & Bickel Discontinue Liquid Pads , Are Bigger Implications at Play ?

Storz & Bickel Vaporizer owners who partake in the wax capability of their favorite S&B vape, may have noticed Storz & Bickel liquid pads have just become harder to find. No it’s not inflation or supply chain issues. It is because Storz & Bickel have discontinued liquid pad production;  The newly released Mighty+ and Crafty+V2 not coming with any at all. And the rest of the Storz & Bickel line up removing them as well. 

Recent regulations against e-cigarettes and oil filled cartridge vapes have dry herb and concentrate vaporizer manufacturers worried they soon too may be in the crosshairs of regulators. Storz & Bickel was acquired by Canopy Growth back in 2018 and as a large conglomerate it is safe to say they have more skin in the game getting ahead of the curve  rather than being reactionary. Reasonably so,  a large publicly traded entity would want to avoid their vaporizers being grouped in with e-cigarettes in any way possible, despite the obvious they are very much not.

This may be a completely independent move with the possibility  Storz & Bickel is seeking out a medical classification in the United States. Currently the Mighty and Volcano Medic are only available in Canada, the EU and Israel. If insurance started covering the Mighty+ or Volcano Hybrid for users right here in the states, it could have huge implications for Canopy Growth’s bottom line.

Mighty+ UL certified

The UL certification Storz & Bickel obtained for the Mighty+ does further demonstrate they are seeking to be as quality control transparent as possible and it currently is the only vaporizer that has this UL certification with the original Mighty not being certified, nor it not being required for any vaporizer in any respects. 

storz & Bickel liquid pads

We at To the Cloud Vapor Store have always advised against using high end herb vapes with extracts for the reason it is not their primary purpose and it really puts wear & tear on the unit. At the moment it is only Storz & Bickel removing the compressed steel pads.  It will be interesting to see if the likes of Firefly, PAX, Davinci etc. follow suit with their 710 accessory add ons. 

There are always hacks and work arounds and surely some 3rd party will end up producing compatible drip pads. For the Crafty and Mighty Vaporizers, the Firefly 2+ Liquid Pads do the trick just fine. However your best bet is picking up a cheap quality honey straw like the Boudless Terp Pen and making your herb vape for herb and your honey straw for your sweet terpy goo.

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